Why Is An Mobile App Critical For Your Business In 2019?

Why Is An Mobile App Critical For Your Business In 2019?

Time flies like an arrow and with it transforms the platforms and technologies on which our businesses operate. With technological advancements at their full throttle, the businesses are growing day by day. I am pointing to the revolution of the internet, more specifically the effect of mobile applications on businesses.

Quick fact: According to a report by Statista, its predicted that the number of smartphone users in 2019 will be more than 2.5 billion.

The age of mobility is here, and it’s near to impossible for many of us to live without our smartphones. One of the major reasons people are so much dependent on their smartphones is its comfortableness which makes their life easier. The bucket of mobile apps is infinite, you’ll find apps for tracking your fitness to apps that help you order food at your doorstep. Numerous perks offered by the mobile application is the reason why people are spending more of their time interacting with apps. Research conducted by Mobile App Forecast predicted that the mobile app downloads will reach 284 billion globally by 2020.

Introduction of Mobile applications has revolutionized e-commerce businesses; it’s a known fact that we are now buying and even selling products via numerous e-commerce channels and brands. Two third of the world’s population is operating a mobile phone, which makes mobile apps one of the most significant platforms of engaging with the customers for any business.

Quick fact: The number of smartphones sold is expected to cross the mark of 2.1 billion units in 2019.

Despite the type of your business, mobile apps are capable of growing and retaining customers for you. In modern times, the customers are preferring searching and examining the products or the services online. So, if you or your business is available on the online platform through a mobile application, you won’t lose that particular user. The user would download your business application and in a glimpse would see all the details about your product or service.

If you’re not on mobile, then building a mobile app would without a doubt help your business in numerous ways to connect with your target customers. With a custom mobile application for your business, you can drive your sales and boost your brand awareness.

Here Are Some Reasons Why An Mobile App Is Critical For Business In 2019:

Building Brand Awareness

Mobile apps have proved to be a perfect place to put all the relevant data about a brand’s product or services in a precise and sophisticated manner. They are similar to a blank billboard sign, where you can put the information your consumer may like the most. With apps, a brand can showcase their special or new product/service specifically via ads. Therefore, apps assist in spreading the awareness of the product and restrict the promotion costs of a product/service.

Building Audiences

With the increasing number of mobile users, there’s obviously an increase in the number of potential customers that may engage with the brands available on mobile apps. Industries can make use of this vast accessible customer base by being available for them anywhere, anytime.

Quick Fact: According to Statista, there would be a 3x increase in the global mobile data traffic between 2018-2021.

Better Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Succeeding in any business is all about satisfying the target customers. Custom mobile app development has enabled numerous brands to communicate with their customers in the most effective manner. Moreover, it helps them to establish a more sincere and real connection with the customers to make them loyal towards the products or services of the brand.

Improved End-User Experience

Mobile apps have become a craze amongst the smartphone users due to their reliability and quick response time. When compared to websites, mobile apps are efficient in engaging more users by providing a fast browsing time. These factors have magnified the end-user experience and hence helped businesses attain more sales and profitability.

Competitive Advantage

The wave of building a mobile application for businesses has not yet hit every business. There still are many organizations within industries that aren’t employing mobile apps for their services. Hence, some businesses with a path-breaking approach can leverage the advantage of being available on the mobile platform.

Quick fact: According to a report by Business of Apps, more than 1300 apps are added to the Google Play Store daily.


By constantly improving their offerings, mobile apps have become a necessity of our lifestyle. That’s the reason why almost every custom software development company that is building apps for industries is working on adding unique features to benefit the users and business as well. If you’re aiming at boosting productivity, increasing revenue, gaining a competitive edge and enhancing the user experience, mobile apps is the answer.