How Can You Ensure Success for My ASP.NET Web Development Project?

In the 21st century Business and enterprises are migrating from the traditional systems to new strong and powerful web applications. Nowadays every organization have their application or a website. Even our governments also doing their work through these applications and websites.

In this vast market of technologies such as Magento, HTML, Word Press, etc., Microsoft Powered ASP.NET has proven the most effective. ASP.NET has the capability to take your app or business to a higher level. There is no confusion that using this web development process your workforce will be able to make a huge difference in the result.

According to WhiteHat Security, this Microsoft-powered .NET language is used to create 28.1% of the world-wide applications or websites. Moreover, ASP.NET developer's demand always remains the top priority of hiring. So, in order to make money on that trend, you have to hire a skilled ASP.NET developer for your workforce. Though you have to go through all the long and complex hiring process it is worth your time. As once you add a skilled ASP.NET developer to your time your web presence will increase. Resulting, the success of an organization or business.

Continue to blog to learn more and to ensure your success with the help of the ASP.NET web development process.

What are Web Development and Its Benefits?

To learn about ASP.NET development services first you have to know what is Web Development. A web or website is basically a publicly accessible estrade that is devoted to any specific purpose, service, or product. A website can also contain ‘hyperlinks’ that connect it with other websites. It can fulfill many purposes like commercial, governmental, and also personal.

A website consists of a number of interlinked pages and has a specific domain name such as or etc. Web pages can contain information about any product or service. A lot of manpower (group or organization) is needed to maintain these websites. Any website which is publicly accessible comprises World Wide Web.

Now in the 21st century, most customers have access to the internet. And they usually rely on the product depending on the brand and customer service of the organization. If an organization uses only conventional marketing techniques like ads on newspapers, pamphlets, visiting cards, etc. there is a chance to lose their potential customers. Because customers are more comfortable visiting their website and get the information while sitting at home.

These websites can be accessed from any device, any location, and at any time worldwide. This increases your marketing strategies, customer reach, and popularity of the organization. Thus, website development is important for both established and uprising companies.

There are pros for having a better website in this era such as,

  • You can provide customers 24x7 access to your company products.
  • You can do better promotion of your organization at a low cost.
  • Can get updates on your products at any time.
  • Easy to keep track of the visitors.
  • Emails and SMS make communication with customers easier.
  • The uniqueness of the website leads to more customers and more leads.
  • Record the transactions from both organization’s and the customer’s end.
  • Surveys on the organizations activates will be easy.

What is ASP.NET and Its Architecture?

‘ASP’ stands for ‘Active Server Pages’ and ‘.NET’ stands for Network Enabled Technologies. ASP.Net is basically a framework. It is created by Microsoft to construct an application that can recognize a vast range of features or inputs. It can create a high-performing application with low maintenance cost just by using event-driven programs. Moreover, this framework uses TDD-friendly development. This TDD-friendly development can provide a website with a strong pattern-based route.

 ASP.NET was released in 2002 and was known by version 1.0. After years after years, the framework was modified to create next-level applications. The current version is named as ‘4.6’. To keep up with the trend this version is modified to work with HTTP protocol. AS it is used for creating web applications worldwide. Moreover, ASP.NET supports other .NET languages such as C#, J#, OOP, C++, SOAP, XML, and VB.Net.

The main architecture of ‘ASP.Net’ is based on 3 important factors such as

  • Language- For creating a website or application in this framework a developer uses certain commands or directions. These commands are called languages. Some of the languages which can be used in ASP.Net are VB.Net, C#, and J#.
  • Library- When a developer uses a language or command for creating an application in ASP.Net. The systems access the library to understand what the developer is trying to create. Similarly, this framework uses the .Net library which is the most common library for creating net web-based applications or websites.
  • CLR (Common Language Runtime)- These types of frameworks usually use a platform to create applications. In the same way, ASP.Net uses CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) for creating an application. In this stage, CLR needs for executing certain key activities such as garbage collection and handling.

What are the Characteristics of the ASP.NET Web Development Project?

This Microsoft technology associate web development process consists of 3 major characteristics such as,

  • State Management

ASP.Net has the ability to control stateless protocol or HTTP. Suppose, you are using a shopping application and you decided to buy something from that app. As you click on the submit button and buy the product. The HTTP will be unable to store the information that you have brought something. This phenomenon is known as a stateless protocol.

