What Kind of Applications Can You Build Using Microsoft .NET Core?

What Kind of Applications Can You Build Using Microsoft .NET Core?

It has become an important job for every businessman to invest their money in software applications as this will help them in the marketing field. However, it is very important to have a business plan before developing a software application.

There are many people who are experts in their field but for the implementation of ideas, it is very important that the right tools and technologies are used. There are development teams or software architects who basically play an important role in understanding the best needs that can fit a person’s business.

Microsoft .Net core plays an important role in case of developing an app for the business. Asp.net development services are increasing in demand and this is because people prefer this framework to develop their app. People are not choosing this framework without any reason as there are many advantages that can help the developers as well as the client while developing a perfect app. Before knowing about the kinds of applications that can be built by using Microsoft .Net core, it is essential to know about the advantages of this framework. It is never easy to choose a perfect framework. But by seeing the advantages and the types of applications that can be developed by a framework can help a person to think about whether he wants that framework for app development or not.

Advantages of .Net Framework

Before starting to create any kind of application, people always have few things settled in their minds. The main advantages of this Microsoft .Net core are given below-

.Net Core is an Open-Source Framework

An open-source framework can easily increase the chances of success for a person who wants to develop his or her app. They can easily direct the budget to various services like marketing, change management, hosting, and training. The total cost of ownership is decreased. A business can evolve in an easy manner similar to that of the market without requiring bigger investments especially in those areas which do not bring any immediate return.

In the case of the open-source framework, .Net is known to be the highest velocity app framework. There are many developers using this framework and so this framework is optimized properly. The bugs are found out and fixed, features are added, and many ideas and implementations are contributed. The project of .net is known to be a project of the .net foundation. This is basically a non-profit organization that supports and fosters 25,000 contributors along with 55 active projects and 1700 companies. Passionate developers and encouraged communities are gathered by this foundation. The knowledge is basically shared around the world along with project guidance and mentorship. Moreover, open-source is also facilitated in the ecosystem of Microsoft.

The main meaning of this open-source is that all the developers are contributing towards a common goal. There were many huge names like JetBrains, Samsung, and RedHat which joined Microsoft in this initiative. This was basically to shape and guide the future of the .Net framework. For example, Samsung had done a major announcement about the collaboration with Microsoft for Tizen which is an open-source project. Because of this, they were able to reach a new set of developers with strong knowledge about technology that offered them in working with futuristic apps like smartphones, smart TVs, and IoT wearables.

Cross-Platform Framework

Because of the presence of a market, the budget of a business is never constant or linear. They are always evolving. The main thing that is targeted by the apps is the operating system. The decision is mainly driven by the end-users, the market, and the context and also by the development teams in some cases. It is important to add as many resources to servers as possible if at a certain time a person is required to support more users and this involves a bigger investment because of the introduction of a larger infrastructure. This process can be avoided easily by changing the hosting from Windows to Linux.

Before 2104 people use to stuck while developing a project by using .Net for windows regarding the licenses and infrastructural costs involved. Now switching was only possible when the development process is being done from the beginning. For this, a new platform is essential along with a new team of developers who are having new skills, and of course, there will be a new business investment. There are many cases where it was not possible to reuse the codes that have already been written and there will be challenges which the developers will face while porting the app.

Previously this .Net framework was only limited to windows but now it can be run on any platform and so it is being preferred by many developers. There are many hosting models that can be targeted like macOS, Windows, Linux or a developer can also run it with Docker. Depending on the context of the business, it can also be switched to any other platform. Microsoft .Net 2.2 will be having the ability to create its own server programmatically, with all responsibility and power that comes with it in terms of reliability and security. Only those features will be present which is required by a person and so this helps in getting flexibility on market. This is because any provider can be removed that are facing dependencies.

There have been many surveys and according to those surveys it can be said that this .Net framework is one of the most used frameworks. Moreover, it is also recommended as the second in rank in the case of server-side development framework where Node.js is holding the first place. But it can be said that the hype of backend JavaScr4ipt will soon be reduced as soon as many limitations will be found. The Microsoft .Net Core is also a cross-platform framework and is having the same codebase for the various operating systems which plays a major role in reducing the costs by removing the hassle of maintaining, developing, fixing, tracking, and also testing similar bugs in at least two places. This can be one of the main reasons for which dot net development companies are emerging.

The Framework is Matured Along With Widely Used Languages for Programming

The existence of this .Net framework is for around 18 years. This can be one of the main reasons for which millions of apps have been developed with the help of this framework. According to certain researches, it can be said that around 1.17 percent of websites have been developed by using this framework. Hire dot net developers who have proper knowledge in this field as coding in a certain language that is evolving and stable is known to be a major plus point for any developer. Day to day life is made easier and enjoyable. Moreover, productivity is increased along with the prevention of unwanted bugs. From the perspective of business, a C# developer is always successful in finding a way around JavaScript. If TypeScript is added to the picture then it becomes easier as a familiar coding experience is offered. There are many frontend developers who seek the use of TypeScript.

Security is Increased

In the case of any business, security is known to be a major concern. This factor is getting more and more highlighted in the current scenario. If an app is exposed over the web then it is considered to be a major thing. So one of the major concerns would be to protect this. The redirection of HTTPS was known to be the key when people were talking about security while protection against SQL injection, CSRF, for many developers. But now the architecture is modern and different with microservices and REST APIs looking at security that people used to. This is not at all enough in the current scenario.

