Xamarin Vs PWA: Which Is The Best Platform For You?

Xamarin Vs PWA: Which Is The Best Platform For You?

It must be considered in the very first place before deciding anything for the business is what are your exact requirements? Does it need the cross-platform areas for propagating the views it has held for the people around them or should they simply go for the platforms which are found easily?

In the times when computers were first discovered in the form of desktops, any house which had these for their personal use would be lucky! However, time has passed very rapidly and now, we have the devices which can provide a lot more than the older computers. There are apps that can work seamlessly either in the presence or absence of an internet connection. The devices which were thought to be products of science fiction have turned out to be the daily life partners of people around the world. The needs and requirements of the people changed accordingly with time with these devices.

Now there are many types of mobile application development services that are being used by both Android and iOS users all over the world. Some of the apps are made for many platforms at the same time and some are restricted to a few. Let us check out the types of app development procedures which can prove to be more helpful for businesses in the longer run. Let us get to know about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Xamarin to identify which of these will prove to be more helpful for the projects which are running on lower budgets. Let us explore their comparative figures. However, first, let us know a bit about both of these app development processes.

A Glance at Xamarin

Xamarin has proved to be very handy for developers who are looking to create applications at a very rapid pace. The user interface is of very high quality in the case of the Xamarin app. They have business applications that are based mostly on AR and VR. These are not quite possible to accomplish with the help of any progressive web app development company. Xamarin based apps are also quite secure in terms of mobile security structure. These apps are very secure for any kind of financial transaction.

In the case of Xamarin apps, a single interface is made for the users to store their personal information about the business and financial data. This is much better than the data which is floating around in public clouds. The opportunities which are provided by the Xamarin apps can also bring a huge amount of opportunities for small-scale businesses. Monetization and promotion chances increase greatly for apps like these. The apps stores often have a special place for Xamarin based apps.

A Glance at Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the newest developments in the world of mobile app designs. There has been a meteoric rise in the popularity of progressive web app development company services. It can be said that progressive web apps are not strictly designed for mobile phones and they can be availed even if you do not have a native mobile application. It is sometimes similar if not better than regular native apps. It is one of those applications which are born out of hybrid Technology. You can download them directly from online sources, you can also avail them through the browser. It is one of the most complex forms of websites which can also work offline.

Service Worker and JavaScript codes are the ones that can implement the requirements of PWAs. There are several other features like caching in the background and producing updates and notifications performed by these codes. PWA can bring an excellent opportunity for every small business owner. They can use the apps for their web stack, even for a minimal number of customers. There are only a few lines of codes that can be utilized repeatedly to grow appropriate development tools.

Comparing The Figures

To get a clear idea about the ones that are best suited for mobile application development services, you have to understand the basic pros and cons of each system. Let us go through the pros and cons better to understand the needs of the app development system.

Xamarin - The Pros

Let us look at the brighter aspect of Xamarin based apps today for any mobile app development company.

  • Power of C# on Mobile Devices

You must be aware of the fact that every programming language is not conducive for every device. There are certain languages that are inclusive of codes that can be utilized only by computers. Supercomputers have coding programs of their own. Similarly, mobile devices also exclusively use certain types of programming languages. C# is one of the programming languages which is very conducive for mobile devices. Xamarin apps are often helpful because they make use of C# for most of their applications.

C# is often powered by LLVM optimizing compiler for Apple mobile phones. This kind of programming language has the same sort of back in systems like C and C++. At the same time, they have the performance of a low-level language and higher productivity. These characteristics are simply designed for iOS systems. In the case of Android devices, C# is way better than Java because it can support value types and non Virtual method defaults.

  • Native Access

It must be noted that native code provides seamless interoperability, which is perfect for developers in both the technical and marketing worlds. P/Invoke can be used to expose the additional functionality of the codes which are managed on Xamarin platforms. The native libraries and leveraging qualities of these apps can also be considered the best in the field. Xamarin has also exposed 100% of native APIs on the iOS system and C# for the Android developers. This has given full access to the full power of these apps for the marketing platform.

  • No JavaScript Compiled Code

This is one of the major benefits which is obtained with the help of Xamarin based apps for the best mobile app development company. Both Java and JavaScript compiler and codes are not used in order to design the programs of Xamarin. This reduces the redundancy of their own codes and syntax for the programs. Since Java codes are not highly essential to compile programs in Xamarin based apps, it is possible to leave these complicated codes. This is yet another reason why Xamarin based apps can be developed even more quickly.