Now when you go to the ordered items page you can still see the item you ordered. This is because continuing the information into the ordered cart page needs additional coding. And these types of coding can very complex sometimes. But ASP.Net will do this work for you without any complexity so that the item information can be carried on the next pages.

  • Code Behind Mode

These characteristics of ASP.Net usually separate the design part and coding part. This separation helps to maintain the application. Typically, the extension of the design part of the files created with it is ‘aspx’ and the coding part is ‘aspx.cs’. Suppose, if you create a web page like ‘ThePage.aspx’ this part will only contain the design. Another file will be created with like ‘ThePage.aspx.cs’ which will contain the coding part. As a result, for each and every web page Visual Studio will create both the designing and coding parts separately.

  • Caching

This category helps in improving the performance of the application. Usually, the most requested or visited pages of the user are stored in a temporary location. This process of storing is called caching. This process helps in quick access of the pages, which leads to better efficiency and performance of the app.

What are the Types of Technologies Present in ASP.Net?

There are 3 types of technologies that can be used while creating an application with ASP.Net such as,

  • Web Forms

This type of ASP.Net development helps to create a strong and small application. These types of applications are fast performing and required a very less amount of coding. As they are simple and fast in nature it provides give a better grip for programmers.

  • MVC

MVC helps to create complex applications. This is one of the advantageous technologies of Microsoft as the applications can be created simply with less time. Developers have the authority to change MVC architecture’s behaviour and pattern according to their needs.

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  • Web Pages

This technology of ASP.Net can create web pages with a very little amount of coding. The web pages can be created through an option called ‘RAD’ i.e., Rapid Action Development. The web pages will be created on PHP and HTML platforms.

What are the Tools That You Should Know About Before Using ASP.NET?

There are many tools that you should have knowledge about before using the Microsoft Application Development framework. Some of the important tools are,

  • Visual Studio Gallery
  • Web Essentials for Visual Studio
  • NuGet
  • SQL Complete
  • JSON Format
  • LINQ Pad
  • Benchmark Dot Net
  • NDepend
  • Power Shell
  • Re-Sharper

What are the Benefits of Choosing ASP.NET for Web Development?

ASP.NET powered by Microsoft is one the best cutting-edge technology for creating applications and websites. When the unified development architecture gets combined with the .NET framework. It creates an instrument that could build a strong web-based application.

Here are some benefits that can clarify why you should opt for this framework,

  • The created application will have its configuration information built into it. This will help to release the application easily.
  • The process of creating web pages on this framework is easy and smooth.
  • The integrated caching increases the performance of the web-based application.
  • As the application created on the framework are minutely monitored and micromanaged. They can handle a process many number requests at a time.
  • The applications created are very user-friendly.
  • As the design and coding of the applications are kept separated, the inconvenience that occurred is minimal.
  • No elongated coding is required for building applications. This makes the release of heavier applications very smooth.
  • As the framework supports a number of languages. The developers have the liberty to select the language which is best for creating that particular application.
  • The ASP.Net has the ability to detect any glitch or memory loss. If it finds any malfunction it sends an alert to the developer. So that it could be rectified on the building process only.
  • The fame work has windows authentication so that the application thus created has better security.

How to Hire ASP.NET Developers and What are the Benefits of Hiring Them?

Hiring the best ASP.NET developer present in the market is vital for the quality of your product. You need a developer with talented skillset who meet your requirement for the application in lesser cost. Here are 6 Steps to hiring a skilled full ASP.NET developer,

  • The job description should be in detailed form- you have to create a job description that will state your requirements and goals clearly. You should be descriptive about the scope and future opportunities of the job. You can post ads on all job-seeking websites and be creative about it.
  • Hiring Model and the process should be specified clearly- You can hire an ASP.NET developer in 3 ways such as,
  • Hiring at Fixed cost- You can opt for this way if you have extremely specific requirements for the application. This way is best as it is a one-time investment for the application. The developer will focus only on your requirements which leads to better results.
  • Full-time hiring- this is the most cost-saving way if you have a long-term project. They will work on your organization's premise like other people in your organization. So, you can get daily updates on the progress and setbacks of your project.

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  • Freelancer Hiring – You can choose this way of hiring when you have time limitations. It will effective as you don’t have to go through all the time and hassle of the hiring process. You can hire a freelancer by paying him or her on an hourly basis.
  • Posting your job on the right website or platform- You have to hire an experienced and skilled developer in order to get promising results. So, take your time and do your research so that you can find the proper site or .NET development company. Once you find the proper place to find them you can fish out the most talented developer.
  • Skill sets should be verified minutely- The best process for a screening of the applied candidates is a test run. Don’t hire them simply just watching their CV or resume. As you know it's not mandatory a .NET developer with a higher face value and a good CV can give you exceptional results. A developer with a lower face value can also give you the best result as per your requirements.

