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Education Starts at Home: Nine Educational Programs for Young Kids (Age 3-to-6)

19 Mar

How many children ought to be allowed to use technology is a really hot topic these days. But regardless of how you examine the issue, you can not deny technologies can deliver some unmistakable advantages.

For example, tech can change drab items like mathematics problems or grammar exercises into exciting adventures kids won't shy away from.

Many parents fear allowing kids to use apps will hook them into a life of being dependent on smartphones' screen. But on the other side of this coin, programs could be turned into excellent tools to help kids enlarge their creativity or develop their cognitive skills.

It is an issue of choosing the ideal programs for your own child and allowing her or him use them.

There is no shortage of educational apps available from the Google Play Store, also for this post, we've lined a number of the greatest programs for 3-to-6-year-olds.

Alphabet Car: Learn ABC’s

What it is:

Alphabet Car is an interesting tool designed to aid children who are only beginning to learn words. Your little one will detect new words by means of engagement and playing.

Why we like it:

  • The app has a daring and colorful interface that is certain to catch the attention of young children.
  • Alphabet Car teaches children the basics of letters and gently moves on to words and also implicitly spelling.
  • Gameplay is simple enough to grasp. You push a bus and as you roll together, big cubes of letters will show up on the street. Aim the bus towards a letter to create a sentence and hear the letter pronounced. When you gather enough letters for a phrase, kids will hear the word pronounced.

Kids Connect the Dots

An interactive educational game which allows children to develop their creativity, but also learn to pronounce letters and numbers.

Why we like it:

  • Children simply have to tap a series of dots to outline a puzzle animal or thing. What could it be?
  • Children will be full of wonder as they complete a drawing and realize the animal or thing "come to life".
  • The sport teaches young children how to count since they are going to have the tap up the numbers to a target amount.
  • As the player taps, letters of this alphabet, as well as amounts are articulated, so children can get more acquainted with the correct pronunciation.

Dr. Panda’s Swimming Pool

What it is:

An interactive game that aims to teach younger children how to solve problems and develop their essential learning abilities.

Why we like it:

  • Dr. Panda's Swimming Pool instructs the fundamentals of difficulty to kids.
  • It includes five animals the youngster needs to take care of, while also enjoying a day at the digital pool.
  • Kids will be thrilled to find hidden treasures, as they progress in the sport.
  • A great experience for kids that features no in-game advertising without any in-app purchases (even though it is not free, it also costs $1.99).

Kids Numbers and Math

What it is:

A simple app which teaches your child to do basic math calculations, even before he or she starts going to school.

Why we like it :

  • Kids Numbers and Math is an intuitive game for preschoolers which produces learning numbers and basic mathematics fun.
  • Kids play with the actions (solve mathematics problems) and make puzzle pieces for the large "Bug Collection Puzzles".
  • There is a free version that educates the numbers 1-20 through a variety of exercises including counting, adding, subtracting and comparing amounts, but if you want more the paid version offers more customization.

Todo Math

What it is:

  • Using Todo Math doing amount surgeries is no more boring. Not if you count on the 700+ fun activities contained.
  • The program teaches children mathematical reasoning involving pattern recognition, math memory matrices and numerical arranging using fun and colorful games.
  • Features an introduction to basic geometry which clarifies form recognition, identification, and pursuing.
  • By using Todo Math, children get to know about money and time. This section covers weeks and days, telling the time, and understanding coins.

Memory & Attention

What it is:

A game which aims to teach young kids how to focus and pay attention, while fostering their memory.

Why we like it:

  • The app includes 4 mini-games to aid with the evolution of visual memory and also 3 minigames for training attention and concentration.
  • The games were made by a professional child psychologist and so are motivated by her experience by working with kids in preschool and elementary school.
  • The app is recommended for all children, but much more to those afflicted by ADHD/ADHS.
  • Every game has up to four degrees of difficulty, for children who love a challenge.


What it is:

Coding is an essential skill these days and Lightbot is an app that teaches basic coding to children.

Why we love it:

  • As it is a clever app that gets children to schedule from solving puzzles in a video game.
  • Lightbot introduces the basic programming concepts such as instruction sequencing, processes, and loops.
  • The app features 20 interactive levels during which you can learn lots, even though the entire version includes an additional 30 level

Toca Mini

What it is:

An app which challenges kids to get creative and bring to life a character or avatar from their own imagination.

Why we like it:

  • While mathematics and language are important, creating the child's creative spirit also needs to be a priority. Toca Mini is only the app for this since it allows children to design their own scary creatures of fantasy critters.
  • Kids can personalize their new friend with the addition of colors, stripes, scarves and enjoy with facial components like mouths, eyes, noses or eyebrows! Users can take advantage of stamps to make patterns, clothes or hair.
  • The creations create funny sounds and gestures as the kid brings them to life.

Astronomy for Children

What it is:

A great program for kids who have begun to question about the stars and universe and need to find out more about the secrets of the cosmos.

Why we like it:

  • The app teaches children about the solar system by means of a string of games that are astronomical.
  • Kids also get to obey astronomical facts and watch educational videos about space.
  • A few short quizzes are available for people who want to test their comprehension.

Has your kid tried any of those educational apps before? Otherwise, you may want to download them for them.

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