Maximize Your Real Estate Business: How Much Can a Mobile App Boost Your Profits?

Boost Profits: Maximize Real Estate with Mobile
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The number of mobile device users is also increasing day by day when compared to that of laptop or desktop users.

Technology is playing a vital role in influencing the global population. In any business field, it is essential to develop a business app as people prefer to use business app in their mobile devices instead of visiting a website.

According to data, there are around 2.7 billion smartphone users. Every business company is providing its app for customer satisfaction and to expand their business.

This also goes for the real estate business. If a person is downloading an app in their mobile devices and using it whenever they wish, reduces their headache. According to certain research data, users spend a total of around 80 to 90 percent of their time in surfing apps.

Many apps are there for real estate business and a person can expand their real estate business by using these apps.

Many real estate app development companies are there who plays an important role in providing the business company with a good quality app. First, you must know what type of app people want for real estate.

Android users and iOS users are different and so the app for real estate must be available for both the operating system.

iOS application development is also very important as it is for iPhone and iPad users only. To create an app that runs in both Android and iOS.

Why you should have a real estate app for your real estate business?

Why you should have a real estate app for your real estate business?


The market of real estate is highly digitized. People in today’s world are very busy and they don’t visit from one buyer to another in search of a property.

People basically prefer to check the property on smartphones which are very quick and also save energy. According to certain reports-

  1. In the year 2018, a total of around 44 percent of people started searching for properties online.

    Researchers hope that this number will further increase in 2020.

  2. More than 90 percent of people who are aged around 53 to 71 years believed that the virtual tour of the property is one of the unique features of the real estate mobile app.
  3. Homebuyer, sellers, and realtors all are using real estate app in their smartphone devices to go through the market of real estate.

However, the competition is very large and so you must make the best real estate app for your real estate business.

Some important feature which must be there is real estate apps are

  1. User-friendly login procedure.
  2. User profiles for sellers and buyers.
  3. Good quality database.
  4. Comparison calculators for calculating differences between properties.
  5. Maps
  6. Push notification feature.
  7. A virtual tour to see the property instead of visiting the site physically.

All these are some of the basic features which every customer demand and if the app is not up to mark then he will start using any other.

The cost involved in developing a real estate app

The cost involved in developing a real estate app


Now comes the main part that is cost. If you wish to start your real estate business app then you must be having some doubt that what cost is involved in making a good quality app.

Many factors are there on which the cost of the real estate app depends. However, some points are there on which the cost depends and they are given below-

  1. Design of the app.
  2. Technology and device(android system whether Android or iOS)
  3. Rate of the development company.
  4. A number of features you want in your real estate app.

The mobile app development company plays the main role here in case of a rate. If you have a look, you can find that the North American companies charge around $50 to$250 in a single hour.

But if you go through the Europe mobile application development services they will charge a lesser amount per hour.

What does a good real estate app provide to the user?

What does a good real estate app provide to the user?


People do not trust others easily and they just feel confused while they wish to choose the best property for themselves.

Many people instead of roaming and searching for sites switch to real estate app for buying their dream home. Home is not a thing which you buy regularly and so you must be wise enough to choose the perfect home for you and your family.

A good real estate app will always provide their user with-

  1. Overview of location-based properties.
  2. Option for selecting the best property for yourself among other properties.
  3. 3D view of properties that will satisfy the customer's needs.

    This view provides the exact view of their future home.

  4. Clearing all the queries of customers and satisfying them by answering their questions and clearing their doubts.

Benefits of having a real estate app

Benefits of having a real estate app


Many real estate business are trying to hire real estate web development services as the number of users using mobile apps are increasing daily.

There are many benefits of having a real estate mobile app and some of the prime benefits are given below-

Establishing communication with the customer

Customer satisfaction is the key point in any business and in order to satisfy the needs of customers, one must interact with them.

Interaction among buyers and sellers produces a good relationship between them and so that helps in the business also.

The app which you are using for real estate business will help you to interact with your customers and therefore you will be able to show your beautiful properties and make them understand why they will choose you to buy their future home.

This interaction is such a property that increases your brand value along with demand. If the customer likes your property then he will surely recommend you to his or her friend and this way your business will increase.

