New Android version Q out in public beta with smarter AI, more privacy and dark mode

Introduction to Android Q:

A long-time has passed since Google launched it is first Android 1.0 and a lot of advancements and specifications have come in light after that.

Google has been working on developing its android even better. Now that it has reached a place where it is done developing the beta version of Android 10 or Android Q as Google calls it.

Google announced the product, this year in its IO conference in California this year. The company lays special attention on the android as it is one of the key products of Google with over 2.5 billion active users. Google has led to this revolutionary era for mobiles by reshaping the future and became the best android application development company.

The beta version of Android Q has been made available for over 20 devices that include all the pixel phones. The android beta Q is also available in a few others such as Realme 3 Pro and OnePlus 6T. There is yet some working to take place in the field. The android app development services are also being encouraged by such developments.

Key features of Android Q

  • Unified identification authentication dialogs

The user can now specify the system to not use the specific identification process after the use of another one. Say if I used face recognition then there may be no point in authenticating my finger impressions. As a default setting, the system needs the user confirmation always.

  • Night and light Modes

The two modes are on high demand at this time. Most apps are using it and so Google has provided an option to choose between the two in the android. One can thus optimize battery usage and also access the screen sensitively.

  • Speed of updating

App updates are the most irritating work. In this version, the updates have gone faster as the team has worked on providing updates through play store rather than going through a full system updating. The security will be well taken care of by the team. Meanwhile, the new API will allow the user to access the app while still in the updating process.

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  • Advantage of improvised security

Google has always addressed the issues of privacy in its IO conferences. The software giant has now limited access to the location of a device through the app. Now the app can only access the location when being used, unlike earlier where it was permitted to locate a device whether in use or not.

Storage will be governed by the user so that the user can decide when to stop an app from accessing the memory. Also, the apps will be stopped from taking over to the screen from the background which is done by some apps to steal the password and data.

The personal and sensitive information about the user will be limited so that any app could not use this information in the spare time of the system.

  • ai based solutions

The ai based solutions are also being worked upon in a progressive manner such as voice understanding that will prevent the security issue as there will be no need to first transfer the data to google translator and then wait for the reply. Artificial Intelligence development has led to the quickening of the services.

  • Live captions

The feature introduced is live caption which will help you get captions in real-time without the need of internet, as it will work on the user’s voice. The feature can gain popularity in near time.

  • Parental Control

Google is now introducing the feature of parental control in its Q version. With this feature the parents will be able to link the android of their kid with their account, thereby controlling their screen time, app usage and also keeping a track of their activity. The feature will also get some tools to manage your digital wellbeing.

  • Notification snoozes

The earlier issue of snooze by apps in a certain time period is now replaced by silent notifications in the tab. The snooze option is smartly removed in the new version of android.

  • Smart reply

The machine learning is brought to good use on google. The kind of service seen in the Gmail, where a person receives a suggestion on the right kind of reply for the message, will now be seen in many applications. In many social networking apps, you will receive suggestions for the response.

Other Benefits of Android Q

The first advantage known is that it will be a free update. If someone asks for money in return for the update, then it must be a scam.

Google is the best android application development company and this development will take it forward. It also provided a new apple style gesture box with just one button at the center at the bottom. One can easily go to the app screen by pressing this central button.

Companies in the business

Many companies are working on artificial intelligence development, which has raised the bar of competition in the market. Companies are working on their android app development services to meet the demands of the Android and work well in the progress of the same.