List Of Some Of The Software Development Trends That Have Dominated The Year 2020

List Of Some Of The Software Development Trends That Have Dominated The Year 2020

The wind of online transformation is relentlessly evolving across the virtual sector where companies are incessantly adopting the latest technologies.

No one can resist the technical advancements irrespective of their skill and capability, because it is unstoppable. Also, there were times when it took several minutes to make a call or drop a message, let alone consider the trouble of annoying operators. But the speed at which technical advancements took place is just commendable. A lot of progressions are made in the field of software and it has slowly become the background of the entire computer-driven world.

If you are following the software development trends and news in technology you might be interested in exploring more about the upcoming trends. This is why here we have listed some of the most accepted and dominating software development trends of 2020. Explore more about the same below:

List Of The Best Software Development Trends That Are Dominating

The year 2020 is unique and as we are in the third quarter of the year we have already witnessed lots of trends and technologies in the software development industry. The space of this technology has proven to be very helpful in assisting during the tough times and it has even brought the businesses closer. Software development professionals are working round the clock to offer convenient solutions to users globally. There has also been an increase in the demand for solutions across various sectors like healthcare, e-commerce, gaming, etc. Listed below are some of the software development trends that have dominated in the year 2020:

1. Artificial Intelligence

The list of advanced technologies always begins with the obvious one, which is artificial intelligence. In every SaaS development company or industry, artificial intelligence seems to be overhyped. This technology is evolving quickly and in the last few years, it has almost exploded. This is because it enables machines or devices to think like human beings and perform all the tasks that were initially restricted/impossible to be performed using human intelligence. Artificial intelligence also has multiple subsets like deep learning, machine learning, etc. As per statistics, more than 60% of the professional services are determined to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions into their software initiatives.

Most of the organizations that are dealing with software and Cloud computing solutions are integrating the artificial intelligence technology in order to facilitate their users. With its help, they can develop highly comprehensive tools and applications to transform their industry. It is indeed one of the latest trending technologies in the software development industry. AI chatbots have also replaced human assistance requirements for customer service.

2. Blockchain Technology

Talking about the dominating software development trends is impossible without mentioning blockchain technology. It has become the talk of the town with the launch of its digital currencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin. It is extensively used across the financial sectors but nowadays it has also been applied to the software development industry. Blockchain technology helps companies to record transactions in an efficient and decentralized ledger in a secure manner. This phenomenon strategically assists platforms to develop supreme software solutions across industry verticals.

A large number of software development companies are planning to grab the opportunity and get their hands on this latest trend. Blockchain technology is highly evolving at a fast pace and is considered as one of the latest advancements among the software development trends. Even a custom software development company or organization is finding interesting ways and ideas to implement it. Distributed apps represent the latest technological progression in the field of blockchain-based applications.

3. Internet Of Things

A reputed platform estimated that by the year 2020 more than 85% of automobiles will be IoT-enabled. The Internet of Things solutions are covering a wide range of systems that are connected to the internet in a greater aspect. Irrespective of whether these systems are in the industry for other domains, IoT solutions have evenly spread across all of them. This software development trend is exponentially growing around us right from Bluetooth trackers to home assistants, and internet-connected systems are no longer limited to smartphones or systems. And as the 5G technology has begun to roll out, more and more Cloud application development platforms are taking advantage of the power, efficiency, and the wireless bandwidth of IoT. These devices are always connected to the internet and it means that they are always communicating with each other.

4. Immersive Technologies

One of the most dominating software development trends of 2020 is definitely the immersive technologies like Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, And Augmented Reality. These technologies are the ultimate combination of AR and VR. These interesting technologies have already established a huge market for themselves and the market size of each of its segments is also ascending. The AR technology is also used in developing e-commerce applications to enhance the shopping experience of users with a highly immersive and interactive solution. These technologies have the potential of educating or training users. It has been found by studies that more than 69% of the software outsourcing companies will prefer experimenting with immersive technologies for developing their software solutions. Most of the companies are also hiring AR and VR developers in large numbers. The major players in the Virtual Reality market are Google, Oculus, or Samsung, but there are plenty of small businesses and startups as well that are emerging to require the same skills.

5. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

In the last few years, software developers have very well understood the cons of mobile applications and websites. This realization has produced Progressive Web Application solutions that happen to have discovered the perfect space for software development companies. PWAs are extremely simple to develop or maintain, and thus they can easily attract a large number of custom software development services providers or companies. The best advantage of Progressive Web Applications is that they can be easily loaded without any speed barrier. PWA websites also provide the convenience and the comfort of being accessible from any device or browser, whereas the applications can leverage the hardware or software capabilities across your native platform.

The Progressive Web Application trend in the software development industry has swiftly combined the best of both worlds. These applications can also integrate the latest technologies or Cloud computing services into its solutions to make it easy for developers to create powerful and multi platform-based applications. PWAs are different from applications and can run in a separate background or webpage.

6. Event-Driven Applications

Recently, a platform predicted that by the year 2020 an event-based real-time software development approach will become the core aspect for fulfilling the demand of more than 80% of the digital solutions. It is crucial for a SaaS development company to implement event thinking application development strategies to their solutions. The event-driven approach is in the list of dominating software development trends. It refers to proactive programming and it is not just a type of programming language or technology. In fact, event-driven application development strategy represents an idea that can be implemented across product development processes. An event-driven application also responds to the tasks that are generated by visitors, systems, or users.

