Here’s the Right Way to Customize Emails with Steam 8

Here’s the Right Way to Customize Emails with Steam 8

In the 18 years-long journeys, Drupal has evolved in several facets from responsive Bartik to decoupled Drupal.

With each new release, the Drupal community includes remarkable new modules and improvements in the existing ones. Emails haven't seen the light of this day in the last decade. The emails that we ship are still the same via its strong system.

Being on the backseat by a long time, we've tried to bring them to the forefront in this site with modules which could help you send HTML emails in Drupal 8. We will be looking at the next issues from the perspective of Earning emails customizable in Drupal 8:

  • Inconsistency from the editing process and encounter between different modules
  • Absence of HTML formatting
  • No supply for email logs or history
  • Limitation in features
  • Struggling to do attachments and images

Making Emails Wonderful

Often programmers confront situations where they have to send custom HTML formatted emails in the Steam 8 site and they get stuck with that. One of the greatest problems being not able to fulfill the expectations of clients and clients in this fast pacing in 2019. The email needs to be configured with the following features:

  • A custom responsive design that syncs the theme of your new
  • Swift provision with attachments and images
  • Customized net fonts
  • Templated headers and footers
  • Custom trailer text for display in the inbox
  • A plain text version
  • Admin-accessible logs of sent mails

Addressing the above-mentioned issues, let us examine several modules on such parameters and also be our judges of how we could solve them.

The HTML Mail Module

This module allows you to theme your messages the same way you theme the rest of your website. In Drupal 7, you can go out of plain text emails to HTML-formatted ones readily with this module. The module available in Drupal 8 is currently in the alpha variant. Moreover, it integrates well with Mail MIME modules and the Echo.

Amazon SES

For people who use Drupal's native mail system, this module can be used to send emails via Amazon SES. The module doesn't need to set up the SMTP server and demands less configuration. You can just set up the AWS credentials to begin sending emails through Amazon SES by directly calling API.

SendGrid Pairing

Together with the basic agenda to handle the delivery of messages, this module provides a flexible way of sending emails from Drupal. It supplies cloud-based email delivery solutions to push mails with their Web API (RESTful) that removes slow SMTP transactions and leads to quick transactions. The mechanism functions on the strong market-leading statistics for inbox penetration along with an advanced API.

Additionally, Drupal Commerce gives you the capability to send triggered marketing emails and track earnings and earnings created by the newsletters.

Message Module templates

Not entirely devoted to emails, this module is the core of the message stack that enables displaying and logging system events in several different use cases. It offers a solution for storing a specific sort of documents and message events known as activity flows.

Following are the features of the modules provide:

  • Exportable and Fieldable message types
  • Support for screen (view) modes
  • Multilingual support
  • Token support
  • Entity cache service
  • Template support
  • API hooks
  • Example module comprised
  • But it comes together with these Problems too:
  • It needs integration code for quite a different template you would like to use because the Drupal core does not know anything about the message module.
  • Template editor encounter isn't great
  • Email history without formatting.


An all-in-one solution, Mailjet allows you to send, track and deliver both advertisements and transactional emails. With a unique and highly scalable infrastructure, then it can optimize email deliverability with deft. To access the module, an easy-to-use internet drag-and-drop interface could be incorporated or you'll be able to relay APIs or even SMTP that enables developers to incorporate its features within their online app or service.


  • Improved deliverability with encouraging infrastructure can help you optimize maximum precision from advertising and transactional emails.
  • Mailer allows you to sync your contacts with a single click.
  • Advanced segmentation feature permits personalized messages to your client base
  • A real-time dashboard that gives access to campaign statistics (who opened, clicked, bounced or unsubscribed from the mailings, create charts, export data and even more)
  • Without much coding, you can use the drag-and-drop (WYSIWYG) template builder to create visually-arresting newsletters
  • According to client behavior, you can set up triggered email occasions with Steam Commerce.
  • Promoting newsletter and their real-time ROI stats could be gained (only with Drupal commerce).
  • Gauging parameters like types of information, IP reputations, the module chooses the best IP address accessible.
  • Identify and filter undesirable receivers, such as auto-blocking of spam speeches can be achieved using Many tools that qualify your email foundation
  • 24/7 customer service available in English, French, German and Spanish

Mail chimp

MailChimp is a favorite email delivery service and Drupal avails a module which can be incorporated for simple access to the site visitors or users. You can create and send MailChimp email campaigns out of your site together with seeing the history of mails delivered from Mailchimp. Using an efficient infrastructure, it allows Drupal to bypass the PHP mail () function and send emails directly to an SMTP server.


