Cost & Feature To Develop A Mobile App For Shopify Store

If you're planning to create a website for any of the e-Commerce app development requirements then there are lots of options which can overwhelm you.

Probably you will easily pick the first option when you will explore the others but you have to stick to the features and budget limitations which you have already decided in mind. Ultimately for small or medium-sized businesses, cheap and easy are the thumb rule and this type of solution can easily set up your platform. In this article, we will learn about the application features and cost of developing a mobile app for the Shopify store.

The utility of mobile application in retail eCommerce solutions

The latest updates and advancement in the field of Technology has made smartphones a crucial element that has changed the lives of many people. More likely these features can extend the portability and ease with the use. At present they have become a source of connecting the digital world together where more than 4.9 billion mobile phone users are active all across the world. The advancement in the field of mobile applications has also turned the devices into a smart solution in e-commerce as well as other service sectors. 

There are always few mobiles in our list we wish to have once in a lifetime and so are the applications. These applications are designed for a specific group of people or community in mobile as well as website Development Services. The users, at present, can easily book the flight tickets, train tickets, order food online, play online games, online shopping and other such tasks within a few simple clicks. The powerful features of the applications have also made the monetary transaction safest.

  • In the year 2019 more than 500 billion USD was the mobile app revenue globally

Isn't this reason enough to convert the application for the Shopify store?

Why there is a need to convert the mobile app development services to Shopify

The Shopify store provides a platform for shoppers so that they can easily make purchases. The shoppers at this platform can easily download the products provided by the android app development company and if they like the interface and find it convenient, then they can use it easily. Ultimately the excellent purchase experience on the application will attract maximum shoppers towards it which decides to perform a variety of functions as a clearance sale, seasonal discounts, product launch, adding new segments and so on.

A large number of business platforms have started investing in the applications for Shopify stores and supporting the same they have also considered hire app developers who can create your creative application solutions for them. The Shopify applications have lots of advantages and some of the most significant ones are mentioned below-

  • As compared to the mobile-friendly applications or websites, the Shopify applications are excellent in performance.
  • These applications also provide the ultimate user experience as compared to the other mobile-friendly applications. The possible reason behind this is that they are extremely easy to use and when it comes to features they have a large set of options.

  • The applications designed for the Shopify platform can also be accessed in an offline medium which makes it easy for the customers or users to access services whenever and wherever they want.
  • In this application, it is not essential to log in or log out every time you visit the app and the catalog can easily be opened within a few simple clicks.
  • It can also generate enough support and brand awareness for your business and can possibly help the business platforms to reach maximum heights. In e-Commerce app development Shopify applications are distinct.

Features to develop a mobile application for Shopify store

Shopify is one of the largest platforms offering multiple services to online marketers and buyers. This platform is also a gold mill for its sellers enabling the customers to easily set up their online store and sell their products efficiently. Shopify applications are extremely helpful for The E-Commerce business as it has the potential to impress the customers. If you are consistent to deliver ultimate User experience then this option is worth trying. 

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Shopify, at present, has become one of the largest platforms which can cater global sellers and buyers. This platform also enables them to manage the goods and accept online transactions in a very simplified method. The mobile applications, at present, are capable of performing a variety of functions and some of the most essential features that users can consider in it are mentioned as follows.

  1. Online payment- This feature allows customers to make online transactions because the payment order generated from the application can increase the overall visibility of the service along with reducing the cash turnover. This factor eliminates the requirement to equal areas with the end terminals conducting the cashless payment.
  1. User account- The overall content present in the personal account of the user in applications entirely depends upon their requirements. In order to control the overall cost of development of the application, you have to start with a limited set of features and then gradually extend its services and functionality. Most of the users do not like to enter any E-Commerce platform each and every time using the login or password which is also a traditional method at present.
  1. What is the proper way- Every time sign up in an E-Commerce platform is irrelevant and you could rather support the social media login for the users. Google and Facebook also provide distributed authorization to the business owners. But it is important to know that the maximum authorization methods you are including in your application, the more expensive it will become. You have to analyze your target audience and then determine if certain methods are preferable for them or not.
  1. Connection with the user- In the application, you can try to notify the users about regular updates of the changes which you are making in their order. This may include not fine with the status of a customer order, arrival time, purchase, pick up point and various other instances. You can also modify the users with their previous orders, offers and promotions. This information can be provided on their personal account by directly sending the messages or push notifications.

  1. Geolocation- Most of the applications use GPS features which allow them to determine the location of the user and transfer the request based upon the results of the local branch. This picture is extremely helpful for the cost calculator used while delivering the product.
  1. User experience- The application design makes a difference to a greater extent based upon its platform which is Android or iOS. iOS the date module resembles a lot with the slot machine and in Android, it is selected based upon the calendar which is almost similar to the pocket. Now consider it for any unusual calendar, the user will find it impossible to arrange the delivery or sign up for any particular service. Have your attention towards your user experience and design of your application.
  1. Support- Once you have analyzed the target customers you have to develop a priority list of mobile devices or desktop which you have determined earlier. The price ultimately depends upon the total number of devices that have been included in the application.

How much does it cost to build apps for retail eCommerce solutions?