From a programming point of view, it is important for software development platforms to separate the event processing logic from their remaining coding work. Even the integration of technologies like artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things in the software development industry is speeding up event-based coding. In general, this type of application can easily improve responsiveness, accessibility, and flexibility for users.

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7. Cross-Platform Development

The era of Cloud computing services and native application development is going down and the platform that is taking over the same is cross-platform app development. This is because of the obvious benefits that are offered by the technology. A large number of businesses are investing in cross-platform app development with the help of the latest programming languages and frameworks. Even though software development companies and professionals are inclined towards programming languages that can integrate more than one feature, one of its live examples is seen where Kotlin took over the old JavaScript for Android app development.

Cross-platform software development not only saves a custom software development company from budget constraints but also offers logical ends to them. The concept of cross-platform app development across the software development industry has been existent for a very long time. Also, the industry is shifting towards the cross-platform app development technology and it is dominating the industry in 2020.

8. Cybersecurity

Security was always one of the most expected dominating software development trends forever. However, the concept of cybersecurity is advancing and reaching new heights. As the population is shifting to the internet it is important to place security on the top of the priority list. It is because internet users rely on these services for carrying out various tasks such as bank transactions, online shopping, food or product delivery, and whatnot. Cybersecurity ensures protecting and safekeeping your personal or professional data in a systematic manner. Following the ongoing software development trends, cybersecurity is dominating in 2020. Cybersecurity is also used for ensuring the safety of applications as it also encourages Cloud application development platforms to hire proficient developers. The biggest strength of this software development trend is that it prevents public databases from attacks or breaches.

9. Distributed Cloud

The Distributed Cloud integration services have already taken off at the beginning of the year 2020. It is worth noting that Distributed Cloud is nothing new, but the way that software outsourcing companies are using it is innovative. This term refers to the distribution of Cloud services across plenty of Cloud providers as well as their geographical locations. It also reduces latency as user requests do not have to travel across the world and can be directed to the nearest server that is available to host the services. Distributed Cloud also reduces the risk of failure because the services are channeled over multiple cloud providers where the failure of any system can have minimal impact on the whole system or the availability of the services. With its assistance, organizations can better manage the load of user requests and can swiftly spread it across multiple cloud systems.

10. 5G Technology

The 5G network is one of the most awaited yet popular technologies that have been raining for a couple of months. It is also the most anticipated and practically useful development of the last few years. For now, it is available in selected geographies but soon it will be available to the users under the general public domain. The 5G network will facilitate access to 20 Gbps high-speed connection to users in their pockets. Without a doubt, it is expected to revolutionize the day-to-day activities of internet-enabled devices. Also, it does not only align with high-speed connection but it also refers to the low latency and high bandwidth availability. The 5G network trend will eradicate the limitations and drawbacks of the existing 4G network. It not only enables developers to create powerful apps, videos, or software solutions but also helps them to make these solutions powerful.

Which Programming Languages And Frameworks Should Be Used In 2020?

On the technical front, the most dominating programming languages that are used for creating the software development solutions have been listed below. These languages are worth considering due to their feature-rich components and usability:

1. Python

Due to its incredible simplicity, convenience, and ease of use, the Python language has established itself as a technology-driven programming language which is an ideal choice for custom software development services. As an outcome, with more than 25% of the PYPL share, currently it has secured the top spot in the list of the most studied and used programming languages. If you are considering bringing the latest software development trends into your company's ecosystem then you should definitely consider Python in your technology stack.

2. Java

Java has around 20% of the entire share. In spite of its latest changes in its licensing, terms it has been the go-to technology for many companies. This programming language is highly poised to facilitate organizations in their search of longevity. This is why it has been wholeheartedly recommended by top software development companies for developing their web projects, customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource planning software, and many more. Java is also a native programming language that is used for developing Android applications. As technology is in a constant motion, the Java programming language can offer long-term benefits to companies.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript has a respectable market share of around 90% and it is used for client-side as well as server-side programming. JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language and it is fundamentally employed in web development projects and dynamic content. When JavaScript is paired with the latest frameworks like React Native and others, then it can be used to develop highly impressive solutions.

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4. C#

C# is yet another incredible programming language that is worth considering in 2020 thanks to its ever-increasing adoption by organizations and their conquest to offer reliable solutions. C# has also entered the list of the top-paying technologies for developers in 2020.

5. PHP

The PHP programming language faces fierce competition from JavaScript as well as Python as it is a general-purpose language that is used for developing more than 80% of the modern websites. This is due to the simplicity of the language and it is also suitable for backend programming and data output tasks. PHP includes a toolkit of various classes and functions that always remain accessible to users. This language serves as an excellent option if you are willing to develop a web application or custom plugin.

6. Swift

Swift is a native language for platforms like iOS, macOS, etc. it is a reliable programming language but its usage and implementation are somewhat limited for multiple platforms.

Bonus Tip- Other than the software development trend, instant applications are also getting maximum popularity and acceptance in the industry. Also, businesses are finding it very useful because it helped Android and iOS developers to achieve maximum conversion rates with minimum efforts. Many instant applications have managed to enhance their conversion rate to around 30%. On the plus side, they also do not consume much space on your device and offer all the features and functions of a website without compromising the excellence of the application. In the year 2020, we will be amazed to see the emergence of instant applications.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have tried our best to present the most dominating software development trends of 2020 along with the programming languages to match up to their proficiency. The technology these days is evolving and so are the approaches and trends. Services like cybersecurity, microservices, AI, ML, wearable devices, IoT, software security, and many more will gain the highest momentum in the coming days. The trends in this industry will also keep changing as the customer or business requirements will shift to a certain level.