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Pay Per Click Advertising: What’s Confusing About Google Shopping Campaign Priority?

03 Apr

Google Shopping Campaign priority is a fairly advanced idea.

It may seem fairly simple, but its not.

I have seen lots of Adwords accounts where clever small business owners have completed the hard work to receive their campaigns installed properly, but find the campaign priority incorrect. This induces their campaigns not to operate the way they planned, causing a greater price per click and greater price.

Within this column I'll show you exactly what campaign priority is and how to use it properly on your Shopping efforts.

What is campaign priority really?

Each single time a search query occurs, Google Adwords seeks through its inventory that advertisers (products and text advertisements) wish to look.

Google afterwards:

  • brings all them (merchandise) ads collectively
  • computes quality scores
  • assesses the maximum CPCs of each advertiser for particular search query
  • rankings the advertisements

Campaign priority lets you affect #3: amount you bid for a particular search query.

It's frequently used by advertisers who are looking to bid otherwise on branded vs generic lookup questions.

It functions as a filter which determines which effort must function as advertisement for a particular search query in the maximal cost per click described in that effort.

To find this filter to operate, you will also have to include negative keywords to your own campaigns.

Okay, with all the principles covered, it is time to dig a bit deeper and handle a few common issues.

2 Most Common Mistakes that happen with Campaign Priority

There are two significant mistakes that I see in regards to campaign priority:

  1. Putting another priority for campaigns using various goods
  2. Simply employing the placing incorrect

This is what Google informs about campaign priority in its own service docs:

Campaign priority is equally helpful once you're marketing the exact same solution, for exactly the identical nation, in several Shopping campaigns.

If you are using multiple Google Shopping campaigns at which every effort has distinct goods, campaign priority will not have any result.

Instance: if you are using custom tags to divide your merchandise into Bestsellers & Hurry. Every one of these campaigns are going to have its own merchandise. So using distinct effort differences between them will not really make a huge difference.

Campaign priority choices

Google Adwords offers you three choices for the campaign priority:

  • Low
  • Moderate
  • High

Google Shopping will always work to serve the effort together with the maximum priority.


  • In case you've got a Low & Medium effort, then it is going to begin with the moderate one.
  • In case you've got a Low, Medium & higher effort, then it starts using all the High one.

There are two events when Google will change to a lesser priority effort:

  • When a negative key words is preventing that particular campaign from revealing a product advertisement
  • After an campaign's budget has completed

That one is precisely what we are attempting to do, utilizing the combo negative keywords and campaign priority to acquire the ideal effort to function the advertisement.

When an effort's funding works out, the effort priorities will not function as planned, you may use a mutual funding to avoid this to happen.

This procedure will repeat itself before Google eventually finds that of your efforts should function an advertisement for this particular search query.

Campaign priority in application

We finally reach the most essential part: that effort ought to be placed to that campaign priority.

Allow me to illustrate that with the example.

Rather than conducting 1 Shopping effort to target all of search questions, we will divide this up to two campaigns having exactly the very same products, targeting exactly the identical language and the exact same nation.

Their only Distinction is you will aim branded search questions, while another person will focus on standard ones:

  • Shopping -- new using a maximum CPC of $0.8
  • Shopping -- generic using a maximum CPC of $0.5

Both campaigns with the Identical campaign priority

We include the newest as a negative keyword into the generic effort and place both campaigns using a campaign priority of Moderate.

What's going to happen today is that Google can observe an intriguing search issue for our goods and also will assess our campaigns that it ought to select.

Considering the two campaigns have precisely the identical campaign priority, then it is going to utilize the item (or product category) together with the maximum bid. Within this instance, that is the "Shopping -- new" effort with a $0.8 CPC.

Notice that this could be a standard search query as there's nothing stopping Google from using the newest effort to function these advertisements.

Both campaigns using another campaign priority

Now let us give the two campaigns the Appropriate campaign priority:

  • Shopping -- new: campaign priority: Low
  • Shopping -- standard: campaign priority: Moderate

Giving a greater priority to the less precious effort might appear counterintuitive.

But campaign priority only suggests people tell Google where we all need them to begin.

We wish to cover the least potential for every click. We tell Google to provide priority to attempt to make use of the bidding from the campaigns which have the cheapest bid.

Our more precious efforts, at event of branded keywords with high yields, must just be utilized for the key words we need it for branded search questions.

Common budgets include the Last touch

You may already use shared budgets involving campaigns to maintain control within the overall invest in your accounts.

But if you are working with effort priorities, it is a vital piece to get in place.

Since if your entire campaigns stands from funding, Google will only dismiss that effort and serve advertisements from your lesser priority, even more expensive effort.

If you place the campaigns which are thought to work together to a shared budget, then you'll not have this dilemma.


Hope this article was able to describe what campaign priority would be, the way to utilize it with your own Shopping campaigns.

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