How to hire developers in 2021?

How to hire developers in 2021?

In earlier times there was no option for businesses to have customized applications for their business that will have innovative features in them. In order to get the required results, the business owner will have to pay a huge amount. So in the case of small businesses, it was a tough situation as the amount of investment was increasing. But now this is not the case. When you are talking about enterprise applications in the current year, the job is very easy and many developers are choosing frameworks to fulfill the needs of the clients. is known to be a perfect mixture of models for web development that will be having all the services that are essential for building a web application for enterprises that will be robust in nature. This framework is a new one and was developed by Microsoft along with the .Net community. This framework basically runs on cross platforms, windows, and .Net framework. development services are in high demand but it is never easy to hire any developer or a development company that will be within your budget. You have to make a wise decision to choose the perfect one that will meet all your requirements and will help your business to shine bright.

Asp.Net core is known to be an open-source framework with the support of cross-platform that will be including CLI or Command Like Application. The former name is vNext and this core supports platforms like Linux, Mac, and windows. Cloud, mobile IoT based solutions are also supported by along with an environment of cloud-based. The is basically having features like high performance and is also lightweight which helps in developing core web applications. So this framework can be considered to be one of the best possible solutions for developing perfect enterprise applications.

Type of web development

Microsoft technology associate made sure that the company who are choosing development are choosing the most suitable ones. The three types of web development are-

  • MVC-this framework is used by almost around 15000 websites. This is a pattern of the model view controller and it helps the developer in delivering a good quality product and also to save time while managing the app’s complexity. Developers can customize the MVC pattern with behavior.
  • Web forms-this is basically used by developers when they want to build small but fast apps. This helps in giving the programmer more control. Less amount of coding is demanded. When compared to MVC for the same product development.
  • Web pages- this is the most simple one and helps the freshers in practicing PHP along with HTML. This is known to be the best for RAD or rapid application development similar to that of web forms. It can be maintained in an easy manner.

Benefits of technology

Today’s world is growing at rapid growth. Everyone is using the technical growth and want to lead an easy life. The same is the case for business owners. If a proper app is developed for their business then that can help them to earn more profit and attract more customers. Competition is there in each and every field and so you must be the best among the competitors so that people will choose you over your other competitors. There are various benefits of technology and some of the important benefits are given below-


Performance is the first and foremost thing that every company is looking for in their app which they are preparing with the help of developers. So here an important role is played by developers. A good developer will always help you in developing an app with high performance. If the developer is compiling the code, then it will automatically optimize it so that the performance is increased to a great extent. One of the major benefits of this part is that there is no need of changing the code. The optimization of the code is done directly by recompilation.

According to certain data and researches, it can be said that the performance of is almost 859 times faster when compared to previous performance records. These statistics are proof of long term trust and commitment to the development of the core web app by All you have to do is hire dot net developers who are dedicated to their work and is having proper knowledge in their field. If a proper developer is not hired then it may be difficult for you to get the maximum performance from your app.

After performance next coming updates. A job of a developer is not completed after just releasing the app. Updating the app is also important or else people might get bored by using an app that is outdated. Here comes the role of technology. It can be a little bit tricky for any developers to update new changes. If any new changes or updates are coming up then it becomes a compulsion for releasing a new version of the framework. For example, it can be said that MVC 5 came into the market after the introduction of routing which was the new attribute.

In the case of core, it can be said that the new updates are easily managed by NuGet packages. Now whenever a new package version of NuGet is released, the developers can easily make changes just by updating packages.

Command-line application

Command-line is provided by core that helps in supporting all famous platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac. A dot net development company can use the application of the command line for executing, creating as well as hosting various applications. This is one of the most important benefits which any other framework will lack.

Maintenance is easy

The language of helps the developers in coding less and developers are also able to optimize the structure of coding and make it with very less statement as much as possible. Coding is very less and so to maintain it is very easy. The key factor is to stay updated with the entire latest enhancement that is there in the programming language. It is very essential for any developer to know about the latest changes in language. If a developer learns the new changes then he or she can easily enhance the standards of maintenance.


The framework is basically a cross-platform framework and so it is very necessary that the services of technology are able to support all kinds of platforms. In simple words, it can be said that the app that has been developed is able to run easily on windows, Mac, and Linux that are built with the help of the framework. This is very beneficial for businesses because of the extended exposure on other platforms.

In the case of developing apps for cross-platforms, the developer will have to use the same code of C# for both frontends as well as backend. Standard libraries of .Net are there that will help the developers in developing the cross-platform app with maximum capabilities.

Support is there for cloud-based development

It is always a good idea to develop an application that is cloud-based. In the case of large enterprises, will be providing the development of different types of apps like IoT apps, web apps, mobile backend, and various others. And so it can be said that the core framework is known to be one of the best frameworks for business needs. will help in creating an amazing app whether you are having a small or a large business. 

How to hire developers?

As you have seen above about the benefits of seeking the technology of, a common question that will come to everyone’s mind is the way to hire developers. The process of hiring developers for technology must be in such a way that it will find an expert for developing your app and will be able to satisfy all your needs within the given time. Meeting the expectations is very important. There are many developers available in the market but to hire the best developers you will have to follow certain steps and they are-

Creating a detailed description of the job

An developer will be having various skillsets and are experts in their field. In order to find a way of navigating the sourcing world in a successful manner, for recognizing a talent that will fit your organization, you must create a job description that will be well-structured and detailed. The main focus in this step will be to communicate effectively about your requirements along with the scope of the job. There are times where you may get innovative and rely on an approach that is out-of-the-box for attracting attention to the listing of the job. Another important thing that you must keep in mind is that when you are emphasizing creation, that doesn’t mean that it will be taken away from the content of the description.

