As Android Devices Become Increasingly Common, The Demand For New Applications Will Only Increase

There is no doubt that Android devices are the best. It is safe to say that at present or for the near future the ideal choice in terms of mobile devices is certainly Android.

No one can deny the fact that the ease of use and flexibility of Android is comprehensive and it gives a tough competition to various other platforms. If we put a home screen setup for appearance as a comparison category then Android devices offer full control to their users for accessing applications or systems. Android, powered by Google, supplies the function operating system and programs that are required for delivering the latest updates and patches for its devices. Without a doubt, Android is the best bet in the industry at present with the most wanted features and amenities. But the increase in the popularity of its devices has also demanded every on-demand app development company to introduce creative solutions every now and then. Let us explore more about it in this article:

The Reasons That Justify An Exponential Increase In The Field Of Android Application Development

Statistics have confirmed that the number of Android app downloads in India in 2016 was around 150 billion and this figure is expected to cross 353 billion by the year 2021. It is not a dispute users have become addicted to their mobile phones. On an average, users spend more than 10% of their time on mobile phones browsing for applications as compared to websites. And users spend three hours a day navigating various mobile applications. All of these facts and figures suggest that the Android app development industry is enjoying its golden period and in the coming years, it is expected to grow more. In this segment, we will go through the possible reasons that justify the hype in the Android app development company and their services:

  • Fast And Effective Interaction - The modern era of the mobile application industry is in the face of digitization and due to this, having an uninterrupted communication has become simpler and faster. The primary reason for the same is that being on the Android platform has led to better connections and interaction across social media platforms. Various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking platforms have eased their communication process with the help of effective business promotion, communication, and advertising with Android. To fulfill this cause, the platforms have actively launched and identified themselves on both the leading platforms i.e. android and IOS.

  • The Integration Of Futuristic Functions And Features - Even though the mobile app industry is flooded with advanced devices, the trend of introducing the latest applications is increasing at a higher rate. Users nowadays are much smarter than they used to be in the initial days of mobile apps. This is why they keep the features on the top of their priority list while downloading a mobile application irrespective of its variance. For example, WhatsApp is adding a feature to enhance its user experience. As the number of Android devices and functions increase, so will the requirement for a concise Android app development.

  • The Requirement For Experienced App Developers Has Increased- With the increase in the requirement of innovative and unique applications for Android as well as iOS operating systems, the requirement to hire experienced developers has also increased. The majority of the Android app development companies are constantly hunting for experienced app developers who not only have the creativity but caliber as their biggest asset. It has also been predicted that the requirement for experienced Android developers will increase from 17% to 23% by the year 2024. On the other side, developers are also preparing themselves to grab new opportunities that are coming along their way in their Android app development venture.

  • E-commerce Businesses Have Reached New Heights- The main reason for which Android or Kotlin application development for the mobile services have gained momentum lies in an extremely gigantic e-commerce business chain. Also, the number of users in this industry is growing exponentially every day. The enormous growth enforcement of e-commerce businesses with the help of the mobile app development industry has left the eyes of retailers wide open. It has encouraged them to look for the latest app development ideas and forms to get more applications for attracting potential customers and visitors and enhance their sales. The live example of this approach is Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. Android app developers facilitate users to quickly access products as they are readily available on apps round-the-clock.

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  • Budget-Friendliness- In the coming days, getting relevant applications will be budget-friendly as well as affordable for businesses. And app development will also not only be considered as a product of luxury that is just limited for the large businesses. Over the years, Android app development has enabled mobile app development companies to offer dedicated mobile apps to businesses without pinching their pocket. On the plus side, it also allows them to get tailor-made and customized applications without investing too much into the same. This fact again is proof that Android app development will continue to reach new heights.

  • An Android Application Is A Pure Bliss For Small Businesses Or Startups- If you have in any way interpreted that Android applications are only for large organizations or established platforms, then you must go through the success rate of small businesses and startups on the Android platform. Top app development firms are helping newbies or small businesses to set their foot in this extremely competitive industry. The success of Uber is the latest example. In the coming days, the requirement for Android applications and services will only ascend.

The Rising Demand For Android App Development Companies And Their Services

Today’s world is that of smartphones where Android, the operating system by Google, is empowering millions of devices across the world. Thus, with worldwide visibility, Android is not more than a hype in the current operating system age. When its features are coupled with application development, then it leads to a larger user base. Also, users have swiftly adopted Android app development beyond anyone’s imagination and have made the platform quite popular under the Android app development scope. Most of the mobile app development companies are relying on Android to fulfill their user requirements. This global demand is increasing like wildfire and it is receiving a great response from lowering prices, wireless quality, uncontrollable edification, and various other services in developing the smartphone OS.

On the other hand, Android app development companies and developers have also navigated several ways for custom Android app development. Some of them are inclusive of streamlining the desired creativity, productivity, and features of a business's prerequisites. However, Android app development is not an easy task and in order to have excellent smartphone applications, it is important to have a complete understanding of the software development process. In order to meet this cause, many companies plan to hire Android app developers who are not only experienced in their job but also have a proactive understanding of technological advancements as well. Android OS has also accelerated the industry of mobile applications and at present, it is running at a faster pace.

