How Should You Build Your Personal Brand To Thrive In Your Career?

17 Nov

We think of a brand in the circumstance of peanut butter or laundry detergent. Advertising agencies make billions of dollars building brands and helping push their services and products. Their goals will be to create a character and aura around a product. Should you drive a specific car, you'll be perceived as rich, trendy and complicated. If you purchase clothes from a particular fashion line, you will be seen as cutting edge. Consider how customers look at Apple or Amazon; they form a positive, psychological attachment to those large, faceless, global and monopolistic companies.

If you work at a small company or large worldwide conglomerate, you need to construct your own personal brand to stand out and have noticed. It's too easy to be seen as yet another cog in the machine. To get ahead in your profession, you will need a strategy to differentiate yourself from the audience.

First, let us take a look whatsoever of the things you should not do when you're building a personal brand.

  1. You don't want to be known as the man who's constantly kissing up to the boss to acquire attention.
  2. While fellow employees may crowd around your desk, so it will not help your career by function as a go-to man who knows and shares all of the juicy gossips.
  3. Monday mornings would be the prime moment to talk about the weekend football matches and highlights, but it won't improve your career nor may run the business fantasy football, baseball championships along with March Madness brackets. The same is true for being an expert in Game of Thrones and what's awesome to binge watch Netflix.
  4. You may feel that coworkers view you like the cool dude sneaking out to smoke a joint or enticing other to choose mid-afternoon cocktails or beers, but that's not a longterm, marketable brand that you are building.
  5. Nobody is amazed at the "I am so busy" guy. Folks will either think you can't complete your job in time because you're not bright enough or you simply spend way too much time saying how busy you're instead of actually getting the job done.
  6. The exact same is true for people who carry themselves as if they're so important and the corporation would fold if they had been out of the workplace for even an hour.
  7. Pretending that you are best buds with the CEO and at the inner group of top management doesn't help either. We are all aware that you aren't and it is embarrassing that you are coming across as the little kid trying to sit at the adults' table.
  8. Dirty jokes, political memes, inappropriate videos and hitting on everyone in the office isn't funny or irreverent; it is just juvenile and bothersome.

It is really ridiculously easy to assemble yourself into a top brand. Here is what you need to do now.

  1. Place in the time and effort to become the master of your skill set. Work toward understanding everything about your job people learn to trust and respect you.
  2. When you are building your new, get in the office early, do not disappear at work and lunch later than everybody else.
  3. Make yourself accessible to everyone who needs your help. Always get an open door and open mind.
  4. When asked, freely provide suggestions and guidance to help others.
  5. Be a Fantastic listener. Constantly speak less and listen more.
  6. Be sure to realize the critical needs of your boss and find out ways to help them succeed.
  7. Let your work speak for itself and prevent chest beating and bragging.
  8. If you don't know anything, request assistance and don't pretend you have all the answers.

The most important thing is you should work very hard toward becoming damn good at the job. You wish to be this good that you are loved and indispensable. That is how you are going to build brand loyalty.

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