Key Reasons to Outsource Web Development

Key Reasons to Outsource Web Development

You might be considering to outsource your website development project to the best web development company you can find to save your costs, efforts, and time while getting the best of the web development from the industry experts. There may be many confusions in your mind. To help you out and assist you in better and informed decision making, here is a quick and easy guide to outsourcing of web, sitecore, software, web, and website development services.

In this blog, I will discuss everything you must know about the calculations, costs, savings, and ways to save more for building a successful and long-lasting outsourcing relationship. If you are looking for website or web application development, you may choose to do it in-house (by hiring competent and experienced resources) or simply outsource the task to a professional website/web app development company.

For web or website development in-house, you will need to hire a team of professional and skilled developers, UI/UX experts, testers, etc. This may be a good idea if you are going to develop several applications in near future for your company or other businesses as well. But, if you are planning to do this just for developing your app or website, I don’t really think it is a cost-effective or wise decision. Let me tell you why? The first thing is that you will have to spend a lot of time, money, and efforts on screening, shortlisting, and recruiting the right resources. Then, you will have to arrange for their training about your product and other aspects of your business. And, all the time that they spend in learning about your business and/or product is going to be counted as your (company’s paid) time. In other worlds, you will end up spending a lot of time and money on the recruitment, training, and maintenance of these resources. Despite all, you cannot be sure that these people will be able to meet the quality and expertise of the professional web and website development companies.

On the other hand, outsourcing web, website, software, sitecore, and/or CMS development services turns out to be a highly viable and sensible option for business that need these services only for their particular products. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a startup, or an SMB owner, or even an established business, you may gain a lot by outsourcing compared to getting the job done in-house. But if you are confused about IT outsourcing as you don’t already know about it, you may wonder:

Should I outsource web development for my business?

Why should I consider outsourcing rather than hiring full-time, in-house resources?

Will an in-house team be a better option than hiring a web or custom software development company?

Let’s try to find answers to all these and similar questions so you can decide better and choose better when it comes to your next or upcoming web, website, or software development project. Outsourcing has proved to be a better and beneficial proposition for a vast majority of businesses in comparison to going for in-house development. There are several reasons why outsourcing may be the right option for you whether you are looking for web development, website design and development, sitecore CMS development, CMS, or custom software development.

Some of the most compelling and genuine reasons that support outsourcing as a better choice than in-house development are discussed below for your quick reference:

Highly affordable

If you compare it with the in-house development, outsourcing web or website development to the professional web andwebsite development servicesproviders has great cost advantage. This is mainly because of the availability of cheaper yet highly skilled developers in other countries than the European. Their hourly rates are influenced by the cost of living in such countries, such as India. While you have to pay less, it doesn’t mean you will get inferior quality work in any way. Remember, the developers in these countries may charge you less only because of the lower cost-of-living in these countries and that has nothing to do with their skills, expertise, competence, abilities, or professional approach in the domain.

Countries, such as India, are renowned for having some of the best and extremely skilled web, website, and software developers in the world – a lot of these find full-time jobs in other countries and migrate while there is still a huge pool of talented individuals who serve international businesses remotely from India.

When you avail the outsourcing services of an IT, web, website, or sitecore development company, you can be sure that you are connecting with a team of highly competent and capable developers equipped with the knowledge of latest tools and technologies. You don’t have to rent or purchase and office space, spend on the maintenance of office facility, pay bills, train employees, appraise them, or pay the monthly salaries or benefits to these employees. The money you save this way can be better utilized for your business growth. If you own a small business or startup, then I am sure you will value the money you are going to save and the huge impact it may have on your overall business.

Cost benefits tend to be a huge motivation behind the countless businesses outsourcing their website, web, mobile, and software development these days. In fact, the concept of outsourcing started with the idea of “cost management” only and to get the best work done at the lowest cost possible. If you live in the USA, UK, or Europe, then probably you already know how much does it cost to hire a team of software or web and website developers in these countries. In sharp contrast, you save significantly big amount of money every month if you choose to outsource your task to a software, web, or website development services provider.

Global talent is accessible

To build website or web and mobile apps that look and feel great and perform as desired, you need highly skilled, expert, and experienced professionals who have already done it for several businesses. When you opt for outsourcing, you get to choose among the best UI/UX designers, developers, and professionals who fit your budget and need of skillset for the project.