  • It supplies all of the API integration functionality, and also the ability to add MailChimp API key and configure a few choices.
  • You can exhibit subscription types or stand for Lists on entities
  • It permits you to map thing fields to your MailChimp merge fields, including mapping areas on Field Categories and internal values on.
  • You can use Views Bulk Operations to make Mailchimp List Segments
  • It supports SMTP authentication and links to servers using SSL if supported by PHP.

The PHPMailer Module

Another module that enables HTML mails using Steam, PHPMailer module supports enhanced bulk-mail performance through SMTP keep-alive connections. With a built-in email rerouting option, the module uses the PHPMailer library itself.


  • You can add attachments to your emails on this module
  • Already embedded at the SMTP module, also it supports external SMTP servers too.
  • It enables you to send out combined emails
  • It enables you to extend the core performance by integrating it with all the Mime Mail part module also.

The Mime Mail Component Module

The module manages your site's design by automatically including your theme's stylesheet files at a themeable HTML message format. Unlike other modules, it's a"component module" used for boosting other modules' functionality. It provides simple system activities and Rules actions to send HTML email with embedded images and attachments.


  • You can theme your messages with a specific mail key
  • The module permits users to receive HTML email and also the mail functionality accepts an HTML message system, mime-encodes it and sends it.
  • When the HTML has embedded images, these images are MIME-encoded and included as a message attachment.
  • If the receiver's preference is available and they favor plaintext, the HTML will be converted into plain text and sent. Otherwise, the email will be transmitted in themeable HTML with a plain text substitute.
  • Converts CSS styles into inline style features.

Swift Mailer Module

Most opted for and advocated module, the Swift Mailer is a PHP library for sending HTML and multi-party emails. It delegates all email handling into the Swift Mailer library and expands the fundamental email sending functionality. Thus, the Swift Mailer library gives access to the following features:

  • You can send emails directly via an SMTP server of your own choice, a locally installed MTA agent such as Sendmail.
  • It is possible to add file attachments and inline images to emails.
  • It lets you motif emails that reflect an overall look and feel of your website.
  • The module enables you to attach images needed by the subject to the email and displayed inline.
  • It integrates crucial services with Drupal  such as Mandrill, SendGrid  straight out of the box

Easy Mail

With bare minimum coding required, the effortless email module is an HTML email system for Drupal 8. The module makes it possible to configure with a set of features:

Easy Email templates currently support the following attributes:

  • Passport email override system that makes it easy with Drupal core and other modules.
  • As the templates in Easy mail are weldable, you will need to add customized fields for most use cases.
  • You can automatically connect logged emails to the user account and locate all of the emails sent to that particular user.
  • It comes with a token replacement for all fields.
  • You can use standard lifecycle hooks to change or extend email processing: hook_entities_prepare (), hook_entities_update (), etc
  • With this module, you can use tokens or relative paths to define attachments
  • A total opinion of sent mails with email log
  • Token replacement for all fields
  • To, CC, and BCC recipients, sender name, address, and reply-to address

Future Roadmap

With simple email module, Drupal community has charted out a roadmap that will enhance its capacities further. Here are the improvements:

The storage of sent emails could be made optional by disabling email logging per template as too much database can become too thick.

The ability to save only emails from the log more than a fixed number of days can be inserted to help manage the growth of the data.

The inline pictures can be made easier in the process of incorporating them into the templates.


One of the so many choices and different methods to send emails through Drupal 8, it's upon you what suits you the best. So, measure out your mails from the closet and create them richly formatted HTML emails to function the best customers' experiences.

Cyber Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. believes in incorporating the best of modules with your Drupal sites which empower your database and experience.