How Much Time Do Microsoft.Net Development Services Take?

The world of software and web development is ahead of the time we are living in. There are so many new technologies and frameworks that most people don’t even know about.

We see the results but the process, we don’t know anything about the process. One of the things that businesses are not adequately aware of is the time it takes to develop a website, software, or application. They don’t understand that every type of development has its characteristics, all of them use different frameworks. That is why the time to develop an application or a website by using them is also different. In this article, we will talk specifically about one of the greatest app and web development framework, .net.

Microsoft’s .net is reputed, has been there for a long time, and holds a special place in the hearts of developers. It has been there when there were only a few frameworks. It is the one used for Microsoft web application development. Microsoft still rolls out the update for this framework because it knows that it will always be used by the community. Many developers have done specialization in this framework because they know that this framework is better than a lot of new ones.

.Net Development Servies

A dot net development company works on highly engaging applications. The framework also allows the developers to include additional functionality as well, and this makes the apps better. This framework works on extensive APIs that make the development process even easier. Most “.net” developers are highly skilled, and the industry prepares all the developments.

Even after so many years, the demand for the applications that are built over the .net framework is high. The reason is the quality that it provides, the functionality, and the design of the applications. There are so many companies worldwide that are using .net in their development stack, These are big companies, and all of them are doing great because of the applications.

Why Companies Hire .NET Developers?

  • Credibility:

Companies want developers who can develop applications that are robust, scalable, and provide aesthetic solutions. They need a solution that can help them with all their business-related demands. This is something that .NET developers can do very easily. The developers are credible, and they work on the project with all their dedication making it the best in their capacity. There are many examples where the .NET developers have provided the best results worldwide in different projects. Developers who work with .NET have expertise over the subject matters, and hence they can develop applications that perfectly match the requirement of the users/businesses.

  • Experience:

Because the framework is old, there are many experienced developers in the market. Companies can find many experienced .NET developers if they want. The developers know the different types of applications and businesses, and they can add value to the business. They also understand that there are some situations that are not according to the plan. Because of their experience, they always have a good solution for those situations. New frameworks and their developers can’t do the same. They have to give a lot of time just to know how the framework can support them, where everything is already known to the developers.

  • Cost of Development:

Because of pre-developed components, the developers have to put in fewer efforts, and the cost of development becomes lesser. If we compare the cost of hiring a developer using a modern framework and a developer using .NET, it will come out that the .NET developer is within the budget. Most companies want a developer or a development company that comes within their budget, and If they have to spend more than what they plan, there might be financial problems in the future. The lower cost of development doesn’t affect the quality of the developed application. The developers are dedicated, and they make sure that they provide the best in their capacity.

  • Community:

The community of .NET developers is really big. The first reason is that it is developed by Microsoft and hence they already provide a big development community to it. Their developer keeps on finding ways to make this framework better. Because of the big community, the support for this is easily available. A Microsoft Technology Associate is always there to solve the issues that are faced by the developers. This increases the level of trust in the development companies and in-house developers working in other business organizations. There are many benefits of this big community, and one is that it is easy to find developers to hire, other is that the problems can be solved quickly.

  • Quality:

The quality of the applications made on top of .NET is great. This is the reason why .NET has survived till 2021, even with so many other frameworks in the market. Companies can be assured that their project will be developed in the best way. The companies that provide asp .net development services use the latest tools and techniques of web application development. With all the best practices, they train all their developers according to the international stands of web applications development.

All the above-mentioned points clear out the confusion that companies can have about hiring a .NET developer. Microsoft web app development teams are doing their best to keep the framework up to date with international standards. There are many frameworks that have been developed on top of this framework.