Specifying the model of hiring

There are basically three typical models on which all the enterprises have to rely when they are hiring the best web development company. The three models are given below-

  • Full time-this model means that a company is hiring any developer for a capacity of full-time. In this case, the hired developer will have to work from the premises of the company’s office similar to the rest of the staff. This model is very much effective when your requirement is for an on-going and long-term projects.
  • Fixed cost-this model means that the company will be paying the hired developer the fixed sum of money after they have completed developing their client’s app. This model is also very effective but not for long-term ones, it is effective when the company is having a one-time project and the requirements are extremely specific.
  • Freelance-this model means that when a company is hiring any freelance developer of, he will be paid on the basis of hours. This model is not effective in cases like the above ones, but still, there is effectiveness. When a company is having immediate requirements and there is no time to go through a process of hiring than this model becomes very useful.

You will have to think about your requirements whether you want a developer for long-term, or for short time and then you can select from the above three models about which type of models is best suited for your needs. Microsoft application development is not easy and so you must not hurry when you are choosing the models for hiring a developer for your company.

Directing search on the platforms that are right

This point is considered to be very important and if this point is not given proper importance then the company may waste time while they are hiring a developer for developing an app by using the framework. The company must have some ideas about where to make a search for the developers that they are hiring. It is very important for the company to research work in order to find out about the jo platforms or boards that maximum developers are using. After knowing this you can easily direct the hunt of developers in these sources.

It is very important to understand the place of knowing the big fish or else casting a net will just be a waste of time. This will help you in getting promising talent for your company that will create a successful end product. It is important to remember that there are many developers in the mind but the numbers of quality developers are less in amount.

Verifying the skills of a developer

After going through the above processes, you will be receiving applications about the developers and now you can choose the best developers who are having a good experience, skills, and many other factors. It is not a good idea to chose candidates or developers by going through their resumes. As everyone will have hyperbolic abilities in their resume. It is better to do a proper test run for each and every developer and then filter out the candidates who are most promising.

If you are not having any technical idea then you can easily choose a tech team that will help you in setting up and analyzing the test run for the developers. This procedure is time-tested so that you don’t miss any candidate who is promising just because their resume is not good enough.

Conduct interviews

After going through the above process, it is very important to conduct an interview process. After getting the creamy ones from the vast pool, now comes the time for interviewing and select the best developer for your company. The hiring team of the company will be setting up the general interview for you and you can see if you are having an investment for this process.

After going through the general interview, the passed candidates or developers will have to go through a technical interview that will help in keeping the focus on the candidate's grasp area over which they are expertise. The main focus of this interview should be on-

  • Accomplishment-talking about the previous experience of the developer and asking them in a detailed way about the products they have already worked on and also about the processes, tools, and approaches they have used for their different products. This factor is very crucial as this will help you to know whether the developer is suitable for your work or not. Experience can be known to be the key skill of any developer and only a developer who is having proper experience will be able to handle the complex intricacies of the process of development.
  • Technical know-how-it is also very important to check the understanding of the developers about the latest trends along with the advancement in the field of technology. A developer can only be known as a good developer if he or she remains updated on new upgrades and languages in their work field. Moreover, a good developer must also try to incorporate them into their work body.
  • Understanding of your business-this factor is very important. You must know whether the candidates understand the ethos of your business or not. If a developer does not understand your business ethos then he or she won’t be able to deliver the work which you need. So it is also very important for the developers to co-relating the job scope for which they are interviewing for the goals of your business. It is important that the developer whom a company is hiring must have the capability of syncing with the deliverables and goals that the company is having in mind.
  • Basics-basics are the things that are essential in every field of work and in order to know someone’s capability it is always essential to check the basics. Similarly, in the case of hiring a developer for a company, it is very essential for the company to check the developer’s real depth about the understanding of their work. It is essential to discuss in detail the different aspects of the process of development. Moreover, it is also essential to talk about the frameworks to clearly know about the basics of the developer who is being hired.
  • Discussing SQL databases-the outcome of any application development is governed by this thing and this is considered to be one of the most crucial aspects. It is very essential for a company to discuss advanced techs of databases like MYSQL, .NET developer Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and many others. After going through proper discussion you must decide whether the developer is having proper knowledge in these fields and depending on these things you can easily select which developer to hire for your company and which developer not to hire.
  • Accessing skills of communication-everyone may be a good developer but all developers must not have good communication skills. Communication skills are something that is essential in every field of work. This skill is known to be an important part of the job of developers. This is essential because the developers will not only have to communicate with the members of the team but will also have to communicate with the outside tech teams for understanding the project requirement. There are some cases where the skilled .net developers will have to establish interaction with third-party clients in a regular manner.

Sealing the deal

After completing all the steps that have been mentioned above, there are around three to four developers in your hand who are having great skills and will satisfy the needs of your company. Now comes the main part where you will have to spell out all the details like total hours of working, expected pay, the deadline for submitting the product, and many more. It is very important for a good company to keep two to three candidates in the blend at this stage as this will help to save the hassle of going through the whole process of hiring again when the terms that are proposed by the company are not accepted by the developer. In this case, it will become very easy for a company to just choose another developer who is shortlisted.

Now after completing the process of selection you will get the developer as per your choice and now when both company and the developer are on a similar page regarding the job terms, this is known to be the end of all the tiring process of hiring a perfect developer. Signing the contract from the developer will help in sealing the deal between the company and the developer.


The above steps are very important which you must follow in order to hire the best developers for your company that will help you to become the best among the competitor in the market.