Alcohol on-demand app development: Features- Cost and Legal compliances

Alcohol on-demand app development: Features- Cost and Legal compliances

There are several on demand app development company which can create application according to the company’s requirements.

As alcohol has been an inseparable part of life. Be it corporate parties, hanging out with friends or any other occasion, alcohol comes into play. In this era, developing an on-demand alcohol delivery application is an extremely creative and beneficial decision. Alcohol on-demand applications help the users by allowing them to order their favorite drinks, make payments and get it delivered at the doorstep by delivery boys just like normal food delivery applications.

It can also be used to find nearby liquor shops, various options and many more. These kinds of apps can also help businesses to earn maximum revenues in their respective categories. The concept of an on-demand alcohol delivery application has been considered very impressive and creative and is predicted to have a great future ahead. People from all over the world are thinking of investing in its development because of the profitable future of the same. But, the features, cost, and legal compliances are major parts of developing these kinds of applications.

An on-demand alcohol delivery application can consist of the following features and options to choose from :

1. Login:

This tab will allow users to fill in their login information and important credentials so that the criteria of liquor consumption can be checked at the primary stage only. Moreover, the login tab will redirect the user to the home page after giving valid id proof and other important information into the application.

2. Liquor listing:

Liquor listing will provide the name of various shops with their respective types of liquors present there. Just like any edible item delivery app, the user will be able to choose from the given list according to his/her preferences.

3. Filters:

Filters allow the user to select the items according to his/her choice without going through all the items in the shop. Filter may include many criteria such as the company’s name, price range, the quantity of liquor and many more as per the requirement of the app and needs of the customer.

4. Adding items to cart:

The facility of adding items to the cart will help the user to add selected items in the digital shopping bag and know the total amount payable in the application itself. After adding items, the user can proceed towards the payment procedure.

5. Mode of payment:

The mode of payment can be selected from online as well as offline modes. Online payment may include credit/ debit card, UPI and others while offline payment may include cash or card on delivery.

6. Order history:

Order history includes all the orders made in the past. Users will also have the facility of reordering the previously ordered items which will reduce the searching and efforts of the users.

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7. Tracking of order:

Tracking of the order will include live tracking of all ordered items along with the location of the delivery boy. This will also include the estimated time of arrival of the ordered items.

8. Feedback of the product and delivery:

The option of feedback as well as delivery can be added to improve the performance of the app. This will also help to reduce the drawbacks of the service and the app both at the same time.

Advanced features may include :

1. Push notification:

Push notifications may include important notices, offers, happy hours and many more. Also, push notifications can be used to share important news regarding the opening and closing of various shops.

2. Cloud management:

Cloud management plays a great role in making the application streamlined and fluent. All the details of the users such as orders, delivery data, offers loved by users, information about all the drinks and meals can be transferred and then stored in the cloud. It will simplify the process of application and make it more convenient.

3. Offers:

Awards and occasional offers can be provided to the users to promote user engagement. Using these offers users can buy several drinks and meals at cost-effective prices.

Cost :

The cost of on demand application development especially alcohol delivery application depends upon the following factors. Additional attributes may be added to it for extra functionalities. Some of the major factors that influence the cost are :

1. Selection of platform:

Applications can be made either in cross-platform frameworks or separately in iOS and Android operating systems. Platform selection should be made carefully in order to gain a maximum audience. Building apps separately may prove costly to developers. The programming of iPhone app development services does not fit in Android app development services and vice versa.

2. Front end and back end application development:

The app should be made user interactive and easy to handle so that more and more users will be able to use it. But, building and programming need a lot of time, effort and capital investment.

3. UI/UX development:

UI/UX development is done in any app to make it more interactive and interesting for the users. Though it is not cost-efficient but it is a very intelligent investment to make.

4. Connectivity with the website:

Website connectivity is another important factor that affects the cost. The application must be connected to the website to have more detailed information about the products and services provided by the company.

5. Location:

The physical location of the mobile app development company and the team of application developers also play a major role in determining the mobile app development cost. Approximately $6,000 to $20,000 investment is made in general in every application development in India.

Legal compliance :

As liquor comes with a set of rules and regulations, it is not possible to deliver it without any legal terms and conditions. In order to develop an on-demand alcohol delivery application, the company has to issue legal documents from the government so that the delivery, consumption as well as selling of liquor items should be seamless and there should not come any kind of difficulty regarding the abolition of rights or violation of law and management of the country.