  • 90% of Codes are Shared All Over The Platform

This is another interesting fact about Xamarin which often acts in a positive light. Xamarin apps usually favored the codes, which can be shared throughout the platform. This can avoid rewriting the codes for every single functionality. Codesharing can also be extremely helpful for developers who are focusing on designing their unique apps. The Xamarin community is also entirely updated about the new plans and integrations in the system.

  • Visual Studio is Leveraged

It is best to keep in mind that any kind of app development procedure is greatly dependent on the amount of scalability and visibility it offers for its development. Xamarin apps are more efficient in leveraging the video and visual effects before the entire development occurs. This can provide an obvious idea to the developers regarding the exact scenario they are dealing with. Clients are also more satisfied when they are provided visual evidence of what their app will look like.

  • Free Since 2016

 Xamarin apps are not quite popular in the older days when they had to be bought off from the app stores. Since 2016, these have been made free, which has also reduced the cost of development significantly. Simultaneously, the demand for the Xamarin app has also gone up with the reduction in prices. This has made Xamarin very popular in the fields that cannot afford to spend more on app development.

  • Backed up by Microsoft

Any app development service backed up by a famous and efficient organization like Microsoft has its own reputation. Microsoft has backed up Xamarin in several areas. This is the major reason why their apps are constantly updated and looking towards future trends. Microsoft-based applications can help the Xamarin apps to reuse the codes which have been returned earlier. This reduces the work of the developers and improves the time span of action.

  • Easy Debugging

Any kind of mobile app development service that can provide easy debugging of the system is often considered the best in the area. There can be many errors related to a program or with any specific codes. It is impossible to look through the entire program and find out the area that might have occurred within it. Xamarin apps are easy to debug as their codes are simpler. This increases the efficiency of code functioning as well. As a result, the apps developed at a much faster rate.

Xamarin - The Cons

The flipside of Xamarin is the following:

  • Complex

Xamarin is not that easy to learn. The learning curve of Xamarin is quite steep, and it is not easy to master it within a short interval. The developers who are experts in Xamarin do not have any other skills as such as they have dedicated their entire time to understanding the codes and programs. Moreover, the toolkit efficiency of Xamarin is not quite good as well. With time, these have turned to be negative in app development with Xamarin.

  • Third Parties Banning

It is not possible to create every other application with the help of Xamarin on both iOS and Android platforms. Third-party members are often banned from using the services in many areas. This leads to confusion as the client must wish to see his or her app development process at some point. They will not be able to access it themselves. This remains a significant negative aspect in Xamarin.

  • It is Expensive

Xamarian is open-source and free. But, using Microsoft Visual Studio (IDE) and its license is not that cheap, especially for commercial development projects. While opting for in-house development services, the annual Integrated development environment (IDE) pricing is an important factor to consider.

  • Not Suitable for Gaming App Development

Games require great UI elements, seamless experiences, interactive interfaces, etc, which is quite challenging to be implemented with code-sharing platforms. Xamarin is often not considered to be the very first choice of developers for game development.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) - The Pros

In order to compare both areas, we have to look into the positive aspects of any PWA development company as well. We will first look into the areas that have proved advantageous if one uses the PWAs for their app development process.

  • Native Building Not Necessary

Native app building can be abolished altogether if one uses any PWA development company. One can use the progressive web apps with the help of any browser they have on their mobile. The improvement in the codes of progressive web apps has allowed the developers to design a system that is available for every user. Therefore, even if the user does not have enough space on their mobile to download the native application form of PWA, they can easily use the web form.

  • Responsiveness

No words can describe progressive web apps other than the word "Responsive.” These apps are highly interactive, and they can help to build proper communication with the customers. It must be noted here that any kind of customer grievance can be reached to the organization with the help of PWAs. This increases the popularity of progressive web apps to a great extent. They can also adapt to every type of screen size ranging from desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. As you might have guessed by now, PWAs are for every kind of user. The hybrid app development services exist due to PWAs.

