Building a full-funnel influencer marketing campaign

Building a full-funnel influencer marketing campaign

In this time of #ads, influencer marketing campaigns continue to be widely adopted by both upstart and conventional companies around the globe.

Up till now, though, it is a strategy that has largely been associated with brand-building goals. With more bucks than ever before being spent in influencer advertising, the big question a lot of individuals have is: Can it also lead to bottom-line growth?

Two recent campaigns from Edgewell Personal Care -- for Schick Intuition, a well-known razor manufacturer for women, and another for Bulldog Skincare for Men, a breakthrough men's skincare manufacturer -- proved that the response is YES. Edgewell developed a digital-first video influencer marketing strategy for major launches from the brands.

For other marketers seeking to do something like this are just three steps for creating a full-funnel influencer advertising campaign, together with courses from Edgewell.

Raise awareness with content which feels indigenous to the stage

Whenever people come to platforms like YouTube, they frequently do so in discovery mode -- they are receptive to hearing about new trends, creators, and even brands. For example, 90% of shoppers say that they find new products or brands on YouTube.

Recognizing that, for the launch of a new razor, Schick partnered with YouTube's in-house branded material platform FameBit by YouTube to identify applicable midsize and more established creators. Influencers like The LaBrant Fam, infant, and Asia Jackson incorporated the merchandise into movies that feeling native to their stations, such as nighttime routines and skincare advice, showing viewers how to use the new product.

By staying true to the type of content made by the creators they worked with, Schick managed to catch the attention of viewers in discovery mode. Over 50% of the campaign's organic views came from people exploring content via YouTube's navigate attributes.

Edgewell replicated this strategy with Bulldog, which is the major men's skincare manufacturer in the U.K., but it confronts low awareness in the U.S. "We wanted to find a diverse variety of male influencers spanning fashion, games, comedy, adventure, sports, and music to promote Bulldog Skincare for Men," explained Matt Bell, chief marketing officer of Edgewell Personal Care. "By focusing on those fire points, we could reach our key audiences."

Increase your reach with paid promotion

By their very definition, influencers already have a loyal following -- people who turn to them for ideas and inspiration. But that does not mean influencer advertising campaigns should just rely on this. Just as successful social media marketing wants a mixture of both organic and paid achieve, so too does powerful full-funnel influencer marketing.

In addition to Dealing with influencers, both brands amplified their organic content with paid promotions to achieve even more people and improve awareness and attention of their merchandise. They did so by creating six-second bumper ads and 15-second countdowns they functioned to people who had already watched the branded creator videos and those who hadn't but were one of their target audience.

The combo of paid and branded articles also been shown to be a victory for both brands. Schick Intuition saw a 229% lift in ad recall and a 113% lift in purchase intent. Bulldog saw a 127% increase in purchase intent along with a 2X increase in click-through rate to the site, in comparison with this benchmark.

Make it Simple for browsers to become buyers

It's one thing to raise product or brand awareness through the power of influencers. However, what good is awareness if it doesn't add to the bottom line? To move people from being aware of a product to purchasing it, the encounter needs to be as frictionless as possible.

Both Schick Intuition and Bulldog made it simple for shoppers to purchase by incorporating the newest FameBit Shopping Shelf, a product feed under the YouTube player that enables viewers to store directly on their preferred influences videos. This attribute helps convert an already engaged audience by bringing the goods featured in the video into the forefront, forcing site traffic and revenue.

For both Schick Intuition and Bulldog, the shopping shelf click-through rate was more than 2X higher compared to TrueView for Action Shopping benchmark, as well as the brands saw high site traffic and strong sales outcomes imputed to both campaigns.

"The effort delivered against our campaign objectives, proving the power of this relationship that founders have with customers," said Bell.