Quality standard for software development

In recent days, you can find that an individual’s life rotates around software and applications.

Software plays a vital role in all the walks of an individual’s life right from getting up in the morning till returning to bed again in the night. It has an impact in both personal and the official life, understanding the fact that there are a number of custom software development company that has emerged in the market to create software that is specifically for your company. Also, there are certain standards and your software should be certified from them only when it is considered to be legal to use them.

What are the quality standards?

It can be explained as the basic module by which the correctness or the accuracy of certain other models can be found and determined; the process is carried by various comparisons and contrasts. It is the unique character and quality through which the kind of product or procedure or the service can be determined.

Software Quality Assurance

There are several national and international standard institutes and other industry oriented organizations that are involved in the development of the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) standards like,

• Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

• International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

• US Department of Defense (DOD)

• American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

• International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC)

• Electronic Industries Association (EIA)

These are the organizations that provide international standards to ensure the quality of professional and managerial activities that are carried out in software development and maintenance organizations.

How can a company get certified?

A custom web development service company can also get certified from the independent professional quality audits. The certificates will be given after the periodic audits and it will be valid only till the next audit which means they should be periodically renewed. Currently, the ISO 9000 Certification Service is prevailing as the most prominent SQA provider.

You can also have a self-assessment tool like The Capacity Maturity Model or ISO/IEC Std 15504 form of an organization’s SQA system and also its operation.

SQA Standards

Under SQA Standards there are further two classifications namely,

• Quality Management Standard: it is the SQA management standard that includes certification and assessment techniques.

• Project Process Standard: it consists of the standards for the software projects and their development

Quality Management Standard

The choice and the tools to be used are left to the best web development company and the focus on the SQA system, infrastructure and the requirements of the organization. They assure the organization that their software products are under the best quality and they are acceptable. Some examples are ISO 9000-3 and CMM (Capability Maturity Model).

Characteristics of Quality Management Standard

These are the basic characters and the features that the quality management standard:

• They target the management of software development and maintain every specific Software Quality Assurance units.

• They focus on infrastructure, requirements and the organization of SQA systems and aim about what they have to achieve.

• Their goal is to assure the best quality and capability; some of their examples are ISO 9000-3 SEI’s CMM.

Project Process Standards

They concentrate on certain areas like implementing software development and maintaining the projects by including certain measures:

• Required step to be carried out

• Develop the documentation that is needed

• Contents to be present in the documents

• Design the review and loom for the various issues that may arise

• Testing the software

• Other testing processes

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Characteristics of the Project Process Standards

These are the basic characters and the features of the project process standards can process:

• The targets the software development and maintenance of the project team

• The key function lies in the process of custom software development and the maintenance of projects and other functions like assuring the quality of the supplier’s software and assures the quality of each and every software projects.

• They focus on the performance and some examples are ISO/IEC 12207 IEEEStd 1012-1998.

ISO 9001 Certification

It is the worldwide federation of national standards bodies, there is a technical committee that prepares the International Standards. When they collaborate with the electro-technical Commission, they will be able to work with all the electro-technical standardization.

They work with the technique of process approach and perform implementing; developing and also, they improve the efficiency of the quality management system in order to improvise the customer’s satisfaction by providing according to the requirement of them. When an organization has to work on the customer’s needs and be more efficient it is required to work and manage linked activities that use various resources.

There are a number of companies that provides custom software as a service by which you can have the software that matches to all your requirements, when you choose the company based on various relevant factors and also look at the appropriate measures that are required to have the software that is certified to be legal and are approved to have the optimum and authorized use out of them.