Benefits Of .NET Development

There are many benefits of developing a web application with .NET. Some of the most important are mentioned below with some description. This will help you understand why the framework is still used so extensively by so many development companies around the world:

  1. Efficient:

This framework follows an object-oriented model of development. And because of this model, the developers get to break it down into smaller pieces. This way different tasks can be assigned to different developers, and they can all start working on them. Now, when the team is working on different parts simultaneously, they will be able to increase their efficiency. Once all of them are done developing their individual part, they can all come together and just combine them. This will make it easy and will help them complete the development process early. This is something that most other development frameworks don’t allow their developers to do.

When developers have to develop things one after another, they have to give one part more time than it requires, and the full team is also not utilized. Some of the developers have to either sit idle or do small tasks that they could have done even if they were working on some other part. .NET is a framework that helps the development teams to work efficiently.

  1. Adaptable:

You can choose from a wide range of development languages to develop this framework. Some of the development languages that you can work with are C#, F#, C++, COBOL, Visual basic and some others. This makes this framework adaptable to so many development languages. It is possible because of CLR (Common Language Runtime). This manages a lot of aspects of asp .net, including security and memory. The developers can select the development language that they are comfortable with.

They can also create and run projects on multiple development environments by using this framework. These environments include phones and desktops. Even the companies providing cloud computing services can use this framework for their development purposes.

  1. Portability:

Earlier this framework was developed for developing applications for Windows. It is obvious knowing that the company that developed asp .net is Microsoft. Companies that provide asp .net development services can now develop for other platforms as well. The version that was released in the year 2016 allowed the development companies to develop for Linux, OS X, macOS, and Apache. This was something that brought back .net in the game. That was the time when every other framework was providing this benefit, and Microsoft didn’t wait for long. They also released the update in the least possible time and got the framework back in demand. Since then, a lot of companies that wanted a framework for multi-platform development have shifted to .NET because of all the qualities that it has.

  1. Big Development Community:

This has been mentioned in the article previously how the big development community helps both developers and the development companies. The community helps in making the framework better, helping the developer with any problem they face, providing support to new frameworks, etc. These are just some of the benefits that a developer gets because of the .net development community.

This community works dedicatedly, and because of them, only the framework has stayed till so long. Be it desktop, phone, web, or cloud integration services, the support for these is also provided to the companies. Most companies prefer the frameworks that have a big community working behind them. This assures them that no matter if something goes wrong, there are people who will handle it properly.

  1. Security:

Security of the applications that are developed with the help of the asp .net framework is tight. Microsoft understands that businesses that will use the framework will want great security. That is why they have added plugins and other things that enhance the security of the developed product. Also, the code of the project is protected so that no one can make any changes to it and stop the website altogether.

The updates also contain something about security. They make sure that no update comes out with improvement in the security constraints. Developers and hackers around the world are upgrading their skills. This is important because no business wants to compromise with the security of their application. There can be many damages to the business and the reputation of the company if any security breach happens. Both business and the development company will have to face a lot of consequences. To avoid all such problems, the development community makes sure that there are no loopholes in the security of the applications.

  1. Free Access:

Because this is an open-source development framework, it allows the developers to use every feature without paying anything. All that the businesses have to pay is for the effort that the developers put in. Their creativity, time and the efforts that they give, the skills that they use for their projects. There are many advantages that a development company or developer gets because of this free model. They can put in as much effort as they want and increase their profit because the framework is totally free to use.

  1. Dependability:

Organizations are now using the latest updates, and they can rely on it for their app development needs. This says that the framework is dependable as well. It offers the businesses option to scale up the applications, adjust them according to their needs and customize according to changes. These things can be done without much effort. The framework allows the developers to create applications that suit the demands of any business in the world. There is nothing that can’t be done with the help of this framework. Still, the developers are continuously working to improve this. The Microsoft Technology Associate team wants to improve the accessibility in the next versions.

