Blockchain to guard against cyber criminals

In the era of digitalization, the entire way of handling business has changed. The blockchain technology has made a revolution in the world of business. New business modules pop up every day and the ancient methods are nearly forgotten. However, every new change comes with a price. The Blockchain App Development was introduced long ago but found its position in the business world after the launch of bitcoins.

The blockchain technology was built with cryptographic technology that nit only increases operational efficiency in businesses but also introduces new techniques. With the introduction of cryptocurrency in 2009, blockchain technology became popular. Today, technology is the talk of every business industry. Starting from e-commerce to healthcare, retail and every other big industry use Blockchain Development technology for their business growth. The three main features that help the technology to stand out in public are the decentralized system of handling data, data transparency, and high encrypted security codes.

Four ways blockchain can act as a guard against cyber criminals

With the era of digitalization, hackers have gradually increased in numbers. In the year 2018, many government companies, institutions, banks have become victims in the hands of hackers. The huge companies try to prioritize the security of their company. The Blockchain Development Company tends to invest a high amount of money on the security system. The blockchain technology has solved the issue of security.

The high encrypted codes of cryptography make it hard for the hackers to crack the code which gradually decreases the chance of hackers. To prevent air attacks and boost cybersecurity, NASA has adopted the blockchain technology in their system. The four ways blockchain can guard against the cybercriminals are as follows.

1. Decentralized system

With the evolution of technologies, data has increased its importance in the business world more than the value of actual money. The companies under any industry accumulate vast data about their customers which attracts the hackers to hack the sites. The hackers find it easy to hack as all the data collected by the customers are gathered in one place.

However, with the introduction of blockchain technology, the Cyber Security Services system of centralizing the data is slowly changing. Since the blockchain technology does not gather information or transact data through a single authority, the data is stored and operated through different devices which make it difficult for the hackers. This is the main reason why companies are adopting blockchain technology in their business.

2. IoT secured

The technology has its own pros and cons. The advantages of technology can create an entrance for the hackers. The weakened edge devices can often be an entrance for hackers into the company sites. These mainly involve the switches and the routers. Many other devices like the security cameras, doorbells, and small thermostats can be at risk too.

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The IoT devices of the companies are custom software as a service often not properly secured. The blockchain technology has the nature of securing the devices from foreign attacks and threats. The technology provides the devices with smart features that help them to make their own decisions without depending on any third party. The technology also protects all kind of data exchange among the IoT devices. It also helps to reach the real-time secure data transmissions and helps with on-time communication with other devices even if miles apart.

3. Safe domain name system

The domain name system is largely centralized. That is the reason the hackers can easily delve into the information of the IP address and website names. The hackers make the website unavailable, cash websites, and route people to scam websites. The best solution that the companies are adopting currently is tail log files and real-time alerts for any kind of suspicious activities.

With the blockchain technology, the decentralized system helps to keep away the hackers. With the help of the distributive ledger, the domain can be stored immutably and the connection can be powered by immutable power contracts improving the Cyber Security Services.

4. Implementation of security in private texting

During the exchange on social media, a lot of Metadata is collected among the customers with the popularity of conversational commerce. There are many messaging systems that use end to end encryption while other companies use Blockchain App Development to keep the code encryption.

Nowadays most of the messaging applications lack a standard security protocol. The blockchain communication ecosystem tackles the issue and works towards making a new system of unified communications. The technology enables connectivity between various messaging platforms and provides secured data exchanges.


The main factor of using the blockchain technology is the method of decentralization. With the custom software as a service access control, network traffic and data no longer being stored in a single location keeps the cybercriminals away from hacking. Therefore, blockchain technology is the best system to secure data transparency.