There are many terms like policy-based authorization, JWT Tokens, IP safe listing which is hard to understand and harder to implement. There are many easy to use mechanisms that are provided by .Net for authorization, attack prevention, data protection, and authentication. The ASP.NET core helps in integrating apps with all the external providers. It is very hard to implement without using the perfect framework. So it is very essential to have a thing that is ready to be extended.

Enables Top App Performance

This .Net core framework has been developed by keeping the model pay-for-what-you-use in mind and here performance is known to be the key factor. Few percents on performance are added with the release of each and every version.

 StackOverflow is a website for programmers who are responsible for serving 5.3 million views or pages in a single day and that also with 9 servers in hand. A cloud-based crash and error reporting platform has been developed by Raygun that plays an important role in monitoring web as well as mobile apps. The core of this was written in the .Net framework but APIs were there that was receiving data from customers which were basically written in Node.js in order to support elasticity. Later on, it was found that Node.js was slower, and the cost for supporting it was more and so decided to port their APIs to the .Net framework in order to reuse the core product.

If this framework is paired with proper database and architecture then this framework is known to be the perfect solution for businesses of any kind that can face the needs for scaling eventually.

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Flexibility is Enabled

Flexibility for any business is the ability to change versions and goals, evolve, and also adapt in an easy manner to different external scenarios. When a person is talking about choosing the right platform and code then they must be talking about infrastructure and databases.

  • Database- there are many frameworks where it is impossible to switch to any other kind of database and reuse the code which has already been written. This is because the frameworks are usually packaged with preferred tools and programming language where the database is just a part of it. Changing of it can be dedicated by licensing costs, performance needs, etc.
  • Infrastructure- a reliable business can be sustained and downtime can be minimized by modern and new infrastructure.

Framework is Cost-Effective

One of the basic things which everyone should look at before choosing the perfect technology for developing s perfect app for themselves is the IDEs along with the tools which are mandatory or can make the job of developers productive. Many tools are there which are free but the best ones will be having the licensing costs per year, per developer and the total amount can be around thousands of dollars. It is always better for any business a startup or an old business to spent money somewhere where the return is high or not spent at all. Visual studio code was developed by Microsoft a few years ago which is an IDE that can be used for developing commercial apps. This was small, good, and extensible and so it became the most preferred one for the frontend developers. It is possible to host an app in the cloud with a .Net framework by relying on services of any cloud service provider like Azure.

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Now there are unlimited options in terms of storage and database. There is no need of using a paid version and people can use open-source like PostgreSQL.

Large Community

Many developers and businessman uses frameworks that are common. In the case of the .Net foundation, there are many passionate people who work in different domains who can share ideas and shapes and so it forms a greater and useful community. Many eCommerce application developments have been done by using this .Net framework and if any developer faced any kind of trouble while developing the app then they can easily seek the help of a large community which they are having.

Kinds of Applications That Can Be Built Using .Net Core

Various types of apps that can be developed by using the .Net framework are given below-

Web Applications

These are basically those programs that run inside the webserver in order to fulfill the request of users over the HTTP. The applications of the web created by .Net can be from simple web sites which are having HTML pages to advanced apps that run on remote and local networks. These apps play a major role in providing components for the exchange of data by seeking the help of XML. Dynamic as well as data-driven browser-based apps come under this type. Ecommerce website development can also be done by using the .Net framework.

Web Services

These are basically the functionality of web callable available through industry standards like SOAP, XML, and HTTP.

Windows App

These are basically apps for desktops that can be used for daily tasks. One such example is Microsoft word. This can be run only under the environment of Windows. The service that has been provided by the operating system of Windows is consumed by this app.

Windows Services

 These services are basically long-running applications that are executable. They basically run as a background process on the system. These do not provide interference with other apps that are running on the same computer. The execution of these apps is done in separate sessions of windows that have been created especially for each windows service. There is no graphic user interface for this service. Moreover, they are ideal to be run on the server. These services were previously known as NT services.

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Console Application

These are nothing but lightweight programs that can be run inside the DOS command prompt of windows. These are basically used for testing other applications.


The different tools libraries and programming languages of .Net help in building games. The game engine and framework developers are using .Net to do proper scripting of cross-platform across many platforms of gaming. The same platform can be used to build games, it’s a mobile app, online services, and websites.

Mobile Applications

These applications are being able to run on various mobile devices. These apps play a major role in providing access to data from smartphones. Changes to these mobile devices are made automatically by .Net so that they can be run on different browsers depending on the ability of mobile devices.

Class Libraries

These are basically nothing but components that have been created once but can be used in various apps a number of times. It helps in defining various classes along with their interfaces, methods, in a single file. The rapid development of the new app is possible because of the code’s reusability. A reference must be included in order to access the functionality of the class.

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Other apps that can be built by using this .Net framework are given below-

  • Windows control library
  • Service-oriented apps using WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
  • Workflow enabled application using WF (Windows Workflow Foundation)
  • Silver light application
  • Windows GUI apps


Microsoft technology associate is providing a great amount of concern towards making this .Net framework a more valuable one so that the developers can create all the above-mentioned types of apps without any difficulty.