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What Type of ASP.NET Developers You Should Hire

ASP.NET is one of the most promising technologies at present that excel at developing platform-specific applications as per clients’ requirements.

Hiring ASP.NET web application developers to work for your project will help you to sustain in the long run. You can also leverage the potential of ASP.NET development teams or developers to create a highly secure and efficient application or website. However, when it comes to hiring an ASP.NET developer most companies do not have a precise understanding of the same. In this article, we will go through various concepts of ASP.NET web and app development and suggestions for recruiters.

What Is The ASP.NET Framework And What Should Recruiters Know About It?

ASP.NET is a software development platform by Microsoft. This framework offers a controlled programming ecosystem where the ASP.NET software can be created, installed, or executed, especially across Windows-based operating systems. This framework is the basic response of Microsoft to the rapid succession of Java and it is why multiple concepts between the two are similar. The ASP.NET framework supports many languages such as Visual Basic, .NET, C#, C++, etc. It also provides a bunch of frameworks and libraries to developers and makes it convenient for them to create multiple varieties of web, mobile, or desktop applications. Companies can also integrate an Azure Cloud solution to develop sophisticated enterprise applications as well.

The fundamental advantage of the ASP.NET framework is that it is inclusive of the natural integration with multiple Microsoft tools and guarantees the maturity and stability of the solutions. When it comes to hiring ASP.NET developers it is extremely important for a recruiter to know certain things that are mentioned below-

  • Just like the Java platform, in the ASP.NET framework being familiar with a particular language is simply not adequate. In order to hire a productive and self-reliant ASP.NET developer, you have to make sure that they have knowledge of the required frameworks and libraries like MVC, entity framework, etc. These are some of the app-building blocks for nontrivial ASP.NET app development.

  • It is extremely crucial to not rule out developers who do not have an understanding of certain frameworks or tools from the requirement list. The tools and techniques in the ASP.NET framework are quite similar and if a developer has a functional understanding of any of these frameworks then they can easily upgrade or migrate to the required one. In spite of not knowing the framework of the library in question you can offer an opportunity to them where they can understand the principle behind the framework and use them for developing

  • Sharepoint app development is in consideration, commercial experience is something that really counts and has the potential to bring value to the recruiter or the recruiting company. It is an extremely technical platform but you do not have to bring much to the task of business coding.

The Roles And The Responsibilities Of ASP.NET Developers

You can put the business growth and the profit of your company on the accelerator with the help of experienced ASP.NET developers. ASP.NET developers use Microsoft Technology Associate's object-oriented and server-side platform to develop websites, applications, application programming interfaces, or web applications. The ASP.NET framework is written in the C# language and Visual Base. This framework requires an excellent amount of coding skills and knowledge to work within the components.

You can hire an ASP.NET developer on the work front by following three major aspects:

1. Writing The Project Description- In this stage, you can determine the scope of work and the skill sets of the developers you are willing to hire.

2. Post On Upwork- Once you have developed the project description you can post it directly to Upwork. For this process, you can simply follow the application that will help you to enter the necessary information that you have collected while scoping out your project.

3. Shortlisting Developers- As soon as proposals start coming in, you can shortlist ASP.NET developers. Almost every SharePoint development company performs the same action and interviews the shortlisted developers.

ASP.NET developers have the expertise to work in an app development team for creating integrated solutions. They can easily design or develop web-based applications of services along with working closely with the quality assurance team of the same company in order to ensure delivering reliable and high-quality applications. ASP.NET developers can develop databases with the inclusion of triggers, queries, stored procedures, and many more. These developers can easily monitor the application performance before its deployment and can make required changes easily. Some of the major responsibilities of ASP.NET developers are-

  • Researching and developing an application over prototype with a complicated solution

  • Performing code reviews and undertaking necessary corrections

  • Developing application code guidelines for the whole team

  • Conducting application testing based upon multiple test plans and test cases

  • Conducting the development of technical documents as per the industry standard

Phase I- What Type Of ASP.NET Developers Should You Consider Hiring?

This is the very first aspect that you might have to streamline along with your Microsoft Technology Associate. It will help you to solve problems related to hiring an in-house app development team or outsourcing the project expert for developing ASP.NET solutions. The answer is quite simple and if your organization belongs to a non-technical domain then your requirement for ASP.NET developers will be restricted to particular projects only. You might also be having an on-premise app development team providing essential maintenance and support. However, hiring specialized developers would significantly increase the budget of your company. For example, it will help you to simplify the complicated process of hiring ASP.NET developers. The hiring process for these developers gets extremely burdensome if the company fails to hire the right group of people in their first attempt.

Additionally, you will not be restricted to invest in particular software infrastructure packages to support in-house app development. Last but not the least, the ASP.NET development services provider that you are hiring will take care of managing and scaling the size of your application as per the requirements. ASP.NET companies have the potential to maintain and organize a pool of experienced ASP.NET developers who can easily be hired to work on an upcoming or ongoing project at any phase of its development.

Phase II- Understand The Type Of Application That You Are Willing To Develop

Once you have hired the app development team or developers, the next stage is to choose the type of ASP.NET project that you want to develop. As per statistics, more than 10% of active websites including Microsoft and MSN use ASP.NET platforms for their server-side programming. Based upon your platform-specific requirements you can make an enhanced selection of the framework and hire experts accordingly to create the expected project for your business. By knowing the accurate requirements of your project you can easily convey your expectations to the dot net development company or developer. And in the big picture, it will help them to create expected projects along with meeting the budget and deadline constraints.

