7 Reasons Why ASP.NET Core is the Best Framework for Web Development

7 Reasons Why ASP.NET Core is the Best Framework for Web Development

Web application development has become a lot easier today than it was a few years back. Now, there is a wide array of frameworks and technologies to choose from for web development services. But with such extensive possibilities, there can also come great confusion. Which is the best web application development technology, is a question that often troubles web developers. In this article, we’ll look at a framework that easily grabs the title of best web development framework. We’re talking about ASP.NET Core, which is a modular, cross-platform, and open-source web framework that helps in building applications of superior quality and performance.

So what makes ASP.NET Core an excellent choice for developing web applications? Here are some reasons why:

Builds Applications that Run on Several Platforms

With ASP.NET Core, you are not restricted to just windows app development. Since the framework is cross-platform, the applications that you build using the framework will run on other operating systems like Mac and Linux as well. And it’s not just about the various operating systems on which the applications will be able to run. There is flexibility available to developers in selecting operating system for development purpose too. In cases where web development services are catering to clients that want their applications to be used by more and more users across different platforms, the cross-platform nature of ASP.NET Core will help attaining the results required.

Support for Dependency Injection

Because ASP.NET Core has support for dependency injection already built into it, the framework offers a remarkable improvement in the extensibility and testability of the applications being built. Developers no longer have to worry about using 3rd party frameworks for incorporating this software design pattern into their web applications.

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Priority Given to High Performance

Performance is one of the key factors that developers tend to focus on while developing web applications. With ASP.NET Core framework, high performance takes the center stage, meaning it is given high priority. At the time of code compilation, the framework does automatic optimization of the code to enhance its performance. ASP.NET Core is one of the best performing web application development frameworks available today.

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Coding Productivity Improved with Razor Pages

ASP.NET Core makes coding more productive with the introduction of razor pages. The way it does so is by making it more efficient to code the page-focused scenarios. Using the page-oriented coding model of razor pages, it is possible to develop web user interface in a much more streamlined way. Every web page will be contained within its respective View component. The organization of the code is also much neater and cleaner.

Simple, Easy and Convenient Coding

Coding effort is a significant consideration in web development. Hence, it’s worth noting that coding in ASP.NET Core is not that hefty. Developers can get a lot done with just few lines of code. When the amount of coding required is minimal, it naturally becomes easier to manage the code as well. This makes ASP.NET Core a great framework from the perspective of code development as well as code maintenance.

Freedom to Build a Variety of Applications

Web development services usually cater to wide-ranging clients and their equally wide-ranging application needs. Therefore, it’s no wonder that a framework like ASP.NET Core, that can be used to develop a diverse range of applications, emerges as one of the most popular application development frameworks. The framework supports the development of mobile back-ends, cloud-based applications, Internet of Things (IoT )applications, web services, web applications, and more. Truly, there are many development options to explore with ASP.NET Core.

It is Open-Source

The fact that ASP.NET Core is an open-source project by Microsoft and the community makes the framework even more appealing. The project is available on GitHub, where it receives continuous support for growth from a thriving community of developers. There is a huge number of codes and repositories available on GitHub for ASP.NET Core that the developers can use. This means that developers can get the best of what ASP.NET Core has to offer in a convenient way that allows them to save time and costs in application development. The community built around ASP.NET Core is quite active too, meaning you’ll always find latest, up-to-date codes available on GitHub. The transparency and convenience afforded by ASP.NET Core, by being open-source, make the process of web development using this framework a lot smoother.


This was an overview of some of the most notable advantages that ASP.NET Core has to offer. These advantages clearly show how this web framework is proving to be highly valuable not just for developers but also for businesses. As a lightweight and performance-focused framework, ASP.NET Core is successfully serving the needs of the modern web applications. For building cross-platform web applications that excel in scalability and performance, ASP.NET Core is definitely the best option to go with.