Sharepoint integration with Other Systems

Sharepoint Integration with Other Systems

What Sharepoint Integration Means

Sharepoint provide a collaboration environment for different departments and teams of employee can work together without expertise in any system. Its provides full controls on Complete organisation process and all systems use for different work are work together and provide management to take decisions based on specialized systems share data, reports in between.


Client wants CRM system with Sharepoint so they use office365 and enjoy the corporate active directory , existing platforms and workflows, for any company its very hard to develop his CRM system based on his custom requirement so they are looking for 3rd party systems like Salesforce,Ms Dynamics 365, SAP CRM & Every organisation required to integrate sharepoint with other system for fullfill their custom needs.

CRM integrations:Main Feature of CRM

  1. Customer information is in center location
  2. Its provide business intelligents
  3. Communication
  4. Data Analysis

Their are following CRM which can integrate with sharepoint

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Focus-industries are manufacturing,financial, retail, services and the public sector.
  • Salesforce. : Is a customer relations module, good for Sales & Marketing team

Sales force is taking low storage space but have very less document mgt capabilities due to this rely on an external document management system like sharepoint. Sharepoint content is in form of references in salesforce so no need to download large documents


Lower investment:

cost of sharepoint licence is more so its better to purchase office 365 and use other tools collaboration .

Cross department collaboration:

both allow different department team to sharedata and search for employee documentation & reports, its achieved by intranet part of sharepoint.

Knowledge Shareing:

Sharepoint by articles allow to share its customers and external users of sales force.

Large scale document : Sharepoint give 1 TB per organisation speace of store documents.

  • Pipedrive
  • BPM Online
  • Zoho CRM
  • amoCRM
  • Nimble
  • Oracle Sales Cloud are just some CRM platforms 

ERP integrations:

In big company they are using Big solutions for their day to day requirement and tyy some system will integrate and prevent unauthorised access or give limited access to . By integration erp system with sharepoint system company add collaboration of every business process. User can access system if he is out of office and can’t access ERP system.

ECM integration: 

  1. Oracle
  2. SAP
  3. Custom ERP
  4. Sage

ECM is stand for enterprise content management system. SharePoint integration with OpenText, Nuxeo, Laserfishe etc will enable employees to use a single sign-on in their content management environments.

SAP : SAP Master data, SAP Documents, Material Master,PLM etc integration with Sharepoint. You can share employee database between SAP and Sharepoint and if update from any one its will reflect the other side you build sharepoint list from SAP data and work on that list.

You can access data via Netweaver and Odata connections

DMS integration:

If you are in real state /construction business and want to manage your documents, files between different departments , vendors with proper security , versioning ,easy sharing, version history , single signon then you need to use microsoft office 365 (One drive, Outlook, powerapps, Azure etc). SharePoint also supports other documents system onedrive,zoho etc

BI integration:

Sharepoint provide easy way to organized reports in centralized and share/distribute BI reports between user. Power BI is greate tools of Business integrations and its give both side report , table and relationship ,query joins data synchonization between powerBI and sharepoint site Report. But for Power BI we need licenced copy and RS 6400 is cost its costly but report,graph creation is too easy.Sql server Reporting we need Gateway 3rd party tools to access data table, Excel Reports are also integrate with Sharepoint.

ITSM integration

Sharepoint gives us ticketing system , we can intergrate jira, zendesk with sharepoint ,We can also integrate sharepoint with following

Email Intergration


Social media




Office 365










Microsoft team









Other systems

We can connect SP List to sql server, oracle, Mysql and sql Azure. Sharepoint is useful as database frontend. Sharepoint list update by Excel, Access ,Csv data via OLEDB and Open database connector (ODBC). we can connect SP with cloud-based apps via RSS,OData, SOAP, data from Amazon,Google

Business Data Connectivity Model : We can connect by Sharepoint designer and Visual studio, in BCS data stored in XML file so data editing is not easy, so its is required to knowledge with BCS files structure

API based Integrations: We can integrate server based and client base sharepoint with API like (sliver light client OM, . Net Client API, Javascript API and Rest API)

Hybrid Integration : We can utilize hybrid API within Microsoft on premises and cloud applications , in this type allow display office 365 Search result in sharepoint , connect exchange server with online in office 365

Custom Integrations :We can utlize custom assemblies , custom Event receivers to create intergration path for 3 party deployments.

By Sharepoint searchable data can be craw automatically we have following source for crawling data like Sharepoint site, websites, customer repository.