If you are a non-tech person you can also appoint the head of your tech group to ren a proper screening test. And test the ability of the applied developers.

  • Arranging a proper interview process- Once you filtered out the eligible candidate from the test run screening process. Now is the time to check their knowledge on the field of their expertise. This process of screening is called a technical interview. Be sure to put your best and experienced tech guy from your group who had a better grasp on the technical field on the hiring panel.

Your hiring people can search the deserving candidates on the basis of some conditions such as

  • What is the accomplishment of the candidates? Their previous successful works? What types of work they have done? Etc. By asking these questions you can find whether he or she is fit for the job.
  • Then you can confirm how many languages they know? A skilled and experienced developer will have a better grasp of all new languages that can be worked with.
  • You can check how much knowledge they have on the basic portion of the topic. A good developer will have a clear basic knowledge.
  • It is very important for the candidate to understand your business or organization. He or she should be clear about what is the history and the goal of your organization. Better they know about your company better will be their fit on your tech group.

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  • The candidate should have a better grasp of some advanced database languages such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle and MYSQL, and more. Knowing these database languages will be mandatory for creating an application on the .Net framework.
  • You also have to check the communication capabilities of the candidates. A candidate with better communication skills will be clear about what he has asked to do. They might have to interact with the 3rd party clients where communication will be the key to success.
  • Conforming the deserving candidates- The developers who have passed through all these stages are well deserved as well. Now comes the questions about their salary as their monthly salary will be a part of your investments. So, you can choose the person who is willing to take the job on the given salary structure. If the most deserving candidates reject the offer you can try to hire the nest best candidate and seal the deal.

 By following these steps, you can hire the best hire .NET developers present in the market.

Some tips to ensure success on ASP.NET web development project

To ensure your success on the ASP.NET development project here are some tips,

  • Expansion of Your Team

In the IT industry better the manpower better will outcome of the result. Yes, it contradicts the proverb ‘Three cooks spoil a broth’. This is because in the case of IT industries everyone has their own assigned works. And as they have small time-oriented goals, they can focus on the particular work they are assigned for. This increases the efficiency and quality of the work in less time. Higher more person is also cost-effective rather higher one person to do all the work.

  • Taking help Of Professional Developers

One of the simplest ways to achieve success in this market is to hire skilled ASP.Net professionals. You will look for professionals having a better grasp of the ASP.Net framework. Along with that, they should have proper knowledge about VB.Net, J#, C#, and other technical languages. They can give a boost to the development project cycle of your company. This will be done as they will take care of designing, coding, and integration the application separately. Once you get the well-deserved group of professionals you will be one step ahead from your competitors in the market.

  • Hiring the Best Company

If you are out-sourcing your development works to any other company. You should be sure in every aspect. Some of those aspects like the altitude of services they provide, history of the company and the quality of performance they have proved.

You should be sure as the deal you’re fixing with a development company involves a lot of investment. Remember if a development company can take your organization to a high level of success. Then on the other hand they can lead your organization to downfall.

If you are a long-time partner with a well-reputed development company. They will not only give you success but also will take care of other aspects. This includes adding new content or articles, maintaining and providing updates to your application or website.

  • Ensure Your Development Process to be Smooth

A particular development process is considered to succeed only if the client gets satisfied with the product. The only way to achieve that is by providing better designing and coding and faultless services on the website or application.

The designing of the website should be done in such a way that it can be browsed from any type of screen. Usually, the websites are not created for smaller screens like mobiles. But nowadays everyone has a mobile and 65% of browsing are done through mobiles only. A better website can be read without zooming the words and scrolling vertically.

If your website is not optimized enough it can affect your rankings on the search engines.

  • Role of Teamwork and Communication

In order to be the best web development company, you should have a better team and communication among the peoples of the organization. A better communication skill will also help you to interact and convince your client to seal the deal. Moreover, if the communication among your employees is good then also it will help to form better teamwork. This teamwork will help to reach your targets timely and deliver the right product to your client. Remember if there is a delay in the time of delivery, your company can be derailed from the way to success.

Conclusion- With a serious amount of research and hard work you could gain success. But if you have a great team of ASP.Net professionals you can reach your goals seamlessly. You just have to hire the right person or company for your web development works.