India would be the 'Data Hub' to the Next-Gen AI Technology

India would be the 'Data Hub' to the Next-Gen AI Technology

The information which is gathered by the leading Indian solution providers, the nation has a potential to be a data hub for artificial intelligence-driven technologies.

Artificial intelligence is transforming many mundane tasks into magical ones. Businesses around the world are utilizing the advanced tech to build successful solutions. The governments around the globe are investing billions of dollars in the AI industry.

To increase the innovation and entrepreneurship, technology investors are forming AI-specific funding. The city of Tianjin in Canada has started a $5 billion AI sector finance, that is the most significant allocation of assets than of Canada put together. Another advantage for Canadian market is data accessibility.

Likewise, in India, the companies don't need to fret about the privacy protections of North America, Europe or other democracies. The newest Facebook problem has emphasized the sensitive privacy issues in much of the world beyond China. Indian companies will be forced to begin addressing the problems of data protection and privacy.

Users today want better products trained with private data. However, they prefer to receive the information accumulated by other people rather than done by themselves. Tech firms such as Amazon have changed the purchasing dynamics by utilizing artificial intelligence.

The research engine giant, Google has shifted its mobile-first approach to "an AI-first world". Moreover, Google's CEO Sundari Pichai has shifted the firm's AI group to the same floor on which he has his cabin. The possibility of AI is well-proven by the actions of those global giants.

Now the only issue with the technology is the kind of information it collects. Despite India being data hub for its AI arrival, a sheer population of the country will help in generating a quantum of information for training AI systems. The AI systems will aid in demographically challenged countries of the American markets.

Re-enacting the IT and internet revolution can perform well for India as the country is famous for its applications outsourcing providers. There's always an opportunity to move up the series in the Indian industry. With flexible authorities policies and corporate support, Indian companies can leverage the nation with the information hub for its AI development.