Android 10 Update: 6 New Features in Google’s Latest OS Version

Android 10 Update: 6 New Features in Google’s Latest OS Version

Hello tech-nerds! We have something in store for you.

Some of the newest ways to control your privacy, customize your phone and get things done. It’s Android, just the way you want it.” —

Still, confused about whether to go for iOS or Android for your new phone? Worry not! Keep reading further because we have put together 6 new features in Android's latest OS, Android 10 from the most official sources.

Android 10 is, as the name goes, the tenth major release and the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system. It was released on September 3, 2019 and hence, is just a few months old.

Here are 6 new features that you will find in this latest revolutionary Android 10 operating system :

1. Accessibility

  • Live Caption

This feature allows you to automatically get captions for videos, podcasts, audio messages; in short everything including the stuff you record yourself that plays on your device, that too without Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  • Hearing Aid Support

Android 10 uses bluetooth low energy for streaming media, calls and everything else that directly supports all your hearing aids. This inbuilt feature is seen for the first time in the android operating system.

  • Live Transcribe

Love when the subtitles of your favorite show tell you every detail including the laughter in the background, dogs barking or someone whistling? This new feature does pretty much the same. Android 10 comes with real-time transcriptions making the live captions even more detailed.

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  • Sound Amplifier

Tired of background noises being a disturbance every time you are listening to something? Or the music being too loud than the dialogues spoken? Be it sound amplification or noise cancellation, Android 10 introduces this standalone app that gives you the power to control all these issues for a personalized hearing experience with sound visualization!

  • Accessibility Timeouts

Don’t get late and spend some time interacting with your device. Get through the features like volume control, the control panel and much more. These are the newest android app development services.

2. Digital Well-being

  • Digital Well-being and Parental Control

Accessing parental control and other digital well-being now becomes easy! Just go to the Settings menu option of your android device and set the controls as per your choice.

  • Site Timers

The Digital well-being dashboard now allows you to know the exact time you spend on certain apps and websites. You can also set the daily limit individually. This is helpful not only to the user but to the mobile app development company too.

  • Focus Mode

Focus mode allows you to pause those apps which you have selected in a single tap! This allows you to minimise distractions and actually 'focus'.

3. Messaging & Sharing

  • Suggested Actions in Notifications

In the middle of something or just not sure what to reply? Android now auto-generates suggested replies and actions to all those message notifications that popup to your android device.

  • New Emojis

Express more with Android’s introduction to the new 65 engaging emojis. The emojis include very interesting expressions like gender-inclusive ideas for emojis like weightlifting, haircut, and sauna.

  • Share Wi-Fi

No need to make your Wi-Fi password public. Now share your Wi-Fi details with guests via a QR code in the all-new Android 10.

  • Improved Share-sheet

It is now quicker and easier to share content from apps with your contacts. You can also preview content before you send it.

4. Performance

  • Adaptive Battery Improvements

Your phone will now spend battery only on the apps you care about. This automatically improves the battery life of your device. Through machine learning, the apps which you will and will not use will be predicted. One element that android app development services too, always seek.

5. Security & Privacy

  • New Location Controls and Reminder

With Android 10, you can allow location access to apps or deny it or allow it only when the app is in use. This gives you more control of the location feature. You will also get a one-time notification as a reminder if you allow all-time access to certain apps. Set customized location access hassle-free by going to Settings in your device.

  • Android Emergency Location Services

When an emergency call is placed, Emergency Location Services (ELS) can send the enhanced location to emergency services directly through your handset.

  • Google Play System Updates

In the latest Android 10, you will get regular security updates faster and easier. Important security and privacy fixes can now be sent directly to your phone from Google Play. So you get these fixes as soon as they are available making it the best android application development company.

  • Privacy Settings

Tired of opening all the options to find that one privacy setting? With Android 10 you can now view and control all your privacy settings from one place in your Settings.

6. Usability Enhancements

  • Gesture Navigation

Android 10 comes with an extremely user-friendly interface. Now without using any buttons, you can move backward and forward, pull-up the home screen and do swipe upward to check the open applications. New ways to navigate around your phone are introduced.

  • Contaminant Detection

Do not worry about your device’s sudden glitches only to know about what’s wrong after getting it repaired. A notification will now be sent to you in case any moisture is detected. Thanks to the android application development company, the notification will pop up in regard to the same.

  • Priority Notifications

Android 10 gives you the option to mark notifications as “silent” or “alerting”. These notifications will be separated in the notification bar. This will help you organize and will bring to you the prioritized notifications first!

  • Manage Notifications

Now manage notification settings from the notifications panel directly. Tap on “manage” in the bottom left corner after scrolling down the notifications tab.

  • Dark Theme

Is the too much on-screen white light straining your eyes and making your phone’s battery drain sooner? Worry not as Android 10 introduces “dark theme” which allows your user interface and some apps to turn dark.

  • Android Auto

You can now use Android Auto directly on your car’s display without downloading any apps. This feature now comes inbuilt and hence is more hassle-free, just plug in your phone and you’re ready to go!

  • Dynamic System Updates

A different system image can now be loaded on the device by developers so as to test without affecting the original system image. This makes it easy to test without causing any technical issues in the original system.

So be it performance or accessibility or user-friendly interface, Android 10 has truly set benchmarks and in the competition where both the systems keep improving at the smallest and largest levels, it has proved to be the best android application development company.

Few Final Words

Currently, Android 10 is available in many Samsung and OnePlus smartphones and will soon be introduced in others. Android’s official website also states “Android has new features across everything from your camera to your settings. There’s something for you.” This explains how the latest system is built in such a way that the smallest of things have been taken into consideration.

Remember, both the operating systems have their pros and cons and various other features to be compared like durability, battery life, interface, and usability. Always do your research right (we hope this article helps you with it) and choose what suits your style and needs the most!