Targetting customers accurately

Mobile apps play a major role in detecting the location of customer along with their preferences. So by knowing the preferences of customers, the sellers can easily understand the needs of the customers.

So the sellers can easily show the best property for his or her family depending on their location preferences, interests, etc.

This feature helps in targeting the customers at the proper time.

Increasing the market reach

Youngsters nowadays are very much involved with their mobile devices. So they would prefer to use an app instead of using a desktop or laptop to go through the website.

So youngsters will feel free to use mobile in order to buy their house.

Maximizing the market reach is very much essential and so by providing a mobile app, it can be done as the number of mobile users is increasing daily.

The mobile apps must have some way of establishing direct connection among sellers and buyers as mentioned above. This direct connection will play an important role in making the deal a successful one.

Promoting their own brand

Every person loves to promote their own brand that is their own company. There are competitors in every field and so do in the field of the real estate business world.

Your app must be distinctive and an extraordinary one when compare to other’s real estate apps so that you can attract more customers.

Many app developers are there who use their years of practiced skill to develop a perfect app for the real estate business that will simplify the search, purchase process of a property, and consult.

If the real estate app is fully customized then it will act as the best tool for promoting your brand.

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Disintegrating the charges for running

People are busy in their daily life and many people are lazy also, so they prefer to check all the details related to the property along with visuals of the property by the real estate app.

If some real estate app fails to provide such a feature, then will shift to other app and this way customer decreases.

Moreover, instead of visiting every site, visuals are important as you cannot just visit every site daily by leaving your work.

Finally, without any kind of hassle or trouble, the buyer can contact you easily and provide you with the details you want. You can also access the necessary document and all these will be possible only if the real estate app is high-performing.

So it all depends on the app.

Retaining leads and increasing sales of property

The base of a customer’s firm can be expanded just with the help of calls, texts, emails, and queries which a real estate app can generate.

The app will allow you in sending messages and notifications to users which will help you to stay in touch with your customer. If a person requires new property then he or she can reach directly to you without facing any kind of difficulty.

The selling and purchasing of property are becoming very simple and convenient and so people are using this app technology.

So people are hiring different app development companies to make their apps and increase their business of the real estate.


With the help of real estate apps, people can easily create a list of properties in a good way that users would love to engage with.

The app owners can also provide allowance to other dealers or sellers to provide their list in order to find their customers.

These features allow the buyer to have a good range of options and choose the best property for themselves within their choice and budget.

If other sellers are getting buyers to find property for their customers then will have to give commission to the app owners depending on the terms and conditions.

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Increment in the number of potential buyers

Buyers will be able to gain knowledge about every property with the help of the real estate app. This will help the buyers to find a suitable property that matches their interests and budget.

Buyers can also make instant decisions depending on the features of push notification that will provide them with proper discounts.

A mortgage calculator is also there which will allow the buyers to make an instant decision.

Users can recommend the brand

The brand recommended by users always plays an important role in the field of real estate. The recommended brand will always receive a competitive edge.

If your app is perfect and users are satisfied by using them, then they will surely recommend your apps. If the app allows users in doing this then some links like the firebase dynamic links must be integrated into your app.

Receiving feedback from the customers

Customer satisfaction is very important and so receiving feedback from your customer is also very important. You will always have to take care of whether your customer is satisfied or not.

If a person is involving in app development companies who will make the real estate app then receiving feedback is important.

Customers can also provide certain features that are not there in the app and if you wish you can add that feature in order to get benefited.

This will satisfy the customer also and will bring more and more customers. A drop box must be there that will allow the customers to drop their comments on what they like about the app and what they don’t like about the app.

This will help your app to improve faster.


An augmented reality solution is also a form of advanced technology that can be introduced in the real estate app to make it the best app in the market.

If a person wants to have success then a mobile app is the right tool. Without an app, it is impossible for any business to rise in today’s world full of technology.

So now you know the benefits and what you require for the real estate app to make it a perfect one. Be wise enough to choose the best company for developing your real estate app.

If you develop an app with bad design and old interface then you will lose customers for sure.