Android development will become increasingly Kotlin-first

There are many programming languages ​​on Android, but since former times we know what is Google's favorite, and this is not Java or C ++ is OK.

In the framework of the Google I / O 2019, many announcements related to Android App Development Company were made and one of those who should not be taken care of, is about the Kotlin programming language, which is not quite new that it has been running since 2012, but of which have yet been confirmed as Google's favorites for Android applications.

Kotlin is a stable typing programming language that works on Java Virtual Machine but it can also be compiled in JavaScript source code.

It is an object-oriented and functional programming language, with static writing that allows you to compile for the Java virtual machine and JavaScript. It is developed by a team of programmers on JetBrains, the editor of IntelliJ IDEA, the integrated development environment for Java and on which Android Studio, the official IDE for Android Application Development, is based.

For those who follow it or already use it, its latest update (Kotlin 1.3.30) was released last month, including improvements to Kotlin / Native that LLVM uses to compile Kotlin's sources into independent binary data (no machines needed virtual) for different operating systems and CPU architectures, including iOS. Linux, Windows, Mac and even Web Assembly and integrated systems such as STM32.

Kotlin's official support for the Mobile App Development Services has been announced at the Google I / O 2017 conference.

Kotlin for the development of Android

For the Google Android team, this decision to support Kotlin was easy to explain.

EDI Support for Kotlin: Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains and the JetBrains team has been working for years to ensure that Kotlin runs smoothly with IntelliJ IDEA.

Google will inherit all its work to support Kotlin in Android Studio. But beyond this aspect, Kotlin has many other advantages.

According to Google:

"Kotlin is expressive, extensible, influential, concise, and enjoyable to read and write and has remarkable security features in terms of immutability and nullity” that line up with your investments to make safe and efficient applications by default.

"The development of Android will be increasingly in Kotlin," Google wrote in a blog post.

"Many new Jetpack APIs and features will be available first for Kotlin. If you start a new project, you should write it in Kotlin, "says Google explaining that" the code is written in Kotlin often means much less code for you, less code to write, test and maintain."

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According to Google, the most important thing is that Kotlin is interoperable with the official languages for the development of Android (Java, C ++) and the runtime of Android.

For example, the company explained that Kotlin works perfectly with the Java language, which makes it easier for developers who like the Java language to continue using it, but they also gradually add the Kotlin code and take advantage of Kotlin libraries.

In addition, the adoption of Kotlin on Android increased steadily over the years and according to Google, with growing enthusiasm among developers, one of the reasons why the company wanted to present Kotlin as the official language on Android to provide them with a Kotlin's best support. What was done from Android Studio 3.0?

Kotlin's official support has contributed to the growing adoption of language in the Android Application development world, to the point where some predicted that the JetBrains language would quickly dethrone Java.

In any case, this possibility should not be discarded, because according to Google, "more than 50% of professional Android developers now use Kotlin."

In partnership with JetBrains and the Kotlin Foundation, Google continues to invest in the Kotlin tools for Android, as evidenced by the early release of Android KTX in 2018, a set of extensions for the development of Android with Kotlin.

Mobile Application Development Company also invests in documentation, training, and events to facilitate the learning of the JetBrains language and, therefore, its adoption.

This announcement from Google is not a surprise, especially because Google seeks to distance itself from Java because the company is attacked in court by Oracle for the illegal use of Java APIs on Android.

"Android development will be faster with Kotlin." Many new Jet Pack APIs and features will be introduced in the first Kotlin, if you are starting a new project, then you should write it in Kotlin. Programming in Kotlin means a lot for programmers with less code. Write, test and maintain according to the report from Mountain View.

Two years ago, this programming language started to become trendy during the Google I / O 2017 framework, where Google announced the support of Kotlin for its Android Studio IDE. It probably came with a little surprise, given that Java had long been the preferred language for the development of Android applications.

Over the last two years, Kotlin’s popularity has increased and it is said that more than 50% of professional Android developers now use the language for their own applications, according to Google. However, according to GitHub, Kotlin is a programming language that has grown the most during 2018.