How much it cost to develop application like Airbnb- Travel

How much it cost to develop application like Airbnb- Travel

A project for app development starts with strategy creation along with fixation of the technical base for different operations. These are essential steps that are the most basic ground for future app development. In order to develop an application like Airbnb, you have to consider different features to know the cost of travel app development like Airbnb. Let’s have a look at these features.

1. Login and Registration

It is the most fundament part of the app. To start using it, you need to register as well as agree to the different conditions along with policies of the app. For custom app development services, it takes nearly 15 to 20 hours.

2. User Profile Creation

In the case of applications like Airbnb, there are two certainly specific profiles.

  1. Guest
  2. Host or owner of the place

Essentially, the users need to add their personal information to their profile like name, gender, contact information, personal description, the address of living as well as other optional information. Execution of this part takes nearly 20 hours.

3. Framework Setting

This feature allows users to customize along with easily configure all personal data as well as preferences such as:

  1. Updates notifications through SMS or Push.
  2. Wish-lists.
  3. Payment method along with currency.

This feature takes nearly 25 hours to create the complete infrastructure properly.

4. Filtering Element

In this way, once the user has registered and easily set up, the host needs to fix the placing details on the type of hosing that he is offering along with pricing, photos etc. In the particular guest mode, he needs to provide a wide variety of different options which allow the users to easily choose from, in order to find the best location. For example, it needs to have a number of people, locations that you want to visit, check-in and check-out dates, room type and price range. This feature can be easily inculcated in travel mobile app development in almost 25 hours.

5. Description of the Room

Once you have installed all of the necessary filters, you need to see an exhaustive list of the entire search results. Every item of this list has a detailed description of ratings, photos, reviews, and various available details. Mainly this feature makes a particular skeleton for the users to select an option which they like easily. It takes about 150 hours to develop.

6. Maps Implementation

It is a visual and easy alternative to search for the proper location. You can check different ones simply on a map and then tap to check if they seem important to you to stay near the site you like. It takes about 25 hours to frame this feature.

7. Signing up as a Host

In case you have certainly decided to rent out the place of your own, you have to create your own hosting account and fill in different necessary details, and then the app will start showing how much your room or apartment cost. It is a complete function which allows the hosts to place adverts and communicate with different potential visitors and offer booking and other types of stuff. It takes about 100 to 125 hours to develop.

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8. Messenger Feature

It is quite a meaningful tool for the communication purpose within the community. The Live Talk opportunity provides the users with the authenticity along with the reliability of the service as well as its participants. It takes about 40 hours to implement this feature easily.

Cost of Development

Overall, you need 600 hours to develop an application like Airbnb that also consists of testing, quality assurance as well as bug fixing. Once you have calculated the time of application development, you can choose any of the custom app development services. You can easily hire travel app developers in order to develop the app. The developers in Canada and US charges nearly $50 to $200 per hour. If you hire Indian developers, the charges range from $10 to $50 per hour. Depending on the choice of the developers and company, the average cost of development of an application like Airbnb can easily cost you around $10,000 to $120,000.


Travel apps are transforming the entire travel industry. You can develop an application like Airbnb easily. You should know the development cost of developing this type of app. You need to know the above-mentioned features to be inculcated. You can also add the cost of quality assurance, testing as well as bug fixing. Travel app development can be easily done cost-effectively by means of following the correct methodology. You should also follow the framework which is listed above to minimize the cost and also develop an application like Airbnb.