What Technology Can I Use For Developing Ios Apps?

What Technology Can I Use For Developing iOS Apps?

iOS applications are those which run on various devices powered by Apple’s operating system named iOS and are available on the App store.

iPhone app development companies have been using this technology since the beginning. The App Store is a digital platform especially made for distribution developed and maintained by Apple Inc. It was released on July 10th in the year 2008 and since then it has been available in each of the Apple devices for availability and downloading of various iOS apps.

These apps have gained massive popularity and experienced huge demand for technology enthusiasts because of Apple all over the world increasing the luxury of humans because of various innovations in the field of applications and websites. Every business or organization needs its app which is compatible with all kinds of devices irrespective of the operating system they are operating with.

The custom mobile app development industry is in its boom. Due to this, the development of iOS apps has become necessary. Developing an iOS app is not as difficult as it used to be. Nowadays, there are so many tools and technologies available with the help of which one can develop and run innovative and create iOS apps and present it to the common public by uploading it on the App store.

USeful Technologies To Develop IOS Apps

some of the most important and useful technologies that have been built in past years which come into use during the development of ios apps and help them to run efficiently are as follows :

1. XCode:

XCode is an IDE abbreviated as an Integrated development environment specially designed for macOS which contains a suite for software development tools that are developed by Apple for creating software which is iOS friendly. It was first released in the year 2003 and is available since then on the Mac App Store free of cost for the macOS Mojave users. It is the official IDE for Swift.

XCode is one of the fastest and efficient tools used by iPhone application development companies for developing applications which has been consistently smooth since its release and is the favorite for developers all around the world.

2. AppCode:

AppCode is another integrated development environment for various programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, C++, and JavaScript development. AppCode was built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA platform in April in the year 2011 and is written in java and Kotlin. One very important advantage of using this tool is that the user can provide additional functionalities to the app or software made by installing plugins which are specially created for the IntelliJ IDEA platform.

Also, developers have the facility to write their plugins which opens the doors to many possibilities and opportunities for innovation and creation of applications with different functionalities. AppCode has the facility of providing coding assistance and analysis code. Also, it highlights the errors which prove to be a great help to the coders and developers.

3. Code Runner:

Code Runner is an IDE with additional and attractive features for a huge number of languages which includes fuzzy search, tab-selectable placeholders, and documentation snippets. It has the benefit that any code written in any language can run instantly.

Code Runner supports 25 computer programming languages that can be extended easily so that other languages can also be supported by it. It has the advantage of running multi-files without any extra setup by the user. It runs with inputs and argument sets. It has other attractive features like automatic indentation support, symbol navigator, documentation sidebar, file navigator, live running process statistics, code templates, various TextMate syntax, themes, and multiple selections. It is highly configurable and preferred by mobile application development companies widely.

4. RxSwift:

RxSwift,(also known as ReactiveX Swift) is the reactive programming library specially designed for iOS which makes it easier for programmers to develop dynamic apps that are responsive to data changes and user events. It is widely used for asynchronous and reactive programming. It means that data streams become the pillar of the applications.

All the events, messages, failures, notifications, etc are delivered only by the data stream. RxSwift makes the development and running of applications comparatively fast and more interactive. Also, it is not at all tricky so is used by developers all over the world and predicted to have a great prospect in the future.

5. Testflight:

Testflight is an online service widely used for over the air installation. Testflight can also be used for testing of mobile applications, usually the iOS applications. It is only offered to the developers under the particular iOS developers program. Initially, Testflight used to support both iOS and Android but after 2014, it stopped supporting Android and since then it works only for iOS app development or iPhone application development. It is a native framework used solely used for testing apps and giving suitable results.

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Testflight has an additional Testflight SDK which allows developers to do all the beneficiary tasks like remote logs, crash reports, and tester feedback. It was founded on December 23 in the year 2010 focussing to work as a single platform to test all kinds of mobile and website applications. That time, it used to support both the iOS and Android operating systems. It has a mere size of 35 MB and can be easily downloaded on any kind of network. It is highly efficient, fast and gives suitable results.

6. Stack Overflow:

Stack Overflow is nothing but a question and answer site for programmers and developers all around the world which was created in the year 2008 and is a privately held website. It features questions and answers in different fields related to computers and technology. Also, various technology enthusiasts, as well as developers, share different problems of code which is discussed and solved by others. Questions can be asked by the membership and active participation.

It has the benefit of voting, editing and answering various questions just like wiki or Reddit. During the development of the iOS app, the user uses this tool for various doubts, innovations, answers, and votes. Also, creating a developers’ environment helps in the proper publicity of apps developed at a global level. It has high-quality answers for various questions and this is why it is an inseparable part of the process of development of apps.


Mobile application development companies, especially iPhone app development companies look forward to these technologies to make new and impressive apps. Custom mobile app development has been made easier due to these technologies too. There are many other tools and technologies like the mockingbird, Fabric, Applyzer, etc which can contribute to providing additional features to the app and make it more user-friendly and attractive.