Why Kotlin Is best choice For Android Application Development

Why Kotlin Is best choice For Android Application Development

One of the most prominent and used programming language for android app development company is Java. Every android app developer is using Java as a primary and official language for the app development from last many years but this is not the single language in this field, there are so many different languages which make their places in the opposition of Java.

Among these various languages there is one language Kotlin, which gained more attention and now it is leading the herd. So what is this Kotlin and what makes it superior from other languages? Let’s have a quick look at it.

What is Kotlin Language?

Kotlin is a programming language with cross-platform and statically typed inference. It is specially designed to interoperate with Java language. This language mainly targets the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and also complies JavaScript and native code. Kotlin Language is designed and developed by JetBrains the year 2011. Google officially supports kotlin language for custom mobile app development specially for android apps.

It also has support from the android studio. Top Android app developers have adopted Kotlin language because of its ease compatibility with Java. In normal language we can say that this language is helpful for the developers to not start their work from scratch they can combine their work with the java codes easily with the help of this language. Kotlin is not just an android developing language but also used for desktop apps and servers.

Why use Kotlin?

We all are aware that Java has now become an old language or we can say that Java is the oldest programming language recently completed 22 years in application field. In this long span of time, Java gave numerous features to the developers for the android apps. As time passes some disadvantages appears in this old language so from this moment Kotlin enters the Market and lead all other languages with its benefits and features, which are as follows:

1. Easy Learning Process

Top Android app developers also need a lot of time to learn any new language. Every language has its own working process and methods which are different from other languages so learning a new language is very time consuming but in the case of Kotlin, this is quite different it is easy to understand, easy to learn, user-friendly language.

2. Completely interoperable with Java Language

The basic idea behind the launch of this language is to make it interoperable with Java. This simply means top android app developers can use a number of Java libraries for writing Kotlin language code and also generate java code from that Kotlin language easily with the help of converters.

This feature of Kotlin helps the developers to retain their knowledge of java coding and by normal training of this Android app development company can use their old developers for the same, they do not require a whole new team for this new language.

3. Null Pointer Exception

Java is the oldest mobile app development language so there are some restrictions also in this language, one of the biggest problems that app developers are facing while using java is null point exception. Because of this issue, mobile apps get the crushing problem in the mid-operation but Kotlin aims to eradicate this issue and prevent Android apps from crashing in the mid-operation. This special feature makes Kotlin language superior from other programming languages.

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4. Fast app running functionality

In Kotlin the class is compact as compared to other languages including java also. Because of compact class the amount of code to be written in Kotlin language also less than other languages. And we all know that less code takes less time to run and this feature make it faster than others. This is a low coding language so the application development cost is also low. This feature makes it an alternative to Java in this modern era.

5. Not a costly language

Kotlin is an open source mobile application language so there is no need to spend the precious money on this programming language. The simple method to use this high-end application language is to convert it through java to kotlin converter tool which can convert your existing java files in kotlin simple codes. The conversion of complex codes into simpler form takes no time and its safe.

Kotlin is the new application language of the modern era and as it is updated it has many new features which are different and good from older languages like Java. It has Android studio support and now it is googles official mobile app development language. With these updated features Kotlin takes android app development one step ahead. With these unique functions of easy learning method, fast running ability, interoperable with Java, safe and crushing free, less costly and many more makes it superior from the rest all languages. Every android app development company is now moving towards Kotlin language. So we can say that Kotlin is the best choice for custom mobile app development.