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An important aspect of selecting ASP.NET developers is most often ignored by business owners. This aspect is closely related to the benefits offered by the ASP.NET framework. Hiring the best ASP.NET developers will help you to convert your ASP.NET project development ideas into reality and you can get access to multiple advantages such as-

  • Minimal Coding- The ASP.NET framework limits the amount of time required for coding, even for huge applications. What makes this framework most preferred by developers is the fact that it requires minimal coding. This means that you can deliver your product faster if you have an experienced team or developer.

  • Programming Language Independence- This framework allows ASP.NET developers to easily choose the programming language of their choice. This framework allows ASP.NET developers to choose multiple programming languages as it is not a language-dependent platform.

  • Improved Speed- Applications that are developed using this framework deliver an excellent performance as it also supports server-side application execution. The websites or applications that are built with this framework work faster because of its server-side execution and multiple high-end features such as caching, and many more.

  • Enhanced Security- The ASP.NET framework comes with built-in authentication and advanced features such as crash shielding. This security feature makes it a perfect platform for creating secure applications. The ASP.NET framework is one of the most popular and recommended platforms for creating secure applications.

  • Tool Support- ASP.NET development services are backed by incredible tools and features that enrich the performance of websites or applications. This platform is extensively supported by advanced tools and features like early binding, automatic deployment, drag-and-drop server controls, etc.

Phase III- Comparing Multiple ASP.NET Development Capabilities And Developers

Once you have made your way through the aforementioned phases of ASP.NET development for hiring a developer, the next stage is to initiate the selection of developers. If you are looking to hire experts then it is advised to look closely into the solution. There are a number of ways through which you can get the expected teams or developers and some of them have been mentioned below:

  • With The Help Of Recommendations- Platforms like a SharePoint development company or business owners mostly rate or review the ASP.NET web or app development services that are offered by many companies. Hence, you can refer to these ratings and reviews in order to shortlist your requirements.

  • Third-Party Review- You can also conduct an extensive search with help of popular search engines like Google and shortlist ASP.NET developers from the search results. There are many verified review websites that facilitate business owners to set the right foot.

From the shortlisted names of developers, you can make your final decision after carefully evaluating crucial criteria like-

1. Reputation

You can spend time and effort to research the ASP.NET development company from which you are hiring developers and carefully evaluate their credentials.

2. Experience

You can find out the number of years for which the company or developers have been active in the industry and learn about their experience in the field of ASP.NET software development services.

3. Proficiency

The proficiency of the ASP.NET developers’ team is a crucial parameter. For this cause, you have to make sure that the development team that you have hired is up to date with emerging technologies and is capable of providing excellent Dot Net development services for your platform.

4. Portfolio

The ASP dot net development company portfolio will help you to get an idea about the type of businesses that they have previously worked with and the type of solutions that they have previously created. This portfolio will help you to showcase your project-specific expectations as well.

5. Customization

Make sure that the chosen ASP.NET developer can provide customized solutions to you. This is because every business platform has its own set of prerequisites, and hence you might be looking for a developer who can easily adapt to your requirements while developing the ASP.NET application or website.

6. Privacy Policies

If you are planning to organize and discuss the requirements of your app development project then you may have to offer confidential information about your company as well as the project idea to developers. Therefore it is extremely important for any business to look into the non-disclosure agreement with developers to secure confidential and intellectual property protection.

7. Support

Apart from providing round-the-clock communication and availability modes, the developer whom you are choosing must have the potential to offer long-term maintenance and support as well. You must select the ASP.NET developer who can provide transparency and excellence along with the solutions, as well as involving you in progressive app development.

As per Azure Cloud solution statistics, ASP.NET applications or websites hold a highly impressive market share at present. With the right app development team or developers, you can easily extract the benefits out of this technology and create dynamic solutions in the long run.

Why Choose ASP.NET Web Or App Development Services?

Being an open-source and server-side web application development framework introduced by Microsoft, the ASP.NET platform is a preferred technology for a large community across the world. Considering the excellence of its functions, robust security features, efficiency, and reliability in terms of development and maintenance, this is an excellent framework for building reliable web applications, mobile applications, or websites. This technology also serves as a technical basis for high-end websites like Microsoft, GoDaddy, stack overflow, visual studio, WildTangent, and Dell, just to name a few. If your platform-specific web or app development solutions require easy-to-use but logically complex solutions built on the foundation of a robust technical framework, then ASP.NET is a great choice. The platform has a global spread over a wide app development domain and you can hire experienced developers to create efficient applications or websites. The right technology or team will help you to conduct high-end ASP.NET or Sharepoint app development.

ASP.NET technology is one of the most realistic app development tools and is a popular framework that is used extensively to develop web applications ranging from simple to complex and heavy ones. This framework offers amazing features like security, scalability, performance, convenience, and many. To ensure the success of your platform you can hire versatile and experienced ASP.NET developers having a high number of project successes to their credit. You can hire the team on the same standards and with meticulous planning, you can ensure the success of your ASP.NET web or app development project. if you are willing to develop an application with the help of a technology that might not be efficient at present but will prove to be a great solution in the future then ASP.NET is a perfect example.

This framework is more likely to change in the coming days and you can easily evolve technology in your solutions. So, from the present as well as future perspective, the ASP.NET framework is a suitable choice for conducting web or app development.

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The Bottom Line

While undertaking the digital migration of your company you cannot entirely depend on the existing software development team or system solutions. To empower your web or application development solution you can invest in developing a powerful and performance-oriented website or application. Hiring an experienced developer or team will offer you an application beyond any difficult constraints.

As we are switching to an era of emerging technologies like machine learning or the Internet of Things it is extremely important to leverage the process of competitive and highly competent web app development. To keep up with the changing times it is important to invest in developing powerful mobile or web development frameworks like ASP.NET. Hiring ASP.NET professionals will help you to leverage the potential of this technology for your business.