What’s New In Android Studio 3.5 (And What Has Changed)?

What’s New In Android Studio 3.5 (And What Has Changed)?

As we all are using smartphones driven by android. Also, there are several different apps for several different purposes.

These apps are easy to create and do not require must expenses to build such android apps with the help of android app development services. These apps are created by the app developer based on user requirements.

To learn how to develop apps, it is not much expensive for developers because this is open source. With the help of this, the develops can use their skills to develop the apps. Now this developer needs software to develop such apps or software. That is known as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This has a unique speciality because a developer can create apps without the use of IDE also.

Integrated development environment (IDE)

This is basically a useful software that is used by the developer to use during the development of their apps. This really helps the developer in creating apps and saving a lot of time. Because while developing a whole new app, and no work is being done on it before then the developer needs to start with all his new ideas and trial which may even result in failure and sometimes success.

But when some work is already done, some research has been already met to meet the results expected by the quality experts. Then we can be based on those references or previous data to start our work with it. So basically it is like to start our work from scratch which results in saving a lot of time and also to avoid failed trials.

The android application development company with the help of IDE also provides the developer with certain tools that the developer can make use of, during the development of the app. It also consists of a graphical user interface workbench that helps the developer to develop and also to check their apps with the help of the menu and the toolbar options.

It generally helps to increase the productivity or the performance of the developer with these following reasons:

  • Source code editor
  • File management
  • Debugger
  • Compiler or interpreter
  • Repository version control

So before developing your app or software you must also understand which IDE is best suitable for you based on some of the important factors like-

  • The operating system that you are acquiring in your system must support the IDE. There are several versions developed for several different systems, you need to select the suitable ones.

  • The programming language which you are going to use to develop the app must be supported by your selected IDE.
  • You also need to check whether the IDE is an open-source or a commercial type.
  • The features that the IDE is offering is also necessary while developing your app or software.
  • Also, it is based on the IDE’s performance.

What is introduced in the new Android 3.5 version?

It is basically driven by Google a mobile application development company they developed this latest version of Android 3.5 with better performance and also improvement in the memory chamber also great modifications in the user interface. They are basically the universal mobile app development company to give you with useful android apps.

This has really come up with expandable memory storage for the users. The capacity is really good and they also have cloud-based provisions to store data. Also, the user interface is really sorted now users are experiencing a good and smooth flow of using this version as they are acquiring a good quality user interface.

It is basically the graphic designing of your application or the website of how well you design your page to gain the attention of your customers. It deals with the layout of the page and also that it fits into the screen of any device including your mobile phones. Because as you can see the webpages that are been visited with the help of our desktop or laptop have the screen resolution higher and even bigger in size to portray your website in a further better way to your customer.

Additional features in Android 3.5

  • The improvement in performance and also the workflows are really getting better day-to-day. This all is handled by the project marble.
  • They offer great features in the management of the IDE memory. As they have great storage capacity and also if running out of space then they could analyze those parts of files that are consuming a lot of space or storage.
  • It also helps in the faster editing of data binding expressions in XML during UI latency.
  • They help developers with faster building speed with continuous improvements.
  • With the help of IDE features, it can really check for the directories that could be affected with memory leaks and helps to find a solution for that. Because during memory leaks it puts an impact on the build-in speed hence results in a slowdown process. During the installation process slowdown. You can scan to find the results that are actually the cause for the slowdown and fix it.

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  • Developers can also change for the source code or edit the code without restarting the program. They can make the changes instantly while the program or the application is already running this helps in saving a lot of time.
  • C++ build-in by the CMake is now really improved its speed. It is now 25% faster than before.
  • With the additional feature of the conditional delivery feature in this version, it has really helped in the enhancing of the app bundle features support. With the use of the conditional delivery, we can set the requirements for the additional dynami9c features that can be used in here during the installation of the application.

Final Words

In conclusion, the development of apps and software with the help of an android studio and Integrated Development Environment (IDE), is an easy process where you can create your app from scratch that saves you a lot of time. It also helps in avoiding those consequences which have brought no changes in the universal mobile app development we can generally work based on the research done. It allows us to work both on a low level and high-level type of work performance.