Xamarin vs. Native development vs. other hybrid and cross-platform frameworks

The cross-platform development frameworks have the two most competitive variants which are ReactNative and Xamarin.

Cross-platform is in itself reliable as it allows the business communities to develop different applications across multiple platforms.

In This Article, We Will Learn About Some Common Frameworks.

1. Development through cross-platform

The building of cross-platform development applications is always fancy especially by using any intermediate programming language. A wrapper is used later for the native applications so that the former can run on any operating system. Also, it has compatibility with Android, macOS or Windows. The reason for which Mobile application Development Company prefers this framework is that its functionality has a resemblance to the Native framework. Cross-platform development also has a tendency to pull it off are react native, Xamarin and Flutter.


  • It has a similar look with native apps
  • Code can be easily shared across multiple platforms for the development
  • It actively saves time and resources
  • It is cost-effective
  • it can access the device hardware easily and it is flexible as well as scalable.


  • Its performance cannot be compared with native applications
  • It lacks interface customization.

2. Development through the react-native platform

Building the application through this platform means that you have to utilize the programming language to build the application following the operating system you want it to run on. Let us understand this by an example, Google's mobile OS (Android) is built in Java hence if you want to create a native Android application then it is mandatory for you to code in Java. React native app development companies reliable this framework because it provides more scalability. It also can utilize the underlying hardware cost-effectively.

In case of requirement, applications can also access the memory management, USB input or complicated networking. This is a reason for which the need to Hire react native developers remains on the peak.


  • They are extremely faster
  • It has a resemblance with other applications running on devices
  • It does not use wrapper for the translation of one programming language to other
  • UI is also compatible with the design language following the operating system
  • Its UI has direct access to the APIs of the operating system.


  • They require regular maintenance
  • It needs multiple code basis for operating systems for the build-up
  • They can be said to be time-consuming and costly.

3. Development through Xamarin

In the year 2011, the company Xamarin launched this cross-platform mobile application development framework. Microsoft acquires the same in the year 2013. Xamarin follows the C# language for the development of its code base and over the underlying platform for Android as well as iOS.

Comparison Between React Native And Xamarin

Mobile application development companies have multiple options at present to build their application framework. By the time you finish reading the next segment, you will have gained a certain idea about which framework is suitable for your application development. There are some major factors based on which we can draw comparative notes between those two. Let us proceed:

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React native: in terms of availability, react-native has the cap as it is an open-source JavaScript framework it is available for all of the platforms including IOS and Android.

Xamarin: just like React Native, Xamarin is also an open-source development framework but it was not earlier. In addition to it, the development community of Xamarin is less as compared to the react-native.

Technology base:

React native: as it is based on JavaScript framework it can leverage commonly used language for web development. Also, the experienced developers in JavaScript can easily execute the development with react native. Significantly for the business platforms, it offers multiple options of developing applications and there is no shortage for the skilled coders. This theory also justifies the requirement to Hire react native developer.

Xamarin: this application development framework uses C# as well as the Dot net framework. It also has support from Microsoft which means that its features can be utilized for the visual studio. This framework also offers developers some feature-rich tools like rich editor, debugging tools, native platform integration and many more.

Popularity: popularity can be measured based on online search trends. Most of the search trends are in favor of react-native but not Xamarin. Though Xamarin has support from the developer community but still react native is the winner in terms of popularity.

Market support:

React native: in a survey conducted by Stack Overflow react-native was ranked as the 6th most popular framework, it also claimed around 10.5% of votes. It has also been ranked is 8th most loved cross-platform application, 3rd most wanted framework and 11th most dreaded framework.

Xamarin: in the survey conducted by Stack Overflow it was ranked is the 10th most popular cross-platform application development framework. Its other ranks areas- 15th most loved framework, eleventh most wanted framework.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development has certainly raised the extreme popularity of app development frameworks. You can say it is an ultimate option to kill two birds with a single stone as these frameworks have become most preferable by developers as well as business communities. It uses web technologies HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Also with the help of a single code, it can deploy two different platforms simultaneously. These applications run on WebView hence could not directly interact with the controllers and mobile API.

Difference Between Xamarin, React Native And Hybrid Frameworks



React native


Technology stack

One tech stack and single code base

Multiple tech stacks for every platform

One tech single codebase.

Code sharing

Approx 96%

No code sharing support



Supports whole UI customization for every platform

Complete platform- follows specific UI

A common UI for every platform


Its performance is good

Excellent performance

Average performance

Time to market

It's time to market is fast because of its limited customization and code sharing

It’s time to market for an Android or iOS platform is almost equal to that of Xamarin.

it offers the fastest time to market solution because of its single code base and excellent customization

Hardware efficiency

It is high, as Xamarin utilize platform-specific APIs

It has complete support for the system efficiency

It is medium because of its limitations.


Final Piece Of Advice

App development Communities has a lot to offer to the React Native app development company. You must make your choice considering the platform-specific requirements in priority.