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5 Programming Languages That Every Job-Applicant Must Learn

Software’s are now an essential part of our lives. Software-driven products and programs are used by businesses across many unique industries.

Increased adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has raised the demand for IT professionals adept at distinct programming languages. Therefore, if you don't understand how to code, it’s better late than never!

No programming language can be dubbed as the best', but this list will give you a sense about the most in-demand programming languages which can brighten up your job prospects.


It's one of the oldest programming languages, so C++ is so flexible it may be utilized to code little apps or even large software. It has high-demand due to the major benefits it supplies like good reliability, speedy performance and the sheer variety of contexts it can be used in. The only disadvantage is that this language is really hard to learn by yourself. It will be worth it, however, look at the businesses utilizing C++, Facebook, Chrome, Adobe System, Amazon, Microsoft, etc..


Understanding Java, a popular programming language will be useful for many aspiring developers. Additionally, learning Java will not be a futile exercise; the programming language will remain around for quite some time. It is mainly utilized to develop desktop software, games, and portable applications, meaning it has a terrific scope on your own career. Many Java-oriented job positions can also be high paying.


Python is a high-level programming language which has one main feature, its code readability. It is a general-purpose language, which means that it can be used for almost anything. Perfect for web development, servers, and desktop application, Python is a must-know language for every developer. It's such a scalable language and can be used by leading companies like Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Dropbox, etc..


This is a scripting language and frequently utilized to make sites more interactive. JS has a lot of advanced features in comparison with the conventional C++ and Java-like modules, prototypal inheritance, namespaces, and metaprogramming. Programs like Google Maps and Gmail are conducted on JavaScript. You cannot be a programmer, not understand this lively language.


This language is relatively new (published by Apple in 2014), but has experienced a strong growth since, proving that it has a bright future. It's also one of the simplest languages to utilize, hands down!