Why is the choice of Java web application frameworks important?

In the year 1995, the Java language was developed for programming. It was later on acquired in the year 2010 by Oracle. Now from then, Java is known to be the source for the development of many applications.

Java is also used in many banking as well as financial applications in banks which are used in many banks in today’s world. The core reason behind the popularity of Java is its robust platform independent architecture. There are many big enterprises that use Java languages like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. So it can be said in simpler words that Java is known to be one of the best options for maintainable and enterprise web development. Because of the wide range of use of Java, there are many web development service providers who are hiring developers who are well acquainted with Java.

Reasons for choosing Java

Java can be used easily for web development and it can also be said that Java is considered to be the best language for programming. There are many advantages of using Java that seek the attention of many developers and development companies. Java is not beneficial for the developers only but is also beneficial for the client for whom the project is being developed. There are various advantages of Java but the main reasons for Java web application frameworks are important are given below-

Java is independent of the platform

This reason can be considered to be one of the best reasons which Java is being chosen for web development. Java is having the capability which helps the developers in writing the code for a single time and then use or reuse it wherever they want. This feature is considered to be very important and this makes Java highly portable. Moreover, it can be said that this is the reason for which Java can be used for applications that are multi-platform in an easy manner.

Businesses now do not have to worry regarding the changing of the operating system and hardware. Moreover, the business will also do not have to face any issue regarding the cost of resolving the existing software’s incompatibility that has been written by using Java. Other programming languages are also there which are platform-dependent and so Java is a few steps ahead from those kinds of platforms.

Java is having a high security

Website development services are increasing in number which is seeking the help of this Java as they find that Java is highly secure in nature. There are various security features in Java that are in-built. These security features of Java include cryptography, access control, and authentication. These security features of Java are playing an important role in developing any web project. This will also satisfy the needs of the client for whom a developer or a development company is working.

A developer must be good enough to use these security features for using the APIs which are comprehensive in nature including the mechanism of login, ciphers, creating policies of custom security digital signatures, and many others. All these features are also preferred by business owners and are also beneficial for them.

Rich set of APIs are there in Java

Java application development kit is very much essential for the developers and they help the developers in many ways. Java API is known to be the list of all classes which are part of this development kit. API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is having all the packages, interfaces, and classes of Java along with their constructions, fields, and methods. A good amount of functionality is provided to the programmer because of these classes.

Java is very much famous for the rich set of APIs, it is having. This is considered to be the main reason for which top development firms are using this Java for web development processes. This is very beneficial as these APIs are available to the developers for free. Java is responsible for providing APIs for I/O, database connection, networking, utilities, and many other things. The rest of the topics are there in the libraries which are open source like Apache Commons, Google Guava, Jackson, Apache POI, and many others.

Java are having rich tools and ideas which can be productive for developers

If a developer is productive in nature then Java can increase the productivity and this will in turn help the client to which the developers are serving. Java is known to be the best language for developing a web project. Java is having IDE as well as developers tools which are available for free in the market which plays an important role in making sure that high productivity is obtained.

The two popular IDEs of Java are NetBeans and Eclipse which can be used for developing Java applications. Along with these, there are many other tools as well as plugins that are available for free that can be used for performing any kind of Java programming as well as testing the applications of Java.

Many real-world applications use Java

Java development services are very much important in today’s world as it is being used in almost all kind of real-world applications. This plays an immensely important role in giving confidence to the developers of Java. There are many famous websites where Java has been used like Amazon.com, LinkedIn.com, eBay.com, and Facebook.com. It can be considered to be one f the best to develop any kind of web applications for enterprises in any industry including financial services, manufacturing, and also healthcare. There are the latest technologies that are seeking the help of Java language like Cloud development, IoT, Data Mining, Smart devices, AI, and different applications that are based on AR/VR.

Multi-threading is supported by Java

Multi-threading capability is present in Java and so the applications that have been developed by Java is having the capability of handling multiple threads or users at the same time. The developers are no longer indulge in executing multiple copies of the code on similar hardware as Java is responsible for helping the developers to create multiple numbers of threads in a single software copy as per the requirement of the application. A multi-threaded environment that has been produced by Java for the developers is responsible for helping the developers to develop an app with faster response time, multiple operations, faster concurrent access, fewer issues, and finally better performance.

Scalable nature of Java

The nature of Java is scalable and so the software solutions that have been developed by using Java are able to handle the increased workload in a very easy manner. This includes higher request rates or even larger datasets and many more. Java is having the capability of adapting itself as per the requirement of the web application and is able to provide the developer with the capability of scaling in both horizontal as well as vertical depending on the new requirements.

In simpler words it can be said whenever a developer needs to improve the response time as well as the performance of their web app, the developers will need to add simple as well as a minimum amount of code.

Object-oriented programming language

Java is known to be an object-oriented programming language and this can be one of the major reasons for which Java has gained popularity. This feature is very much needed in the field of web development as it is very easy to manage and code an OOP application which helps in keeping the application scalable, flexible, and modular.

Objects that have been created in Java are also having the capability of getting reused by the developers across the application. Since there is reusability of the software, there is also a reduction in the cost of developing any application.