Now if you think of setting up such a team right in your office, you will have to invest a heavy amount of time, money, and hassle on it. Needless to say, hiring the professionals that meet your business needs is a time consuming and challenging task. The process involves searching for the candidates, screening their resumes, conducting interviews, etc.

On the other hand, your outsourcing service provider will provide you immediate access to highly skilled and competent professionals who are ready to work on any project and deliver it successfully with the best quality expected. You can hire a team of backend and frontend developers, based on your project needs, for outsourcing your software, web, website development work.

For example, you have a complex, large web project that needs high-level product experts and you just cannot find them in your native place. What to do then? Screening and hiring professionals for your office may take weeks and, sometimes, even months. Despite all, there is no guarantee that you will get what you are looking for. Even if you have a handful few resources available in your area, I am sure you can easily find hundred times more professionals with the same or higher levels of expertise if you choose to outsource.

Also, if you hire an in-house team of professionals, you will have to deal with various recruitment issues, spend time, resources, and money on team management, training, etc. Whereas your outsourcing company will take care of all these on your behalf as they need to stay competent to be able to get more projects from global clients.

Focus exclusively on your business

Website, web, or software development when attempted in-house with limited resources may eat up a lot of time and may need all your attention on many aspects. You have to be cautious about the time they spend on the project and whether they are truly following the best practices of coding or not? You will have to double check if the in-house team is able to meet the quality standards. Furthermore, you will have to test the product and fix all the bugs in your office that again consumes a lot of time.

The entire process turns out to be quite challenging thereby distracting your focus from your core business, which may have seriously negative impact on your business. You may save yourself from these hassles and focus exclusively on your core business by hiring web, website, and software development experts at the custom software development company. The team of software, web, website experts, and QA specialists at these companies ensure that you get your product developed as per the best of your specifications and international quality standards. While your outsourcing partner takes care of your product development, you can focus on other important aspects of your business such as product launch, marketing, and promotion. What say?

Increase efficiency in less time

When you outsource your product development, you are ensuring that you save all the time that you would otherwise spend on setting up an in-house team and project. If you think it is going to be complex, let me tell you working with these outsourcing companies is very easy. All you need is connect with your outsourcing partner, communicate your project requirements clearly, and let the experts take care of your project.

Since the experienced and expert developers will work on the project, you will get the solution developed and delivered to you within considerably short period of time in comparison to your in-house team. Offshore developers will leverage the difference of time-zones to provide you with a continuous work cycle, if required. Hence, by outsourcing, you can easily accomplish your simple to complex projects within a very short time and with great efficiency.

Also, if you have an in-house team of developers, you cannot be sure whether they are universally competitive and up-to-date in their realm or not? Since they might be working only on your in-house projects for long with no exposure to global trends in the development sphere, developing engaging web, software, and mobile solutions that meet the market needs and trends may become a challenge for them.

Since the competition is fierce in the marketplace, especially now in the post COVID-19 times, an outsourced development agency has to stay abreast of the latest technologies & trends for staying employed and continue to get work from global businesses. Needless to say, these developers are able to deliver better quality products with their ever-updated knowledge and skills.

Get access to robust infrastructure, best of technology

Offshore developers use the latest tools and technologies to continue improving themselves in the domain and they follow the best practices of coding and strict quality assurance standards. So, these remote developers can help you get access to the latest features for your product development.To ensure their developers and designers are always in sync with the latest technologies and tools in the industry, outsourcing service companies provide regular training to these resources. Remote developers have to attend events and seminars on latest technologies and trends. On the other hand, full-time, in-house resources tend to take their job for granted and do not bother to upgrade or polish their skills.

Choose from various engagement models

Another great thing about outsourcing software, web, website development servicesis that you can take their help at any stage of your project. For example, if you have a small business or a startup and want to focus on the MVP (minimum viable product) development, you can benefit immensely by hiring an outsourced development team rather than going for investing in in-house resources and setup.

Mid-sized businesses, however, can hire the versatile and highly skilled web outsourcing developers, designers, QA experts, and other team members on a monthly basis. Adjustability of team considering your business needs and scalability is an amazing feature of this option.

