8 Startups That Began Their Journey With Ruby on Rails (ROR)

Ruby on Rails is a recognized, battle-tested technology that functioned as a superb framework for applications developers.

But what's the key behind the success of Rails? One reason is that since it appeared on the landscape, it has been a part of projects started by businesses which have come to be some of the biggest and those fastest-growing.

Continue reading to discover why startups select Rails and find the most spectacular success stories of businesses according to RoR.

Why do startups select Ruby on Rails?

There are lots of explanations as to why Ruby on Rails is now such important technology for startups that are looking to change their business ideas to software and saleable goods quickly.

However, these 3 attributes make RoR incredibly successful among startups:

  • Scalability -- it's easy to scale applications built with RoR to coincide with the continuously evolving business demand or erratic events. If you are developing a product for a massive user base, Rails helps ensure that after it strikes, it may deal with the traffic.
  • Performance -- Rails contains many plugins, tools, and modules that enable programmers to save lots of time and avoid writing boilerplate code. Rails teams assemble programs 30 than groups using a technology stack that is different.
  • Cost-effectiveness -- Rail is an open-source frame distributed under the MIT license, which means you don't have to spend any cash on the frame. An ecosystem of tools that accelerate the evolution process and allow your staff to concentrate surrounds RoR.

Now you know why so many startups are picking Ruby on Rails within the pile, here are just 8 startups that became effective using Rails.

1. Twitter

There is no denying that Twitter had a huge effect on the way we have and share content on the web. Tweeting messages is now essential for figures, and Twitter became an important communication platform for communities.

Twitter has been designed with Ruby, RoR, and jQuery along with Webpack JS. The framework assisted Twitter to create and start their own product. Later on, Twitter utilized Scala to revamp their own operations -- but RoR makes a worthy part of the backend up.

2. Basecamp

The founder of Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, developed the frame when constructing a web application that was later published as Basecamp. Basecamp is a project management tool and it is still growing. Obviously, we could locate Rails in the company's crux. In reality, RoR creations began out as experiments within Basecamp.

3. Shopify

Shopify is an intricate web application which enables users to construct their own online shops and enjoy lots of customization choices. It should not come as a surprise that the stage was designed on Rails on Ruby. Supporting a consumer base of companies, Shopify adds new features and provides functionalities.

4. Couchsurfing

To make a community for international travelers, Couchsurfing assembled a platform which makes it possible for people to host one another as they travel the entire world. The service hosts a user base and became quite popular. Ruby on Rails is a framework that supports the backend of the platform.

5. Github

Recently acquired by Microsoft in a few of the most spectacular exits, Github is a stage to its community of programmers who appreciate the worth of open-source computer software. Rails played a crucial part the code of that the platform is built on Rails. Github's achievement demonstrates that the partnerships can be supported by Rails with user foundations that are huge.

6. GroupOn

Another startup which built its electronic merchandise with Ruby on Rails is Groupon. The market that is worldwide and organizations connect clients to bring deals and promotions to them. Groupon's first variant was based on Rails.'

7. Ask.fm

An international social networking website, Ask.fm permits users to create profiles and send inquiries to another. It is among the biggest platforms available on the market. The flexibility and scalability of Rails assisted the founders of Ask.fm to take their stage to another level and encourage their own rapidly-growing user base.

8. Airbnb

The huge development of the hospitality system was encouraged by Rails that guaranteed its versatility and scalability. Additionally, it facilitated development to generate space for new functionalities Airbnb additional during its growth.

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