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Why to Choose ASP.NET Technologies for Web Application Development?

There are various options available in each and every field in today’s world. Web and application development have become an important aspect in today’s world and this is because of the increase in demand for the application.

People are using web apps from their homes and doing all their stuff through those web apps. So here also there are various technologies available that can be used by developers to develop a web app properly that can satisfy the needs of their client. ASP.NET technology is one such technology that can satisfy the needs of everyone. This also benefits the developers and so many developers prefer to use this technology. Dot net development companies are emerging because of this increase in demand.

It is very important to hire a good development company that can help in guiding through the whole development process. According to the latest trends of technologies and various researches, it has been found that people are using this technology to advance with the advancement of technology. The businesses are basically migrating to these technology services, in order to change their system from legacy to a dynamic as well as a robust one. It is also a preferable choice for developers to develop a perfect web app.

What is ASP.NET?

Asp.net is known to be an open-source server-side web app framework. This was normally created by Microsoft and it basically runs in Windows. This framework got started in the year 2000. This asp.net development technology allows the developers in creating web apps, web services, and websites that are dynamic content-driven. There are plenty of good reasons for which this technology can be used to develop a web app.

This framework is a great one to use when developing web apps and websites. It is fast, reliable, free, and also easy to use. Full control of the development is given by asp.net development technology. Microsoft technology associates have played a great role in making this framework a perfect one.

Types of ASP.NET Technologies Development

Before knowing about the reason for choosing ASP.NET development it is better to know the various types of technologies of ASP.NET. The 3 types of asp.net development technologies are given below-


ASP.NET technology is mainly based on the architect of MVC and this is considered to be one of the major advantages of Microsoft technology. Developers can feel easy to develop applications based on asp.net. As this is an MVC architect, it helps the developers in developing a complex app in a simple manner and that also in less amount of time. Developers will also be having the flexibility to customize the patterns and behaviors of MVC depending on the requirement of the business application.

Web Pages

This is the type of asp.net development that helps in allowing the developers to practice PHP along with HTML. This helps in creating web pages and that also by using a minimum amount of coding efforts through rapid app development.

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Web Forms

This is another type of asp.net development technology. This technology is very much useful for building small, dynamic, and fast performing apps. The coding that is required in this case of applications is very much less when compared to the MVC one. Moreover, programmers get more control in case of this type of technology.

Tools That Are Essential in ASP.NET

Some tools are there in asp.net which are very much essential and is better to have some basic knowledge about it. The tools of asp.net development technology are given below-

Microsoft Web Platform Installer

This tool is responsible for managing the new components of the Microsoft web platform. Easy access is offered in managing various other software of Microsoft like IIS, SQL Server express, visual web developer, and NET framework. This Microsoft web platform installer tool helps in installing the latest software version in an automatic manner and is responsible for keeping the system upgraded depending on the latest version.

Visual Studio Gallery

This tool is responsible for enhancing the website’s visual feature. Quick access to the visual studio templates, extensions, and controls is provided with the help of this tool. This Visual Studio Gallery tool is having the best understanding with IDE that helps in offering access to more than 7000 products that are available currently.


This NuGet tool is responsible for helping the developers in accessing third-party tools like the standard third-party libraries. Developers prefer asp.net because this tool also like this tool helps the developers in creating their own tools depending on their requirement. This is known to be the largest component of the third-party database for the .NET platform. Moreover, this also helps in building the asp faster with the help of asp.net development technology. Asp.net development services are high in demand and so developers are adapting to this technology and it is better to hire those developers who are having basic as well as advanced knowledge in this technology.


ReShaper is also a Visual Studio Extension. JetBrains is responsible for developing this tool. This tool is responsible for analyzing the quality of code. Not only analyzing but this tool also plays an immensely important role in fixing the errors without taking much time or hurdle. Apart from this, several shortcuts are added by this tool that helps in easy navigation and refactoring. Several options for sorting issues related to development are also offered by this ReShaper tool. This tool plays an important role in the technology of web app development with the help of asp.net technology.


The full form of ELMAH is Error Logging Modules and Handlers which is provided by Google. This tool is normally based on error logging features and also the method of open source debugging. This is considered to be a pluggable segment that plays a major role in resolving errors without the need for modification of the code used in the application.


