Custom Software Development Technology trends in 2019

Custom Software Development Technology trends in 2019

In present times, software development is revolutionizing at a rapid pace. The demand of software developers isn’t a new phenomenon, and there has been a certainly significant rise this demand over a few years with the introduction of latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

The work of any developer has a huge impact on the lives of the people in the entire world. Hence, people are consistently moving into the field of custom software development sector and increasingly picking up the latest technologies. Over the years, the custom software development of various related technologies has been exciting, but the question arises that what if the developer picks up a particular technology for custom software development that goes out of trend in the upcoming years. A few technologies are quite viable while different others are becoming mainstream. It is a known fact that any technology can easily fade without leaving any trace owing to rapid advancements made in the technological domain. Hence, a custom software development company has to remain vigilant and ready for the latest introduction of technologies along with the trends that can benefit the business in the near future. Here, we discuss some of the latest custom software development technology trends in 2019.

1. Growing Importance of Artificial Intelligence

Businesses of different sizes now consider the entire digital transformation as a vital part of their business strategies to compete in this market. Business leaders often consider AI as the leading driving force for this particular digital transformation. It is getting everywhere rapidly. According to the latest research, the AI industry’s revenue will increase by billions of dollars in upcoming years. This clearly shows that the AI will considerably become a great trend in the upcoming years until it becomes mainstream. AI is also utilized by a large section of businesses to automate the businesses. These businesses will be implementing AI for execution purposes of the different task to provide high-quality services along with enhanced customer experience. Few of the various practical applications of AI that consist of voice-activated home assistants, smartphones, big data and many more. As a custom software development company, you have to keep a keen eye on the development of Artificial Intelligence.

2. Rise of Blockchain

It is rapidly becoming a trending technology due to Bitcoin popularity. This technology has its won applications beyond the cryptocurrencies. It is certainly on the high pedestal of growth. The blockchain is actually a peer-to-peer network of different interconnected systems for storage of data and information which can’t be modified easily or stolen by any person. It is a distributed ledger technology which removes the need of central entities. The blockchain development is quickly gaining ground since a lot of industries and companies are either adopting or even trying to adopt it in the near future. Blockchain also allows the companies to authenticate large-scale transactions within lesser time along with the removal of the requirement of various expensive intermediaries. Offshore IT services can benefit a lot from developing blockchain applications.

3. Emergence of On-Demand Software

The entire business world has a great influence on the various features that these apps will have in the near future. The users have certain specific requirements and needs, and the developers have to make sure to fulfil these demands whenever they are creating an app. Apps like Uber have certainly changed the way people order any taxi. But these apps are now present in various domains, from pest control to food delivery. The various on-demand apps are now becoming a great trend and will remain so since the people have the tendency to avoid human interaction. This trend will become quite popular in the year 2019 as on-demand apps will become available for different purposes. The major features that the users are always looking in any on-demand app are customizability, scalability and convenience. In the year 2019, the custom web development will move towards on-demand apps development and mobile on-demand apps will become the most sold apps in the market.


The app developers with the right experience and set of skills do have huge opportunities. These custom software development technology trends will certainly dominate in the years 2019, and the overall demand of basic development skills will continue to rise, and it is never too late for any developer and a development software company to learn these latest trends and also enhance the skills.