Things To Know Before You Select The Right .NET Development Company

Not all organizations have their in-house development team, and hence they have to outsource their projects. This is why some companies may have to outsource their asp .net development project to some other company. But it is not easy to find a company that matches your demands. To make sure that the company that you have chosen is right for you, make sure you follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Your Requirements: The first thing that you need to do is, you need to list down all the things that you want in your project. Before hiring a dot net development company, you need to know what you want. If you can research about all the things that you require in that project and from the development company, you can move on to the next step. Before that, it is important to give time to find the requirements, as it is something that will let you and the development company know about the scope of the project. You can’t find the right company if you don’t know the requirement.
  2. Research About The Companies: After you know what you want from the companies, you need to know about all the companies that can fulfill your requirements. There are a lot of companies, and not all of them can suit your requirements. You need to properly research the companies to find some that fall in your budget, and that can understand your project as you want.

    Make a list of all the prospect companies and then research them individually. Know about the past projects they have done. Understand if they can communicate well or not by conducting some activities between them and your company. These things will let you understand about them. Try to take honest feedback from their past clients. Trusting a company based on its portfolio can be a dangerous option. The companies that provide asp .net development servicesnever show their weakness, and it is on you to find it out.
  3. Shortlist The Ones That Suit You Best: After you have listed down all the companies that match your requirement and budget, it is time for you to shortlist a few of them. These should be the ones that provide the best services at the least price. It will make sure that the quality of the product stays high and also the investment is low. You can also look at the companies that can understand your idea in the best way because even if those companies charge a bit more, or their developers are not as skilled as others, they can give their best. It is not about the command of the technology, the understanding of the subject matter is more important. This way, you will be able to find the best Microsoft web app development company for your project.
  4. Expertise: Once you shortlist the best companies, compare them on the basis of their expertise. Know if they have ever developed a similar web application before. If yes, is it under their area of expertise? It is always better that you choose the ones who have expertise on the subject you are dealing with. So, if you are an on-demand service then you need to find a company that has expertise in the same field. If you want to develop cloud-related software, then you need to find a company that provides cloud computing services.
  1. Cost: The next thing that you need to consider and look at closely is the cost. Understand what all things that they are charging for are. Make sure that there are no hidden charges that they are not showing while providing you with the estimate. This can lead to a disturbed budget when the development ends. The cost of development should match your budget, and this is important because you also need to fuel other projects of your organization. This is something that you need to pay attention to while you decide which company is best to partner with. Also, if you feel that some company is charging more than it should, you can also try to negotiate.

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  1. Support: The journey of a software development company doesn’t end with the deployment of the app. Your application might face issues after it is live on the application stores and for that, you might need support. It is always better to hire one company for development and support. The other companies might face difficulty in understanding the architecture, they will need time. That will not be the same with the company that has developed it. They will be able to understand the problem in the least possible time. Because they are the ones who developed the app, they can also find a solution to fix the problems in it. If your partner company is using cloud integration services, they might even do the maintenance remotely from their own office. This can increase efficiency.

How Much Time Do Microsoft .Net Development Services Take?

If we talk about the development of a web-based that is information base and has a database back-end, it can take anywhere between 2 to 3 months. Anything bigger than that can take more than four months. There is no company that can tell a general time because it all depends on the scope of the application. Your company needs to specify what all things are required in the application. There are so many things that are done to make an application perfect for the market. Even after the development is complete, the company might have to spend time in testing, and if there are errors, it can take even more time.

After that, it takes time to plan an event through which the application will be launched. It is important as it works great for the promotion of the application. A dot net development company can do everything fast because there are many pre-developed components. These components can be reused in web apps and desktop applications. This reduces the efforts that developers have to put in, and it also saves time.

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Mircosoft .NET companies work day and night to provide their clients with the best web and app development services. Microsoft and the community behind the framework are trying to make things better with every update. Taking about the time taken to develop an app or software, it all depends on the scope of the project. Also, it depends on the type of application.

If you have to develop a general-purpose application, you may find a lot of components pre-developed. The pre-developed components can be used in all the applications where they are required. The dot net developers community is trying to make more changes in order to reduce the development time. With time, the services will get better, and the organizations will also get more benefits.