Understanding of the app development costs difference and what separates a $5000 mobile app from a $100,000 app

Understanding of the app development costs difference and what separates a $5000 mobile app from a $100,000 app

If you are planning to build a web/mobile application then the first question that comes to your mind is the app budget.

You first need to decide your application budget in order to allow the developer to shortlist your application features. Even if you are planning to build the application on your own, it would be the first factor that you would reflect upon. However, the choice and options available to you for building an application are enormous.

This gives you an opportunity to make your desired choices. But this task is not that simple until and unless you are aware of the factors that decide the developmental cost of an application. The mobile app development cost can be decided easily if you are familiar with the points we are sharing in this article with you. So, let us start:-

Factors Affecting Developmental Price

The application development cost depends on a variety of factors:-

1. The platform you choose for your application

The mobile application platform controls the application development cost to a great extent. For example, an android app development company will charge you according to the audience that is going to utilize your product and the same goes for the iOS app development company. The technical implementation of the Android and iOS applications varies completely. The devices, market share, version of the Operating System are the cost regulators for your mobile application development.

Market Analysis

Make a market analysis in order to decide the group of devices that your app is going to target. This is important because most of the devices run on the Android platform and only a few run on iOS. This makes it a bit difficult for you to choose among a large number of devices otherwise. The app development cost remains almost equal for both of these platforms. Until and unless you are preparing a mobile/web application that works on both the platforms, the cost standards would be the same.

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Where to Invest Yor Money

We always suggest you choose among the above two mentioned platforms only because they both cost you equally and you might find the development cost high. But the results are worth investing in it.

2. The type of vendor - Freelancer/ Development Agency

Both freelancers and development agencies are great options for developing an application. You should choose your app developer depending on your requirements and project. Let’s understand the advantages that you get while choosing either of them. Talking about the freelancer, you would get two basic advantages.

They will charge less and the communication would be always directed to the application developer. But it is not easy to find an individual who is skilled with all your project requirements. Their time management and service quality might not meet the expectations. The project might require a few freelancers and they all will have their own respective working mechanisms. This might bring forth coordination issues.

Such issues do not usually arise when we work with a mobile application development company. There would be better managed if a team of developers is working towards your app development. The accountability, discipline, deliverable’s quality are the advantageous factors that come up with a development agency. If you can raise your budget for the good then this is a nice option. You get the security and confidence that you need the mist during your project development. The development process done with a proper SLDC is always preferable. If we talk about the charges then the freelancers and app developing agencies charge variable on the per hour basis.

3.The location of your vendor

The developer charges depend on the region of the app development agency. Application developers are majorly found in North America, Latin America, Eastern European countries and Asian countries (India, Pakistan). The charges are fairly high in countries like the USA and that is why you should go for Eastern Europe when you are looking for an app development agency that provides good quality services at a moderate price. Asian countries are another option for those who cannot raise their application development budget.

4.Complexity of Design

We can divide the applications into three different categories on the basis of their feature set and they are basic MVPs, apps with medium complexity, large apps. The expected timeline of the app development increases with the increasing number of complexities. The pricing of the applications containing more complexities is high. If the custom android application development includes complex features then you should prioritize the features and launch your application in the market as soon as possible.

5.Factors leading to complexity and What separates a $5,000 mobile app from a $ 100,000 mobile app

The above factors are the regulators of the app development cost difference. Now if we try to find the difference based on certain figures then we can talk particularly on the features that are leading that creation time and cost. The mobile app development cost majorly differs on the account of varying complexity. The price range that we are talking about lies between the basic app version and the medium app version.

In a basic application version, the android app development company will provide you with minimum app features. This version works on one platform only. The medium app contains more complex features and works on one or two platforms. The basic app takes 3-5 months for development and the medium app takes 6-9 months of time. If the setup cost for the basic app is $50,000 in Eastern Europe then the price would be double for a medium App. The factors mentioned below are the cost regulators of the setup and they are arranged in decreasing cost order.

  • Custom Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • The User Experience and User Interface Design
  • Business Analysis

We have talked about the cost setup that is generally found in countries like Ukraine. You can find cheaper options in countries like India as well. You can remove the features like video streaming, geolocation, offline mode, ads, maps integration that raise the setup cost and time to find more affordable development.