This NDepend is known as a static analysis tool and is considered to be one of the most preferable tools for asp.net developers. This tool is also very important as it plays an important role in refactoring as well as optimizing the code. Codebase snapshot comparison along with quality rules and architectural validation is offered by this NDepend tool.

SQL Complete

This tool is basically advanced in nature and is normally used for managing the SQL management, database, and also the process of administration. This tool plays a major role in increasing their productivity and so it also benefits the clients. This tool must be learned properly by the developers so that the client can get the most out of the asp.net development service. Integration of SQL Complete is possible with various rich features like script generation, coloring, and navigation.

Web Essentials for Visual Studio

This tool is having proper integration with robust and powerful tools that helps in increasing the core VS productivity and functionality. Offering shortcuts to the task is a unique advantage of this tool along with improving intelligence for CSS/ JavaScript/ HTML, etc. a custom edit feature is also offered by web essentials that help the developers to observe immediate changes in TypeScript, CoffeeScript support and also in browser.


This Chocolatey tool helps in installing all types of windows tools and that also from the command line. There are many developers who loath the files of MSI and sometimes it helps in installing the missing tools from the command line. This Chocolatey tool is very much handy when it comes to creating the install.ps1 script for any team. If everything is installed on a fresh PC then a good amount of time is saved along with ensuring that everyone is using similar versions.


This tool is accustomed to almost each and every developer and this is because whenever a developer is engaged in starting a Visual Studio and then creating a new console app, in order to try a few code lines, this tool is very much essential. This tool is named as LINQPad but this tool is also responsible for providing many features to tr4y out any LINQ code in any database. This will be mostly used for executing one or more C# lines.


This is known as a great project of open-source that helps in eliminating the guesswork performance and metrics are also provided by isolating each benchmark in an automatic manner. It also helps to run a myriad of iterations. Performance tests can be written easily by the developers and then they can be compared with their algorithms. This example is the best to prove that small tools of programming can also deliver reliable results and helps to increase the productivity.

JSON Formatter

There are many IDEs that are able to format JSON. But if anyone opens Google and then searches for formatting JSON, then the first result that appears is the JSON formatter and Validator. The source of this tool is basically the Curious Concept. It helps in rapid validation, formatting, and presenting a JSON that is nicely structured.


Previously the jobs of developers were very tough but with the advancement of technology, their job has become much easier. Previously they use to write all scripts in bat-files. PowerShell helps in covering all the scripting needs. However, a bit of awkward syntax is there but still everything supports PowerShell.


Code analyzers play an important role in the case of any developers and in today’s world, this NDepend is known to be one of the best code analyzers that are available. Overall products have gone through various changes and so they can be used very easily. No the running of NDepend is done in Visual Studio entirely. Web development companies in the USA and many other countries are using this tool to satisfy their clients.

Why Choose ASP.NET?

The full for of asp.net is active server pages and this was basically developed by Microsoft. This was developed mainly to ease the development of interactive web app and build dynamic as well as a rich website. One of the major highlights of this technology is that this technology is able to use both servers as well as client-side scripts. The full advantage of this framework can be taken in an easy manner as long as the developers are well accustomed to the VB and C#.

Various conditions can be set by developers in the asp program and this language can be used easily in managing the content of any page. However, the visitor may not be well concerned about the backend script of the page, as they are interested more in the speed, design, and content of the app. They will become happier when they receive better performance and speed from the previous apps. A developer can easily get started with asp.net development technology if they are having proper knowledge about t Visual basic or any other similar visual development tool. People are choosing this technology and that is because of a certain reason. Some of the main reasons for which asp.net is used to develop web apps are given below-

Separation of Concern is Allowed

The MVC architecture is followed by asp.net development technology and this is the main reason for which separate input is allowed along with separate process and output of the app. This architecture is normally a three-tier one. MVC stands for Model View Controller and this model view contro9ller is having interconnected parts. These interconnected parts of MVC play an immensely important role in handling the specific development of software apps. So the separation of concern is allowed and this reduces the task of developers and hence the project can be delivered within the given time which satisfies the client and the developer can then take on their next project to earn more.

