How much does web application development cost?

How much does web application development cost?

In today’s world where everything is rapidly getting digital, all the businesses are trying to have an online presence. Web applications have become vital as well as an essential component of the business. Web applications help enterprises to meet their goals and to pave the path of their success. All the online transactions that we see are the result of the web applications. Web applications are indispensable as they make the business to grow at a faster rate.

Web supplication is defined as the process through which application programs are created and which are delivered to the users with the help of internet. It is one of the rising trends in the business industry. As user experience is very important in business organizations, the focus of the business entities rests on making it better. Users like to browse through their mobile and computer as and when they like. This is why the need for the web application is felt so much. With the high penetration of internet and growing popularity of the IoT, the businesses are shifting their focus to the web application development.

Additionally, the customer demands also play a vital role in shaping the strategies of a business enterprise. Most of the customers prefer to browse anytime and anywhere; their inclination is moving towards the ‘apps’. This is the significant reason why most of the businesses are inclined towards web application development.

The biggest question that comes in mind while hiring web development services is the cost that one has to pay. Basically, the cost of creating a web app depends on the number of work hours that are put into it, multiplied by the hourly rate of the web development team. The number of hours needed to develop the web app depends on the nature of its complexities. A complex web app has many custom features that are needed to be incorporated into the web app.

Three things mainly affect the cost of web applications development:

  1. Complexity – A simple web application is the one where only one person manages the content, and there are no online payments made and no integrations are required. The best example of the same is an informational website about the company and the services that it provides. The complexity of the web application will increase if you want the users to register and add their own content on the application, if you want others to sell and buy on your website and if you want to localize your website for different geographical locations.

The bottom line is that the cost of the app will depend on the features that you want to add in the web application. The more features you like to add, the higher you will have to pay to the Web Development Company. Below are given a few standard features that influence the complexity of the web applications:

  • E-commerce features - Online bidding, payments options, allowing users to sell on your website.
  • Social networking features – Allowing registered users to interact with each other in the form of liking, sharing, commenting, messaging etc.
  • Operational features – Dashboard, admin panel, various access level for multiple users
  1. Time needed for app development – As the market of web development is very diverse; it’s difficult to keep track of their rates. The price of the app development is dependent on the business type and vendor type.

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  • Enterprise vendors – The category has 500-2000 employees who only work with the high budgets (six figures). The development starts at six months.
  • Upstart shops – The category has rising professionals who are new in the business, but they can be experts in whatever they do.
  • Bottom feeders – The category involves low-quality companies and the freelancers.

The cost will be shared among the several specialists who will work to develop your application. In other words, you can say it with a sense of certainty that the amount that you pay to Custom app development services will be allocated to the project manager, developers, and quality assurance Engineer etc.

Some business owners think that if a development team has more numbers of members, then they will be able to build a web application quickly, which is not true in all the cases. Development process follows strict order, and in most of the cases, you cannot do two works simultaneously. If you are hiring a company just because they have a large number of members in the team, you will end up paying more than required.

  1. Post-Release expenditure – Even when you have hired the best developers, post-release bugs are inevitable. The application is tested under conditions and scenarios that have been agreed upon with the clients. It is advisable to keep a part of the budget aside for the unforeseen bugs that can appear after the launch. Usually, about 10-25% of the budget is needed to keep for the bug fixing. Additional cost includes Domain name registration and getting hosting web app.