How Xamarin is better than other cross platform technologies ?

How Xamarin is better than other cross platform technologies ?

About Xamarin

In this new era of mobile communication mobile technologies are growing rapidly. The problem is with applications for all of those different operating systems is that for developing the same application for different platform we have to write code for all platform. to overcome writing code for all separate platform Xamarin is the best option for single code-base.

Xamarin is a cross platform development technology by Microsoft. Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned San Francisco, California based software company founded in May 2011 by the some engineers that created Mono, Mono for Android and MonoTouch. Where Developers can build the native user interfaces for iOS, Android and UWP using single code-base with C# there are Less platform-specific code is required. It also provides a way for user to use platform specific customization of any native controls using Renderers and dependency services.

XAML UI is not complex and easy to learn compare to other platform specific layout.

If we are thinking about developer point of view if developers are a C# developer than why he care about Java, Object C or swift to create application for Android, iOS and windows application, developer can create app for all those environment. Developer can use a common logic in PCL or shared project and use that on all three platform.

if we are thinking about Organization no need to hire Java and Objective C developer for android and iOS platform because C# works for all platform. So C# developer is able to create app for all three environment.

By using the Xamarin.Forms, Developers can share almost 80-90% of code across all the platform.

So, we can say that Xamarin.Forms is best approach for cross platform.

Benefits of Xamarin

Code Re-usability

Xamarin.Forms provide the facility of code re-usability, when engineer develop the application by using Xamarin.Forms then need to implement design and functionality only one place which is called PCL Library and use all platforms like Android, iOS and UWP.


This plate-form used for develop two major products like Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS. When developer create the app for iOS plate-form then source code compile directly into native ARM assembly code, while developer create app for Android platform, first source code will compiled into Intermediate Language and then compile into native assembly code at run-time. In both case, Process is handle the some issues like Garbage Collection, Memory Management and inter-operability.

Platform SDK

Xamarin provides us to access the platform-specific SDKs for all three environment(Android,iOS and UWP).

Platform specific code mapping

In most of cases when user want to implement platform specific design and functionality then Xamarin also provides a way for user, to use platform specific customization of any native controls using Renderers and dependency services like map integration, bar-code scanning.

Wearable device support

User can also building apps for Apple and Android Watch devicesfor building app. Developers can use Visual Studio both for Mac and Windows.Also, Xamarin fully supports Android watch / band.

Project architecture

When developer want to create app in Xamarin.Forms then system will create a architecture which have below project inside the one solution.

  1. DotNET Standard, PCL or Shared Project
  2. Android Project
  3. iOS Project
  4. UWP Project

.NET Standard, PCL or Shared Project is contains of all UI and business logic, which is used to all project like Android, iOS and UWP.

Developer can put the platform dependent code like Renderers or Dependency Services inside respective project

Single Code base

In Xamarin.forms we share almost 80-90% of code across the all platform using single code base c#.there are Less platform-specific code is required because all user interface and business logics define into the PCL. If developer want to create app for platform specific then user no need to learn particular technology like java, Objective C or Swift. Developer can use a common logic in PCL or shared project and use that on all three platform.

Hardware support

Xamarin complies the project and generate apps platforms specific Which give the app full access and support of hardware at native level, as it has huge APIs and plugins for fully native hardware an common APIs or plugins work for all platforms devices having common functionality. Hence developer can get access and customize resources use at native level.

Open Source technology with strong corporate support

Xamarin was more changed his licensing policies, Now its some functionality like Xamarin SDK, including run-time, libraries, and command line tools is open source and available for all under MIT license which is part of Visual Studio.


Xamarin.forms is more maintanable because of its cross platform features user can simply update or change into the source code inside the PCL they will be applied on all three platforms.No need to change in particular platform.Because in Xamaein.forms we share the business logic and UI across the all platform. it will autocratically update all related platform like android,ios and UWP.As it will share Business login and UI with all platform it is easy to maintainable,Time saving and cheaper then other technologis available in market for hybrid.

Xamarin.From application development approach

With xamarin developer can Develop mobile apps by using one of these two approaches

  1. Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS
  2. Xamarin.Forms

Developing application for cross-platforms Xamarin introduce Xamarin.Forms. Its enable quick prototyping or producing apps having less dependencies over platforms or we can say less platform-specific functionality Here code/business logic are share among cross platforms with custom UI.

Plugin & APIs

Xamarin provide the facility to access the hardware devices by using plugins and APIs. And it also give the flexibility to the developer to use native libraries.


Xamarin Live Player is the new concept, provided by the xamarin it makes developer able to test and debug our app and those changes instant reflect on the physical device.


When its comes to the reliability xamarin.forms is very comfortable and reliable because it was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 and as of today has over 1.3M+ developers in over 120 countries. So we can say it is reliable and well-maintained

Xamarin University

Xamarin provides us Xamarin university for user interaction mobile development training provides by users for easily understanding about the technologies step by step.Developer can also share the problems and solutions with the other developers by a xamarin forums.

Xamarin Comparison with other Cross platform

Xamarin is built for C# coding, so typically attracts fans who appreciate the power of C# on mobile devices. They also check the ability to leverage Visual Studio and the complete lack of JavaScript as pros.Xamain performance is better than other two.

Ionic is most popular with Angular developers, who list rapid prototyping and its ability to reuse front end Angular code on mobile as pros.

Phone gap is backed by Adobe; developers call it easy and developer friendly and appreciate that it’s not bound to a specific framework.





Code Portability

Xamarin developer worked on single PCL project and share among the all platform for development

Native Apps developer worked on single platform only.So developer need to worked each platform individually.

Phonegap application also developed on the single codebase and that shared across different platform. But, need configuration to work on different platform.

Development Cost

Development cost is less as compare to native development. Because single developer can work for the different platform.

Development cost is high for the native application. Since, we have to employ developer for each platform to work on.

Phonegap application needs a designer and developer for the development.So, its cost far less than the native and more than Xamarin development.

Development Time

Development time is far less than the native development in Xamarin. Since, single codebase shared among different platform.

Development time for the native application is high as development time vary for different platform.

Development cost is less than the native application and more or equal to Xamarin development.

Development Language

Development language remain same the each platform.

For each Platform, development language differ.

Here development language remain same. But, developer needs to work in collaboration with designer for development.


Maintenace cost is far less than the native as a single developer can look after the enhancement or maintenance.

Maintenance cost for the native is high as we have have deal with different developer for each platform.

Maintenance cost is less than the native application. but, it cost more than the xamarin as we have to employ designer and developer for the work.

Code Re-usability

Since single codebase is shared among different platform. So, single codebase can work for different platform.

No Code Reusability cannot be accomplish in the native application

Phonegap application also share the codebase for different platform.


App store

Application distribution is done from App store

App Store

Offline Mode

Xamarin application also support offline mode through caching.

Offline mode is supported in native application

Offline Mode is not supported in phonegap application.

Cross Platform Support




User Interface

User interface is more or less same as the native application.

Rich user interface is accomplish in native application.

Web development technology is employed for development, so, a mobile end Rich UI can't be met in phoneGap.

Device Level Access

Device level access is less than the native application. But, it is far more better than the other cross platform development.

Device level access is high, as development is done natively for each platform.

Device level access is far less than native application.


Xamarin is the best platform to develop the hybrid application. Xamarin is more focus on code sharing, easy to manage the user interface, time saving and cheapest as compared to other cross-platform technology and also Xamarin provides more benefits compare to other hybrid technology like Code re-usability, Maintainability, test-ability etc. That’s why we can say that Xamarin is best Cross-platform technology to develop the hybrid application.