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Trending JavaScript Frameworks That Have Gripped Web Development

Those who know web development, know what JavaScript is and those who don’t for them let’s say JavaScript is the language of web development. Javascript Framework allows the front-end development of web pages.

Nowadays every business demands a specially customized website to promote, advertise and virtualize their products to spread their business boundaries. Various website development services are nowadays using Java development services via JavaScript Frameworks to continue for web page development.

Website or web page development requires work on Frontend, backend, and Interfaces. Amongst these frameworks are used to develop the front end or the client site networks and architecture. It is crucial to choose amongst all the available frameworks that can provide enterprise mobility solutions.

Here is a list of JavaScript trending Frameworks that have gripped the market of web development:

1. Angular JS

The most popular and prominent type of framework is in use nowadays. This open-source framework was introduced by Google nine years ago on 20 October in the year of 2010. AngularJS is the most popular framework in use at present. This framework is written in Javascript or is rather based on it but it was developed and is maintained by Google. It offers a portal for both client and server-side networks and development in both areas. It is mainly because:

  1. HTML Style Templates
  2. Easy testing products
  3. Dual Side Data Management
  4. DOM customization
  5. Supported by various well-known website development services like Google

Ask any developer in the field about what framework they use to work on and the answer will be Angular JS. The websites developed are a responsive and improved version. The development is easy and smooth. It is a part of the Mean stack which is a collection of Javascript technologies. And in this, it is a Front-end part.
The latest update made in this took place this year only in the month of March on the 11th day.

2. React JS

React JS is widely used and more accepted than Angular JS because of its customization ability. This is a recent web framework that came into the market six years ago on the 29th of March in 2013, so it is also younger than the Angular JS. This web framework is maintained by Facebook and a group of independent developers and corporations. React JS provides special java development services that allow you to customize the website as per your requirements. Some other features of React JS are:

  1. Code Splitting
  2. Concurrent rendering
  3. Routing
  4. State Management
  5. API interactions

React JS is also used for creating a single page web and mobile applications. This is also a reason why react JS is widely accepted. It is greatly used for the development and creation of single-page web applications and a large number of mobile applications.

3. Vue JS

It is a combination of both angular and react JS but in a short version. It is lightweight and used to develop small single-page web applications. It consists of top features of both angular and react JS. Its integration process is easier and it is highly flexible and scalable. This framework based on Javascript is even younger than the previous two. Vue JS came five years ago in the month of February 2014. Its owner an developer is Evan You and now he and his team maintain this framework.

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It focuses on:

  1. adaptive architecture
  2. simple user interface
  3. component composition
  4. declaration rendering.

It is easy to modify and versatile in its usage. Easy to learn and ready to use framework are the abilities that make it a good choice for the user looking for enterprise mobility solutions.

4. Ember JS

It is basically a client-side development framework. It offers to develop single-page web applications and mobile applications. It is mainly based on Javascript Framework. It has a unique feature of debugging applications that offer extra security and trusted testing for the product.

Its special features are:

  1. High Performing
  2. Two-way data-binding
  3. Special tool for Debugging applications
  4. Development at a faster rate

This framework is used by many popular companies such as Apple Music Square, Linkedin. It is quite efficient in its working as it came 7 years ago in the year of 2011 on 8 December. Its developer is the Ember core team and the owner of this framework is Yehuda Katz. Choose the best web development company which provides developers that are proficient at Ember JS.

5. Backbone JS

It is actually termed as the backbone of the Web development framework. This is a nine-year-old Javascript library that came in the year of 2010 on October 13. Its developers are Jeremy Ashkenas. It can easily sync with the backend tools as well thus making it an amazing tool to work along with Versatile framework. We can develop frontend and applications using BackboneJS in an easy manner with the usage of simple javaScript Functions. The application HTML upgradations are done as soon as your model changes. The developers can assemble the client-side applications using events, models, routers, views, and collections provided by Backbone JS. They all are building blocks of web applications.

It has the following qualities:

  1. Easy and fast development
  2. Accepted at a larger level
  3. Sync with backend

Few Final Words

Working with any of these frameworks could help you a lot in web development. These are a few frameworks that have captured the run of the entire market and in the coming years and will continue to do so. All these have been in the field of development for 6-8 yrs. And will continue to reside for many more. Every Web Development technology is not just a technology but an essential part of its architecture.

No Web Development Framework is best or most suitable because each of them has its own unique features that help them stand apart. It’s the developer and the consumer who have to decide which framework should be utilized to achieve desired results. It is thus important to choose the best web development company that uses the trending JavaScript frameworks.