Community support of Java is amazing

Java application development can also be easy for the freshers and this is possible only because of the amazing community support which Java is having. The community of Java is very huge and it often interacts with the help of online groups, forums, and also via physical seminars as well as conferences. The members of the Java community support, help as well as share the knowledge among themselves. There are various active forums of Java, open-source organizations, and many Java groups that will help each other with any issue related to Java.

Communities are there for helping the beginners, intermediate, and also the expert developers of Java. There is an open promotion by Java regarding the taking as well as giving back to the community. Many open-source Java developers are present who plays an important role in contributing to the Java community as a tester or a developer.

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Why is the choice of Java framework important?

In the year 2020 also Java is known to be the most popular language for programming. This is having high flexibility but still, some issues are faced which are very uncommon Examples of such type is Monoliths architect type. Now in today's world, microservices are considered to be a great alternative to Monoliths.

One of the main problems that might arise during the time of development is the choice of the framework for project architecture. There are many popular Java frameworks available in the year 2020 which are given below-

Spring Boot and Spring framework

This is an open-source framework with a large ecosystem. It pays to focus on the logic level of business without any kind of unnecessary deployment environment connections. It is based on object-oriented programming ideas like Inversion of control, dependency injection, and also Aspect-oriented programming.

The distinct annotation of Java is understood by Spring that is able in marking different classes. Reflections are there which is being used by Spring for created objects, objects that are configured, managed, and also wired together throughout their life cycle. In simpler words, it can be said that Spring is a large ecosystem where there are many projects and modules like Cloud, Integration, Security, MVC, DataFlow, etc. This project is basically an IO execution one. This can be considered to be the next step for simplifying the process of customization as well as app development.

The flexibility of usage as well as the servlet container environment’s configuration can be leveraged by web applications. All Spring ecosystem can be leveraged by CLI applications. There are many build systems like Gradle and Maven which are supported by Spring Boot. Dependency Management is also supported by Spring Boot and is able in consuming the central repository’s published artifacts. Spring Boot seeks the help of BOM to control any dependence version. BOM is basically nothing but a POM’s special kind that helps in providing a central space to update as well as define all the versions.

Advantages are-

  • Supports various methods of configuration
  • Supports programming which is declarative
  • Setup and management is very easy
  • A servlet connection can be embedded easily in an app.
  • Helps in creating a standalone app


This foundation is very much modern. This has been designed for creating microservices quickly as well as easily. It supports languages like Kotlin, Java, and Groovy. The features in Micronaut are similar to other frameworks but there are new ideas in it that are known to be one of the most distinctive features. Java web application development is never an easy job but if a framework is decided before hands then it can be very easy for the developers to develop the project for their client. One such feature is the dependency injection during the time of compilation. In the case of any reactive approach, it can be said that Netty is known to be the best and basic server that is used for handling the requests of HTTP.

Faster programming is received along with less consumption of memory. It supports reactive programming as well as cloud-native development. The support for the reactive programming helps in allowing you for setting up the endpoints which are non-blocking just by object types substitution by reactive non-blocking ones. It is having the ability to create applications for Azure functions, AWS Lambda, etc. Micronaut is responsible for providing support to GraalVM and also in compiling functions into native images.

Advantages of Micronaurt are-

  • Fast startup time
  • Easy testing of the unit
  • Reduction in the memory footprint
  • There is a support of the cloud feature by default
  • The compile-time dependency-injection container is efficient


This framework is new but conceptual for any cloud-native development. The main goal of this project was to create the Kubernetes or serverless environment’s Java platform. Moreover, it plays an important role in combining the models of imperative and reactive programming in one runtime and this will help the developers in varying the approach flexibly to work with various app architectures.

It is basically based on Vert.x, Netty, and also with extensions that are used for helping the developers. It has been updated to GraalVM, HotSpot, OpenJDK and so it is having the capability of providing an ecosystem that can create native executor’s native packaging at build time with a packaged small VM. Java can be used for creating binaries that are native. This helps in avoiding the expenses that are associated with the developers when they use a program of JVM inside the container.

Advantages are-

  • Runtime is FaaS that is Function-as-a-Service
  • Dependency injection errors can be detected early
  • Improved startup time and memory utilization
  • Live coding out of the box
  • Having support for reactive models, traditional imperative models, and sometimes both in a single application


Java web application development seeks the help of this Microprofile as it is considered to be a specification that can be used by many vendors. Many popular implementations are there which include Heidon MP, Payara Micro, Eclipse Microprofile, and also enterprise solutions on a platform of the cloud. Advantages are-

  • Standardization is simple and can be a good alternative to Jakarta EE
  • All specifications that are there are free, community-driven, and also open that has resulted in various implementation

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This framework is basically a non-blocking and event-driven framework. With a small number of threads, it is able to handle many concurrencies. It is lightweight. Idiomatic APIs are provided and allows the developers to write in languages like Scala, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, and Groovy. The modular architecture is present that helps in allowing the developers in using the modules only as per their needs and this helps developers to keep their app as slick as possible. The core framework of Vert.x is around 650kb ad so it is considered to be very lightweight. Advantages of Vert.x are-

Advantages are-

  • Modular, lightweight and fast framework
  • Having a good ability to scale with minimal hardware
  • Helps in creating apps that are powerful in nature
  • It is an ideal choice for developing high-performance, light-weight microservices


These were some of the important reasons which you must know to make a choice of Java web application framework. So choose a custom software development company within your budget to satisfy your needs.