Sharepoint, Team Collaboration Software Tools

Sharepoint, Team Collaboration Software Tools

Why Is Employee Engagement Significant:

Employee engagement is a huge topic in the business world today. Many companies try to measure engagement levels with surveys, polls, etc. Managers scour the web for employee engagement ideas, activities, quotes, inspiration, and more. But does all that stuff work? Maybe to some degree. But more often than not, communication and interaction are all employees need to feel engaged in their work. When employees work together, engagement tends to increase, especially when using online collaboration tools. They can share their thoughts and bounce ideas off each other. They can update each other on their progress, and keep an open line of communication.

Engaged employees work harder, care about what they do, and are happier than those who feel constrained in their job. To enable better employee engagement. Teams, Calendars, ToDo, Skype for Business and lot more tools are there to make collaboration and engagement better.

Microsoft SharePoint:

Microsoft Share Point is a very useful tool for businesses which is used for data storage, collaboration and for document management. Sharepoint is one of the top business collaboration software today. SharePoint has gained significant recognition to build a sound collaborative system among most prominent organizations. its simplifies business processes, enhance productivity, accelerate growth & provides a secure internal information sharing platform.

According to Microsoft approximately 3.7 million employees now work from home, Remote work comes with specific challenges that need to be addressed with dedicated tools.


Collaboration is the key to executing work efficiently. When your team is out in the field, working from home or in a different office location problem arise to collaborate the information. Working documents can be edited online, accessed on multiple devices and shared with various users. Your staff can work together and communicate to complete work faster. The latest collaboration features allow real-time streaming of information in accessing and sharing information within an organization.

SharePoint brings everyone together to interact at all times, fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity. Either used as an intranet portal or document management solution, Share Point is a hub that makes company’s goals and metrics visible to all employees; offering a common space to urge discussions through forums and discussion boards.

Access From Anywhere

Why Need Sharepoint Collaboration Tool?


Data security is the first order of business for every organization. The integrated Security and Compliance module automatically creates user logs and can generate on-demand reports to ensure there are no data leaks


Public messengers like Facebook or WhatsApp could be used but there are drawbacks, SharePoint comes with integrated corporate intranet capabilities which ensure data privacy and are located in the same sandbox environment. 


Both SharePoint and SharePoint Online offer a wide range of customizations.

Document Management:

SharePoint allow collaboration on the same document, but it traces changes and has an in-built versioning system.


SharePoint project tracking tools make collaboration easy by avoiding the need to switch between different environments, with different security settings

Teams Collaboration

Here are five ways the application can help teams collaborate.

Team-only access 

One of the primary features of Microsoft SharePoint is its exclusivity, Only members specifically designated and authorized can access the documents located on their particular SharePoint serve. This gives employees the flexibility to have SharePoint instances for teams, departments, divisions, the entire enterprise, or even just for themselves as an individual.

Central location

SharePoint becomes the central virtual location where team members can meet. Team members can chat, video conference with Skype, set up and complete tasks, and compare calendars.

Simultaneous editing

Every document and every edit of a document is saved instantaneously and continuously to the cloud. The update is propagated to all devices and workstations connected to the network, keeping every team member up to date at all times.

Tasks set for the team

With SharePoint, the team leader has the tools necessary to set up individual tasks and then assign those tasks to team members. Task B can't be started until Task A is completed. SharePoint can reveal those dependent relationships to the entire team.

Shared calendar, notebook, chat, publish, and other tools

Teams can share a calendar to help plan their workload, use OneNote to document progress, and use Yammer to chat with members no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Enterprise Collaboration

Office 365 Groups:

SharePoint allows site admins to use Office 365 Groups when creating a new subsite. End users can access the new set of communication tools wherein multiple site members can collaborate and create their public or private workspaces. They can also access files, conversations, calendars, and connectors to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) services by clicking the group Conversations’ icon under the new site


PowerApps allow users to do a lot more than just creating and delivering mobile app-like UIs to SharePoint lists, with PowerApps, users can not only build mobile applications that interact with the business data without requiring any code but also gather data from various data sources and deliver it to end users’ mobile and tablet devices.

Microsoft Delve :

Delve is an excellent content discovery tool. Delve with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) recommends content to end users by SharePoint site activities. AI analyzes the content available within SharePoint to make recommendations.

Power BI:

Organizations employ PerformanceView, PowerView, Excel and other reporting services to showcase charts and dashboards

Work Flow: 

Increased demand for workflows that can extend beyond the SharePoint boundaries to merge into external online applications. create advanced workflows that can integrate with external services like Dynamics, Salesforce, Twitter and more

Microsoft Teams :

Microsoft Teams is the digital hub that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place. Promote equity and student voice with collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and communicate with staff - all from a single experience in Office 365 Education

Social Collaboration

My Site and Team site:

The interactive news feed can help users keep current with people and content through real-time micro-blog messages and status updates.

Community Site:

People can use the rich, forum-like experience in Community Sites to find and share information and ideas, find people with similar interests, and build reputation.

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