Reliance Jio ties up with Microsoft for digital transformation

The recently launched Jio by Reliance has gained much popularity in the world.

Jio’s connectivity and digital solutions are amongst the most used and fast-growing in the world.

The company is constantly improving its quality and now has entered into a historic partnership with the technology giant Microsoft. As a part of this partnership, reliance will set up a network of world-class data centers across the country which will be powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing technology.

Microsoft’s Azure provides a wide range of end to end application development services. The services are very user-friendly and cost-effective. Microsoft web application development allows you to create a website in a programming language of your choice and lets you host it through Azure.

Microsoft app development and Microsoft web application development provides the user with the best in the class development tools. Integrated DevOps services further make the process of application development more efficient.

Using Microsoft app development, the development of apps for business purposes and the use of technology in Indian based businesses will prove to be very helpful. Azure services support programming languages such as JavaScript, nodeJS, PHP, Python, and .NET. Each of these has its own advantages. .NET is supported natively by Azure services.

Dot NET application development using Microsoft Azure has the additional advantage of integrated visual studio developer tools and powerful debugging tools. .NET application development is faster and simpler. Globally, Azure is widely accepted and used in business. Use of technological aids for businesses is efficient. This partnership will mainly aim at making the transition of Indian business using traditional business tools to using technology much simpler.

With this partnership, the two companies which are individually very efficient, will now together have the capabilities to develop native solutions such as speech recognition and natural understanding for all major Indian languages and dialects. This would give the small scale Indian based enterprises an opportunity to grow and empower them to become globally competitive and enable all areas of the society to use technological aid.

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Most of the businesses in India are native to the geographical and cultural boundaries of a particular area. Technological tools available now aren’t very user-friendly in all these areas.

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By this partnership, Jio aims to provide end to end user-friendly technological solutions to all parts of India. This would help in the development of currently running businesses and will encourage new ones to adopt the technology. This would encourage the growth of all scale businesses in the nation and rapidly increase the Nation’s technology led to GDP.

This partnership is a 10-year commitment aiming at accelerating the digital transformation of the Indian economy and society. This partnership combines the world-class services of both companies and will embark upon giving specific and detailed solutions in connectivity, storage, computing and other technological services and applications essential mainly for Indian based businesses.

To enable the Indian based enterprises to compete globally, the aim is to enhance and ease the adoption of next-generation technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive services, blockchains, internet of things and edge computing among the enterprises which will make them ready to compete and grow.

The partnership aims to develop small and medium scale businesses in the country. As a part of this new agreement-

1. Jio’s internal workforce will be provided with cloud-based productivity and collaboration. Jio will migrate its non-network applications to Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform. By doing this, Jio will now be using Microsoft’s Azure platform to run its non-network applications. This migration is important in order to promote Microsoft’s Azure could computing platform to the general public.

2. After the adoption of the Azure cloud computing platform, Jio will promote its adoption among its ecosystem of startups. The startups under Jio’s services will have access to cloud computing and asp net application development services. Startup companies will now have access to best in the class application development tools provided by Microsoft. Cloud computing will give them the opportunity to test run the application on a cloud platform and also allows easy editing and debugging. This will enable effective and cost-efficient development of small scale businesses.

3. Jio will set up a network of data centers across India in various locations, consisting of net generation technology for storage and networking. Microsoft will deploy the Azure platform in these data centers to support these offerings. According to the sources, the first two data centers will be set up in Gujarat and Maharashtra by the year 2020. These data centers will provide end to end technological aids.

4. Jio will develop innovative cloud-based solutions focused on the needs of Indian businesses. Startups will have access to affordable and efficient cloud infrastructure and platforms. Through this, they can grow exponentially by creating more products and services, all within the budget. Small and medium scale businesses will have access to a wide range of cloud-based productivity and front desk business tools such as Microsoft office 365. Use of this business-oriented Microsoft app development will enable them to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Large companies can use these solutions to accelerate their digital transformations.

The partner ecosystems in India will have the opportunity to use these solutions to serve their unique business needs and provide the best service to their customers. By leveraging Jio’s offerings, they can rapidly grow their business.

5. Jio’s main vision is to provide integrated speech and computer vision solutions. Jio will be executing this vision by working together with Microsoft to develop solutions that support major Indian languages and dialects. By providing these solutions, Jio aims to promote the adoption of technology across all sections of Indian society.

This joint effort by the two technological giants is likely to unlock digital innovation and accelerate digital transformation in India.

“This is a unique and first-of-its-kind partnership that brings the capabilities of two large companies focused on creating significant value to Indian enterprises – small and large. By working together to develop innovative and affordable cloud-enabled digital solutions built around Jio’s world-class digital infrastructure and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, we will accelerate the digitalization of the Indian economy and make Indian businesses globally competitive.”

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries.

“The combination of Jio’s leading connectivity and digital solutions with Azure, Azure AI and Office 365 will bring powerful tools and platforms for compute, storage, productivity and more to millions of businesses in the country.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.