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Google's 'Grasshopper' Aims at Creating Codes as Easy as a Game.

Did you ever wanted to learn and create code, but didn't know where to get started? Google's new app would definitely help you.

This week the firm established Grasshopper, an program that aims to help instruct adults to code (specifically javascript) using a set of bite-sized puzzle games.

Launched from Google's Area 120 incubator, which will be dedicated to experimental projects, Grasshopper requires a similar approach like Duolingo for coding. It breaks down the basic theories behind javascript, like variables and functions, into lessons you can complete in just a couple of minutes.

Like any of the programming apps targeted at kids, Grasshopper game-ifies the procedure somewhat by turning programming courses into mini-puzzles you want to address. Once you learn one concept, another lesson will build on it and add new elements so every next lesson gets increasingly more complex and intricate.

On the other hand, Duolingo, the app encourages you to return each day for another lesson in order to construct your skills up.

Needless to say, no app can substitute actually sitting at your pc and practicing the real thing. But with Grasshopper's course, you may feel less intimidated to start.

The program can be found on iOS and Android.