If you are looking for any tablet solution then it is important to know that it will not provide you with a functional automated store as per your requirements. It has certain limitations, on the contrary, Shopify stores have lots of applications that can retain salespeople efficiently. Through this platform, they can easily optimize their routine tasks adding more application functions and makes the business management a lot easier.

In order to plan the budget for an effective application built up most of the business owners are interested to get approximate. For all such website Development Services, hiring service providers as well as maintaining low-cost production rains the top priority no matter the geography. In order to get a close estimate of the cost to build a mobile application for a Shopify store, it is essential to know the categories of these applications to know which one fits you better.

  • Marketing- Marketing applications help the platforms to work with SEO integration and traffic management through which they can easily sell their channels and promote their platform. This enables The E-Commerce platforms to improve their customer retention along with increasing sales.
  • Sales- The sales applications can help platforms to expand their business and taken bring new products in line along with increasing their revenue with every order
  • Shipping- Shipping applications target to optimize the overall process of delivery which makes it extremely quick for the customers to get the product timely.

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  • Accounting and inventory- The accounting applications can easily manage basic functions including the orders, customers, information and other synchronization through which the business owners can spend less time on the tasks.
  • Reporting- Reporting applications make it convenient for the business owners to organize the customer data and conversion rates to remain informed with the latest updates and decisions based upon their business requirements
  • Customer service- This type of application is capable of providing enormous support to the customers through telephone, email, and online chat stores through which the users can interact with business owners or handlers.

If you are well established in the mobile app development services then it might be easy for you to figure out the features or area of development of the application which you are looking for. But if you are a newbie, it gets pretty difficult to figure out the exact development plan for the applications considering your opponents or the other development teams. It is extremely important to understand at the situations that every application has its own user base and set of requirements. To carefully pay attention to the features, you are including in the application along with targeting the audience.

Cost estimation of Shopify application development

While developing the software applications time factor and hourly rates are not the only game-changers, rather there are various other factors which need to be addressed and these factors can have an impact on the overall cost of development-

  • Technical case- The complexity of application may be a result of multiple features because the more options you will include the money will increase. For example, if you are looking for developing a unique algorithm for advanced filter options having so many points to fill in so that users can choose from all those options that might increase the application cost.
  • Backend development- If you are not planning to build a huge application which might be visited by millions of users then this consideration can change your budget for good. You must always choose a reliable back and technology which can easily cope up with the maximum load and deal with various other complications easily.
  • Choosing an application development service provider- This is the most critical step which you have to consider duly. Choosing the development team you can go for extended or basic, on-premises or outsourcing, freelancing or experience professionals depending upon the requirements of your application. Still, you can have an estimate of the professionals required to build the application which is as follows-
    • Business analyst
    • Project manager
    • Multiple engineers
    • Designers on various subjects
    • Assurance specialist

All of these professionals are extremely important to have a successful application on Shopify. The average hourly rate of developing the application on Shopify differs from place to place.

  • USA and Canada- $50-$50
  • Australia- $ 60- $ 180
  • The UK and western Europe- $ 40- $ 200
  • India- $20 -$80

Every application is unique and demands it's on features hence it is obvious to say that their cost may also differ based upon the features included in it. Considering the estimate of Shopify app development cost we can have a rough figure based upon the average hourly rate. 

  • USA and Canada- $17,800- $23,800
  • Australia- $12,00 - $ 16,209
  • The UK and western Europe- $ 13,300- $ 16,800
  • India- $6,000- $ 7,000

Learn how to turn your Shopify store into the application

As the technology is approaching into the big picture, various android app development companies are coming up with their solutions. The E-Commerce businesses, at present, need a smart application which can easily turn their Shopify store into an excellent app within a few minutes. Let us learn how to get it done-

Step 1: Choose the app-

The first step of the process is to choose the application which can provide a suitable technology to you and enable the product listing. Through this, you can seamlessly check out the customers and analyze the generation of the purchase. From the Shopify application store, there are a lot of options to go with but it is advisable to choose the application which is most preferred or reviewed by the users. This will provide you with basic ideas regarding the support and post-conversion services which can benefit your store later. If you are not proficient in this then you can try to hire app developers.

Step 2: Set up an account-

As soon as you have to run the application which can turn your store into an application all you have to do is create an account. You can also look for an application which can offer a free trial of their services so that you can have an estimation. This will help you significantly control the process and you can gauge with the process. If it cannot fulfill your requirements then you can try some other alternatives.

Step 3: Add your store to the application-

The Shopify platform will make it extremely convenient for you to create any native app for the store. All you require at first is to link your platform with the store and it will be able to directly pull the information available from your product listings and present it in the main categories.

Step 4: Application customization-

Now you have to preview the application using the creator app where you can customize the logo or banner image as per your desire. There are other elements as well which you can include in your Store. You have to thoroughly check the customization options available and then choose the one you like the most.

Step 5: Publish your application- 

As soon as an application is ready, you have to conduct the general testing and then you are good to go.


While planning to build a Shopify application the client may face a variety of challenges and there are several factors which can influence the overall cost of the application development. Hence it is important to understand that there is no fixed module or price which can be followed to create the application because every product has its own features and requires the design accordingly which might take on fixed time hours. So, while selecting the software development service provider, you have to discuss the front of your requirements checks for the portfolio to the maximum.