Role Of AR And VR In Real Estate App Development

We are living in an innovative world were technologies are emerging everywhere.

Everything, what we want to buy, eat, entertainment, games, shopping, business include in a small gadget which is smartphones. For each and everything, we have applications. On the basis of that in this article, we are going to know about the role of AR and VR in estate application development.

First, we should have some knowledge of application development. What is application development? Application development is a process of developing or creating a set of programs to perform a different task may be for business purposes or another purpose. There are mainly two types of applications the web application and mobile application. Most commonly mobile app is used everywhere which is easy to access.

There are many mobile application development companies for particularly developing mobile applications. Some of the mobile application development companies are MacApp studio, Vinfotech, Diaspark, Willow Tree. Now let us discuss AR and VR application.


AR is known as augmented reality. Augmented reality is nothing but an interactive process between the user and the machine. It gives the user the real-world experience. It is already getting a huge place in mobile application development. We can say that it is the best innovation in today’s world. Some of the examples of AR developments in AR games, Google sky map and so on. They are successfully running applications.


Real estate is a type of business where we buy, sell, inverse, manage some real estate properties. It is a good business deal, let see how Augmented Reality is working in the real estate business.

  • Like we know that augment reality provides us the real-world experience, this now produces a big impact on the real estate industry.
  • Every seller or agency will struggle in explaining the catalog of their estates to the client. It depends upon the client how they understand their catalog and their expectations will be truly high.
  • Every person will face issues in Documentation of apartments which will give very little information about it, Picturization of the building is good but still, it is not real, visiting along with each and every customer will take too much time and energy,

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  • There are many issues faced by the seller/agency during selling their buildings. To overcome this Augmented reality tool is introduced. This can be provided by augmented app development companies.
  • The augmented reality mobile app will tackle all these issues, with a single touch on mobile. The customer can see the building visually like real.
  • The customer can see their sites from anywhere at any time with the help of this AR application and it becomes easy for the seller to explain. Each and every angle of the house is covered and provides the customer with real-time experience.


  • Trending marketing
  • Easy understating of the property
  • Very attractive and interesting
  • Save time and energy of traveling
  • Good and proper communication between seller and buyer.


  • Citrubits
  • Groove Jones
  • Gravity Jack
  • Intellectsoft


VR is known as VIRTUAL REALITY. It is a famous emerging technology in the entertainment, gaming, military, education, health care fields. Still, it has become popular in the US. Still, many people do not have the formal technique to use it. Virtual reality is the foundation for the augmented reality. Virtual reality is the use of computer technology which provides the simulated environment. It provides a 3D view of the screen on the computer or mobile. Some of the virtual reality applications are snap chat filters, VOLVO, etc.


In the above topic, we have known about real estate and its issues. Now let us see about the impact of virtual reality in real estate application development.

  • The whole segment or process of buying or selling real estate is easily done with the help of mobile applications.
  • Customers/buyers can simply log/register into the application to view some sites based upon their requirements.
  • Tour of the building or apartment is done within the web sites virtually which saves the time.
  • Buyers can choose different web sites according to their likes.
  • They can choose the location, type of house in the search. It will list their opinion.

  • If a buyer likes a house, he can simply click the image of the house. It will provide all the details of the house like cost, location, ownership details. For better experience view of the house just put the VR headset and it will be virtually walking through the house.
  • The interior design of the house will be in the 3D design. For a better view of the interior design of the house, the customer can wear VR glasses which will give him/her the real color, design, pattern of the house.


  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Clear communication
  • Globally reached
  • Instant benefit

Even though both VR and AR provide the best experience in the real estate industry it is quite costly for developing and installing and buying the application. Real estate development solutions have chosen using AR and VR in the real estate industry.

Real estate development solution was established by a group of professionals to seek help for many real estate agencies by introducing some commercial products like real estate application development which is really emerging. Some of the real estate application development companies are Clavax technologies, Retro cube, and Geeks chip. Most of the real estate started to use these technologies, but in India, it is at the budding stage. Surely in the future, it will be at a higher peak.