Looking for Best .NET E-Commerce Platform for Your Online Business? Here’s Your Answer!

Looking for Best .NET E-Commerce Platform for Your Online Business? Here’s Your Answer!

Are you gearing up for your retail business to go online with a .NET based e-commerce solution? Then you have a complex decision to make since there are many choices when it comes to .NET e-commerce platforms. Seeking .NET development services for your e-commerce website would require selecting one of these many platforms in order for it to become the driving force behind your online business.

This article will make this choice easy for you, since we’ll be looking at one .NET e-commerce platform that clearly stands out from the rest due to its exceptional range of benefits and qualities. The platform we are talking about is NopCommerce, which is based on ASP.NET MVC 4.0. If we talk about relying on dot net programming for e-commerce development, then NopCommerce can be considered as the most popular choice of e-commerce software out there.

Take a look at the benefits of NopCommerce that make it the best .NET based e-commerce platform:

Support for Multiple Stores

For businesses that want to run multiple stores with minimal back-end hassles will benefit from the multi-store feature offered by NopCommerce. What this feature means is that NopCommerce makes it possible to run and maintain several storefonts that all link back to one admin section and back-end system. With only one NopCommerce installation, you’ll be able to host several stores belonging to varying domains and manage all these different stores via a single admin section. The convenience thus afforded is superb.

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Whether it’s templates, blogs, or news, you’ll be able to manage these important configurations for each store individually. At the same time, you can also have the databases for different stores consolidated into one instance such that there is a common database at the back-end serving all the stores. This functionality could come in handy if there is some information that the multiple stores have in common, like product attributes and catalog data.

Perfect for Sales Across the Globe

If you plan to take your e-commerce business to a global scale where customers from all around the world are able to shop from your website, then NopCommerce will give you the right support to make this happen. The platform has various features to handle global shipping easily. There are different methods available for shipping cost calculation for the sake of ensuring flexibility. If you want your products to be available to only one or select few countries, then you can set the shipping rules accordingly. The platform also allows for automatic creation of packaging slips.

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Fits Into Your Budget Easily

Cost is always a crucial factor to consider in any business initiative, thus holding true even with your e-commerce business. NopCommerce is an open-source e-commerce software, meaning there is no licensing fee associated with it.

The software is available to use for free. This brings down the total cost of ownership for you significantly. If you go for affordable yet high quality dot net programming services for making custom changes and integration in the software based on your store’s unique needs, you’ll be able to keep your software related costs manageable.

Customize It As You Like

Since your business needs are unique, you need an e-commerce platform like NopCommerce that understands this and gives you the ability to customize as you deem fit. You can leverage expert .NET development services to make your NopCommerce installation unique by adding various custom functionalities to it.

The modular and pluggable architecture of NopCommerce enables easy addition of elements and features to the app depending on specific needs. With the help of plugins you can personalize your NopCommerce store to a great extent, whether it is in terms of layouts or functionalities.

Ready for Mobile Devices

Mobile friendliness is a very important requirement today with e-commerce applications. While your store customers could be using a mobile device to shop, your store employees could be using a mobile device to perform any back-end related administrative operations. In both cases, end-user experience needs to be superior so that respective goals are accomplished.

NopCommerce helps in building e-commerce applications with responsive design applicable for the admin section as well as the application’s front-end. Your customers as well as employees may access the application using any mobile device and they’ll be greeted by a fantastic application browsing experience.

Smooth Payment and Checkout Process

Once customers are ready to finish their purchase, they expect a smooth payment and checkout process to lead the way for them. If this process isn’t smooth, it is very much likely that customers leave the store without completing their purchase. With NopCommerce you wouldn’t have to worry about this, since the platform offers you many ways to make the payment and checkout process on your e-commerce website as smooth and efficient as possible. The shopping cart is equipped with plenty of attractive features to facilitate simple and quick completion of purchase.

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