Time of Coding Can Be Reduced

Coding is a very important aspect in the case of each and every technology when they are related to developing any web app. So if somehow the coding is reduced then it can benefit the developers. The framework technology that is asp.net is a big help as it helps in reducing the coding time especially when the developers are involved in developing big apps. Different types of code reviews are there and so there are no chances that the developer can write bad code. Code reviews play a good role in improving the quality of the code.

An Out-of-the-Box Feature is Present Which is Very Helpful

Asp.net development technology is responsible for delivering their client with enhanced scalability and performance. It is having many important features like early binding, caching services, native optimization, and just-in-time compilation. These features are responsible to increase the performance of the project higher than before. There are no interpretations of codes here like that of the traditional pages of asp. Microsoft web app developments have always been preferred by many developers. But now big companies also prefer asp.net development technologies as they know that this can help in satisfying their clients and so the companies are hiring those developers who are having proper knowledge in this field.

The Toolbox is World-Class

The toolbox of this asp.net framework is incredibly rich through the environment of visual studio integrated development. The tool plays a versatile role to help this framework to build the proper app in a proper manner. Moreover, these tools also help the developers to create the apps in a quick manner. The toolbox is very famous among the developers because of the features offered by the toolbox like WYSIWYG editing, automatic deployment, and drag-and-drop server controls.

Able to Deliver Power Along with Flexibility

Flexibility is the most important concern for any developer. If the developer is not able to work in a flexible manner then they might find it difficult to produce a proper app for their client. The language of the framework is basically based on the common language runtime. This helps all the developers to enjoy the flexibility as well as the power of the whole platform. The framework s also language independent and so the language for your application can be chosen or it can also divide your app across various languages.


Each and every task can be completed in an easy manner. If there is any task that is very complicated or tricky in nature then this framework can easily help to complete the task in an easy and simple way. The process of development becomes a simple one and all of this is because of the common language runtime with services like automatic reference counting, and garbage collection. The framework plays an important role in allowing the developers to build a user interface that can play a role in separating presentation code and application logic.

Extensibility and Customizability

This framework is having a well-factored architecture and this has been proven to be a major help for the developers. The subcomponents of the asp.net runtime can be extended or replaced in an easy manner. However, this can be done with the help of the developer’s own custom-prepared components. It is easier to implement those components.


Security is known to be one of the major concerns for any business. Any business owner would like to spend extra money for getting a good security system and they will only choose those frameworks that are secured. Today’s world is full of competition and there are many hackers who can easily get through any information. So here comes the role of asp.net development technology. Security is known to be a good feature of this asp.net framework language. Secured applications can be developed in an easy manner with the help of built-in windows authentication as well as per-application configuration features. Try to hire those developers who have advanced knowledge in this field and are able to deliver a secured app.

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This framework of asp.net is having an amazing manageability feature. This feature is basically contributed through a configuration system that is text-based hierarchical. These configurations are incorporated as plain texts and so the developers can easily make use of the local administration tools to apply if there are new settings. This plays an important role in making the task very easy and this also without the need of restarting the server or without the necessity of deploying them in a separate manner or by replacing the compiled code that is running. Website development services are high in demand and so they must be chosen wisely. There are many services available but before choosing the best one for developing your app it is better to check their previous work.

Continuous Monitoring Can Be Beneficial

Constant and continuous monitoring is known to be another important feature of asp.net development technology. The developers now do not have to worry about the status of their applications, components. Moreover, they also do not have to worry about their pages. The program is responsible for watching out for any illegal events and if anything happens. Now for example memory leaps of infinity loops can be a major issue that will also be watched by the program itself. So if the issue arises, the program will itself rise into action and will be responsible for destroying the activities along with restarting itself.

Migration of Cross-Platform

The framework is responsible for allowing easy cross-platform migration, deployment, and configuration services.

A number of major benefits are there in this asp.net development technology which can be enjoyed. But before choosing the framework for your app development it is better to understand your requirement first and then hire the type of developer required for developing your project. If you hurry in making decisions then that can prove to be a major failure in the future. Another important factor is budget, but it is always good to keep in mind that compromising with budget instead of good quality is foolishness.

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The above-mentioned advantages along with the essential tools of asp.net development technology are enough to prove why you should opt for this technology.