The other popular model is to hire full-time, dedicated, remote resources where the outsourced team behaves as a department in your office (but working remotely from their own premises).

Depending on your business needs and budget, you can choose from the engagement models available with your offshore company.

Get outstanding value for money

When you hire in-house resources for your project, you may have to spend a lot of time on quality assurance. These issues may arise, especially if your team isn’t experienced or adept to take the onwership of ensuring the best standards of quality.

Quite the reverse, if you outsource, your project is developed and managed by the industry experts. These professionals bring along a lot ofknowledge, experience, and skills in the domain and they work to ensure you get outstanding quality. So, you can get the final product that is great in terms of quality and robust, feature-rich, and scalable.

Scale up or down your team sizes as needed

You may easily scale up or down your team size depending on your project needs. You can easily expand or shrink your team of experts if you outsource. But if you hire in-house staff, you will have to wait for their successful onboarding before getting them to work on the project. In short, you can easily change your project team size by adding or removing team members. Nobody will question you as the remote, offshore companies know that the project requirements may change and that may affect the team size as well.

Get expert help and support when needed

Your in-house team may work with all the dedication on your project and even deliver you the desired product on time. But then you will have to spend more time and resources on the maintenance and upgradation of the product from time-to-time. Hence, you will have to continue employing some of the specialists on a permanent basis for your business. In other words, you will keep paying them even when you have no valuable work for them. This turns out to be a costly proposition.

Once you have outsourced your project, your offshore partner can continue to offer the required support for your project on an as and when needed basis. This way you can quickly get expert help if there is a technical issue in your product and have it resolved by the experts without having to hire them on a permanent basis as is the case with in-house employees. Some outsourcing companies offer packages that include complete project maintenance and support as well. So, you can get support free of cost when needed.

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Get your project completed on time

Inability to complete the project and take the product to the market on time can lead to the failure of your venture itself. As an entrepreneur, I am sure you already know how important role timely delivery plays in businesses. Startups, particularly, are more concerned about speedy completion of their projects and timely delivery is highly important for such businesses. The time factor is a major contributor in the success of a startups so to speak. The shorter is the time to take your product to the market, the better it is for your business. Can you bear with the mediocre time-efficiency when highly productive resources can make it far better and faster for you? Considering the holidays, weekends, sick and other leaves, plus other non-productive days, your in-house team may take it longer than your expectations to make your product real. The outsourced team operates on a completely different schedule. They are almost always ready to work full-time even if it’s a holiday for you. As a result, the development process is sped up and you get a competitive edge without having to pay overtime.

Get all experts working for you as a team

If we talk about a web or software solution, then it is important to understand that you do not need only the developers to accomplish the task. The project will require highly proficient and capable designers, UI/UX experts, QA specialists, and other IT experts for ensuring the final product is bug-free and performs as expected and desired. You will also require expert project managers to ensure smooth progress of the project. If you attempt to do it in-house, then you should be ready to shell out a lot of money and spend a lot of time & effort on all these resources as well. This turns out to be a highly cumbersome and costly proposition.

Outsourcing companies, on the other hand, provide all these experts right in one place. Hence, an outsourcing software, web, or website development services provider can create an appealing and high-performing website, web app, or software solution easily and efficiently in comparison to your in-house team.

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Summing up

When you hire an in-house team of web, software, and website developers, you are not only bringing in a lot of talent on the floor but you are inviting a huge liability as well. Yes, hiring full-time resources in your office simply means paying them on a monthly basis, providing them with holidays, weekends, and paid leaves, insurance, and other benefits. Furthermore, you cannot expect them to be available for your work during holidays (at least in most cases). Even if you manage to get them to work for you on weekends or public holidays, they will do it half heatedly. As a result, you will not get the quality of work you aimed at while hiring these highly skilled resources.

Other than this, you will have to spend a lot of time, money, and efforts in supervising, mentoring, and monitoring these people. However, with your offshore development services provider, you can say goodbye to all these hassles and stresses once and for all. You can choose from various engagement models to adjust your cost and project requirements.

Furthermore, there is enough room for improvement when you hire an outsourcing company to take care of your product development. Countless businesses are benefitting from outsourcing their web, website, and custom software development work to the experts these days. You may also join them and avail all the above discussed benefits.