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2019 Trends in Enterprise Mobility Solutions

26 Nov

Mobile has brought transformation in different ways that we work, interact and even spend time owing to the various technological advancements. No matter what the business model, scalability or size is, the business owners are jumping into the bandwagon of enterprise mobility. It is difficult for these businesses to stay competitive in current business scenarios, but enterprise mobility solutions can easily empower business owners by means of increasing productivity, improving collaboration and communication.

The companies can now stay ahead in competition with increased efficiency. However, the businesses have to adopt these solutions in a big way and with all the different types of technology trends in order to achieve the optimum outcome. Custom application development will lead the way. Let’s have a look at the various trend in enterprise mobility solutions in the year 2019.

1. Rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is among the most rapidly developing technology which is being used everywhere. Now everything on the internet has shifted its focus on Machine Learning. In order to adopt the complete automation, machine learning technology needs to go way beyond the overall restrictions for right integration. Still, there are various companies which are still lagging in inherent adoption of automation, and they tend to ignore the overall importance of Artificial Intelligence in various business operations. With time and technology, most of the companies are thriving to leverage the complete power of Artificial Intelligence. Even Voice-Activated assistants such as Siri, facial recognition software and even smart cars are now driven by AI.

2. Growing Adoption of Bring Your Own Device or BYOD

There are a lot of companies that are adopting the trend to ask their own employees to bring their own device in the office. It can be their laptop, mobile phone and even tablets. This culture also involves lesser cost that is involved in the overall purchase of buying devices for the company’s office.

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But the complete restriction of using the personal devices of employees in the office can risk the official data and employees might not have the right software of the enterprise level. These restrictions can easily be removed by availing the device of the employees with the enterprise version of different applications. It may also include the complete cost of applications, but it can certainly be lesser when they are bought in bulk.

3. Migration To Cloud

It essentially means that the usage of clouds for the purpose of storing the official data has increased according to the demands of the offices. Companies have to store different types of data related to work, customers, employees etc. but the complete usage of mobile phones has also hindered the storage since they certainly have lesser storage space. In order to comply with the overall demand for data storage, cloud storage appears to be the best options. The most important benefits of utilizing the cloud storage is that it can allow the employees to access and even make use of data that is stored from anywhere all over the globe with complete connectivity to the internet. Custom application development will rapidly adopt migration to cloud in order to provide the best possible solutions.

4. Improvising Security Model

As the employees will be bringing their own personal devices in their offices, breaching the different security measures remain to be the most crucial threats to the company. Hence, maintaining the high security through a multi-layered security model remains to be the best options to choose from. Higher the security of the data is, the safer it is. The multi-layered security is quite difficult to breach. The overall data of the companies remains to be the costliest asset of any enterprise and protecting this data is the utmost responsibility of the company.

5. Growing Demand for Location-Based Services

The consumers are becoming more tech-savvy with most of the customers now using their mobile devices in order to search for different local businesses or services. Owing to the GPS location tracker along with Google’s advanced search, it shows the best results of the search that is the nearest to the current location of the customer. It will certainly impact on the enterprises in case it focuses on targeting the local audience through the usage of internet.

6. Increased Mobility with Less Computing

As the usage of mobile phones has certainly increased in the offices, in order to leverage the complete process of automation in small as well as large companies, enterprise mobility solutions can play a crucial role. The requirement of the use of enterprise-based apps has increased multi-fold. It has certainly increased the use of mobile phones that has resulted in decreased dependency on work on the computers. The revolution has certainly brought mobility to the entire workplace. Enterprise mobility computing will also rise in the near future.


With the growing trend of the latest technological advances, the companies have to invest a lot in improving the businesses processes. Automation remains to be the key aspect of boosting the companies’ productivity and efficiency. Enterprise mobility solutions can play a crucial role in this department. These above-mentioned trends in these solutions will certainly lead the market in the year 2019.

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