PHP vs ASP.NET: From Enterprise Perspective

Before understanding the difference between them we will first understand both of them one by one.

The one thing that is common between them is that they are both used for programming for decades.


PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor(previously it used to stand for Personal Home Page) and it is a general-purpose programming language, this means that a large number of applications can be written with it that has different domains. This was designed in the first place for the creation of websites that is to say to serve the purpose of web development. This language is quite useful as it has grown over a period of time being originated in 1995, 24 years ago by the PHP website development company.

It is also known as the server-side scripting language and thus was mainly used to make static web pages or it’s opposite the Dynamic ones. PHP is not limited to the development of these it is also used to develop web applications as well. But there is one catch and that is the fact the PHP scripts can only be understood and worked upon only if the server has the PHP in it. And if these scripts are accessed by the client computers then all that is needed is a web browser and nothing else.

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The coding is filled with PHP tags and all the extensions finish with ‘.php’. Let’s understand more about the scripting language. The function of a scripting language is similar to that of a script, it contains a list of instructions that are interpreted when the program is executed. This basically is used to carry out the regular tasks for an application. The scripts are interpreted as per the server whether it is the server-side or it is the client-side. And as stated earlier PHP is a server-side one. But it can be set into HTML pages.

That is not all it can be used in combination with the web systems that are either the template ones or content management. PHP is also useful when it comes to working with web frameworks. There are many benefits of using PHP but we will go through them at the time of comparing it with from the dot net development company.


In the most basic terms, this is a web application framework. And one which is open source that means the users can go through the software, make changes in it and share it with whomsoever they want to. This was developed by the provider of custom software development services Microsoft.

The main purpose of this is to provide the platform for the creation of dynamic web sites along with applications as well as services. As it is powered by the dot net development company, it can be written in the .NET computer programming languages only. Also, this is a seventeen years old language being started in January of 2002 so it is quite efficient when it comes to performance.

It supports all the latest operating systems: Windows, Linux as well as macOS. This web application framework is built with the help of Common Language Runtime. The dot net development company provides a framework that can be used to make a wide variety of applications, for example, Console, Web, etc. But the development services are beneficial only when it comes to developing web applications and services. This is why it is known as the subset of the .NET Framework. The framework is mainly designed to operate with HTTP. And it also is very handy for the integration of Javascript, HTML and as well as CSS.

How is ASP.NET Better?

There are many reasons because of which working with ASP.NET development services is beneficial. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is an Extended Framework: The framework extends the .NET one. It is equipped with some tools and libraries that the previous frameworks lack. MVC and Editor Extensions are some of the web patterns for which there exist certain libraries. These libraries are included in the framework.

  • Performance: When it comes to performance, is found to be better than its competitors.
  • Coding: It supports writing backend code for all different types of logic in C#. And also for the data access.


We will start with the PROs



An agile software development

Created by Microsoft

Easy for beginners to get their hands on

Supports all .NET languages



Equipped with advanced features

Features can be added and removed

Connectivity with all different databases

Highly secure, top-notch performance

Server-side language



Let’s check out the Cons as well



Sluggish Performance

Complicated Pages, performance problems

Cannot manage a high number of apps

Insufficient Abstraction


Let’s take a look at the features now





Just like that of visual basic

Just like that of C and C++

Programming Type




open -source


Development Tools

Mono and Visual Studio

NetBeans, Php Storm, etc.

Computing Languages




The introduction given above followed by the Pros and Cons of both the languages along with their features will be helpful to understand their usability and advantages and disadvantages. The conclusion that can be drawn is that PHP is simple to learn and hence more handy to code provided it also gained support from community greater than what ASP.NET did.

If we talk about the scalability and performance of both the languages then not much difference is found between them. Both of them somehow lie on an equal level. But for parallel programming, suitability for enterprise apps that are large in size and for the inbuilt security features, ASP.NET website development company is ahead of PHP.

So it depends on the need and requirements of the project to be worked upon that will decide which one is suitable to use at what time, PHP or ASP.NET.