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  • Security

No one can deny the security measures which are provided by progressive web apps. PWAs are often exposed over the HTTPS protocol. Only a single developer will be able to change the codes and syntax of the progressive web apps during development phase. Content cannot be altered without the permission of the web developer. Displaying information for the client is also done securely. This ensures that no one uses the app development procedure of PWAs without being authorized to do so.

  • Reactivation is Easy

There are different types of app development procedures all over the world. Why choose PWA? The coding system of every app development service is not that easy. There can be some errors in the system due to which the system has to be frozen within a few minutes. Freezing the app is not that difficult. However, reactivating it after usage is not a leisurely cup of tea for any web developer. PWAs can ensure the reactivation procedure to be very rapid. This is mostly because there is a website form for every progressive web app. Even if the user cannot access the native application for some moments, they can easily approach the websites for their solution. The codes are simple enough for easy activation.

  • Installation is Easy

There are several apps on the Play Store or Apple Store that are available but can not be easily installed. Progressive web apps might have their own domain for their respective website forms, but downloading and installing a PWA is relatively simple. PWAs also allows every user to save the apps they considered efficient and valuable by the hybrid app development services.  The mobile terminal home screen can be used to store the corresponding icon for further usage. The user needs not to follow every step and problem related to downloading and installing an app directly from the Play Store.

  • Offline Services

Since the native features are also available on the progressive web apps, they can be used without an internet connection or lower internet connectivity. PWAs often put the users before any other factor in order to avoid the usual errors in messages due to the weaker or the absence of internet connection. PWAs have unique particularities. It can maintain the app’s skeleton structure on the web page, including the headed and page layout. This ensures that the page will be loaded within a short time for the benefit of the user. Non-responding pages are often absent from progressive web apps.

  • Linkable

Every web app on the native app cannot be shared in the form of a link. PWAs have this feature. Even without complex installation and downloading procedures, one can share progressive web apps with a simple URL. Any kind of interaction on navigation within the system becomes very easy with progressive web apps. Even when the user focuses on the native app-like features, they can simply share the URL of the app by selecting the link from the dashboard.

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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) - The Cons

Despite so many positive aspects, there are a few areas in which PWAs cannot be used widely. Some of these have been described as follows:

  • Not Expansible iOS Support

Although PWAs are often considered cross platforms, they cannot be used in iOS systems that are older than the 11.3 generation. PWAs are a part of modern web development procedures. It cannot be used to modify the iOS generations which had been developed before the 11.3 version. This is a major drawback as every user worldwide cannot afford the most updated and new version of the Apple device.

  • Battery Usage

PWAs have their benefits, but they come at the price of extensive battery usage. Since there exist in both web and native forms, if the user wishes to avail both systems alternately, there will be a severe battery shortage in the mobile phones. The greater use of mobile batteries makes PWAs an unpopular choice for regular use.

  • Not all Devices

It has often been said that PWAs are perfect for use on most platforms. However, there are some exceptions that attribute to the negative aspects. Certain models of iOS and any Android app development company would never support progressive web apps because of their obsolete design. PWAs are extensively adapted to the new technological forms, and it is challenging to adapt the new features into devices that are not quite developed.

  • Lack of Control

The progressive web apps are spread over a large part of the technical arena. There is a severe lack of body control for many features of PWAs. Firstly, the required changes can be induced only with developers who had been directly associated with the project. Moreover, problem scanning can also be affected only with the help of involved developers. Therefore, the client will have very little control over the progressive web app.

The Verdict

Any Android app development company or Apple will be glad to use the service of either Xamarin or Progressive Web Apps. Both of them have their own sets of pros and cons which, when weighed against each other turn out to be quite similar. There are some benefits of each system that cannot be denied at any point. This is what makes the choice even more difficult.

It has been advised by major technical gurus all over the world that the company must make use of the system which is more feasible for their company. Xamarin can be very effective in creating a brand value within a very short period. At the same time, it is also quite possible that customers can be retained only if they are provided with the basic PWA characters. It is entirely up to the type of business which you are running. You may also change your mode of coding at any point during development. It is for the best if the business considers each developer’s budget and then decides which app development services to choose.

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Few Final Words

With more advancement of technology, there will be app development processes that are even more developed than the ones mentioned already. The businesses which wish to remain ahead in the competition must be flexible enough to choose the service which benefits them more. This is the key to success in the world of constant development.