Many globally acknowledged companies have also received global exposure by working for Android mobile app development projects. This is because developing Android applications is easy for most computing requirements and they can be developed across various segments such as entertainment, healthcare, business, games, productivity, or utility apps. The Android platform has a bright future and the reason for this lies in its simplicity and ease of use. The openness of Android application development allows mobile app development companies on mobile phone manufacturers to easily launch products at an affordable price. It has also encouraged businesses to expand their market size along with generating the latest Android development requirements for users.

The Growth Of Android App Development In The Mobile App Market

Android is a giant app development platform that has made a remarkable name for itself in the industry in the last few years. When it comes to the most efficient and affordable solution, Android has barely got any replacement. The credit for enriching the lifestyle of every individual entirely goes to the convenient mobile applications that have altogether brought about a tremendous change in their lives. At the same time, it has also offered a drastic scope to mobile app development companies and developers to showcase their potential and hidden creativeness. The mobile app development industry has taken a sharp curvature that is apparently beyond the imagination. In the technology-driven world, mobile applications are reigning the businesses worldwide in a way that the revenue that is generated by every top on-demand app development company is skyrocketing with each passing day. On an average, the requirement for an Android mobile application will increase by around by times by the end of this year. As mobile devices or the products are soaring, it is estimated that enterprise applications will require a major assistance from consumer applications to deliver an optimal performance to users. The most promising business or platform is only for business owners of platforms having highly interactive and convenient mobile applications. In order to maximize the profit or to leverage your business to a higher level, the need of the hour is to have a fully customized mobile application. Also, investing in a similar solution will help you to gain more profits in the long run. Considering the pace of the Android industry no one can deny the fact that it is ruling the industry:

  • The Android platform has the largest market share and accommodation by being sold for around 88% of the entire business

  • This is much more in comparison to the iOS platform which is around 11%

  • The rest of the platforms have a feeble presence in the industry which amounts to hardly one or two percent

With its constant growth in the field of app development, Android has gained major attention from leading organizations and every top mobile app development company. Even Google Play Store is the most popular app store that is preferred by many users globally. And as it is at a higher place in the mobile app market it seems impossible for any other contemporary to catch up with its rank. The major reason for the enormous success of the Android platform is its variety of mobile applications. Even Android app developers emphasize developing an application that is not only simple for users to access but are also meaningful for them in the long run of usage. Android applications have the potential to simplify the routine tasks of developers along with offering them huge money-making choices.

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The Top Advantages Of Android Devices For Platforms

According to what is prevalent in the current scenario of every mobile app development company, with the increase in enterprise applications a positive impact will be witnessed in the demand of Android devices as well. The Android platform has amassed 86% of the device sales in the second quarter of the year 2016. There are various advantages of having Android devices as compared to other platforms, and the major ones have been listed below:

Universal Chargers

One of the major advantages of the Android platform is that its devices are already using the standard and ubiquitous micro USB chargers for charging purposes. it is worth mentioning that the lightning connector of Apple devices works on all the devices that are purchased after the year 2012. However, if your device is older than that then the charger won't work on the latest device. Hence, Android is a relief.

Multiple Device Choices

The enthusiasts of other platforms have limited choices for the available mobile phones or their upgrades. However, Android users can have multiple phone brands or models to choose from the available variants. Even in terms of budget, having multiple devices to choose from is not just an advantage, in fact, each device provides multiple functions and services to users as well. This sort of comfort and customizability is a major reason for which Android devices are much more preferred.

Removable Battery And Storage

The increasing storage capacity in an iPad or iPhone device requires an extremely costly upgrade but Android devices have expandable micro SD card slots. Even the Android batteries are easily removable and allow users to replace their battery but not the entire phone if required. It is one of the major reasons for which mobile app development companies are all set to Hire Android app developers for their upcoming launches.

The Best Hardware And Access To Android Widgets

Some of the Android flagship devices compete against the top iPhone devices that have better hardware. For example, the competition is lately on the basis of the processing speed, increased battery capacity, screen resolution, RAM, etc. Similarly Android has some of the best widgets for self-contained and installed programs that add more functions and flexibility to Android devices. This is one of the biggest reasons for which Android devices are far better than Apple because these widgets are used for enhancing the user experience of Android users.

Custom Keyboards

If you are an Apple user or if you have ever used an Apple phone then it is easy for you to understand the pain of its users because its keyboard options are extremely limited. This is again a segment where, in terms of advantages, Android devices are better than any other as they provide alternative choices to all users in terms of keyboards or Swift keys.

Google Play Is User-Friendly

The Google Play Store provides more than a million easy-to-download applications which is a distinct advantage over any other platform. But Google Play also utilizes an open web interface for application download and provides movies that are easy to play on any device with the help of a web browser.

The Bottom Line

In the technology-driven world, an immediate response or activity is expected from apps by the users worldwide. This is because people nowadays do not like to wait even for a second. The Android platform has enabled the app development companies to create quick and easy-to-access solutions. Even in terms of the performance and the usability, the Android platform has an edge over iOS. Android and iOS, which are mobile application development giants, are dominating the smartphone market globally. Even the market share of Android is much more as compared to iOS. The Android devices have the highest mobile spectrum and advanced features such as beautiful graphics, high performance, supreme quality display, a fast internet connection, and so on. Today, Android is one of the leading mobile operating systems across the world that has the biggest mobile application store. The market trends show that Android devices will continue to increase their revenue and generate a potential space in the foreseeable future. So, it is clear that the much-awaited mobile device revolution across Kotlin application development or any other variables is just the beginning.