How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Chatbot With Features?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Chatbot With Features?

The modern-day business world has discovered a variety of chatbots uses and functionality.

Right from increasing user engagement to potential customers for lead conversion process chatbots have directly entered the volume of business functioning. It is better to say that even in the field of software development services chatbots are equally popular in millennials or baby boomers as they have the potential to improvise the user base of Technology too far. Considering the business advantages for flooring market size there are various business segments looking forward to developing or launch their own chatbots for their applications as well as other purposes. 

There is hardly any platform that will refuse to collaborate with the chatbot functioning and its capability to identify or satisfy customer requirements. Gone are the days when you have to manually attend customer's call during working hours because luckily it has been easily replaced by Chatbots at present. The business platforms are also appreciating the easiness offered by this self-serving tool to constantly update the users. It has got space in SaaS Application Development as well. In this article, we will closely look at the cost to build chatbots along with its various dynamics including the market size, advantages, types of chatbots and so on.

What is the market of the chatbots?

Within the last few years, Chatbot Development Company has witnessed a series of unprecedented requirements from various industries all across the world. The segments that were restricted to only E-Commerce at that time have now easily shifted to a variety of other domains since the advent of applications. Considering the statistics the market of chatbots is expected to increase by $ 1.34 billion by the year 2025. It is driven by the inception of continuous or destructive technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning in the mechanism of the chatbot.

Chatbots are developed to manage simple queries to cloud-based learning boats which are specifically designed to understand the user intentions and automatically modify the content or output no matter how simple they are being used in the fields of healthcare, E-Commerce and so on. The reason behind their usefulness has prepared for the contribution of $ 1250 million in the next few years. Across various sectors of the business at present chatbots are incredible as they hold the major share. The reason is they offer some unmatched unparalleled benefits to the business platforms. Discussing the benefits of chatbots it is essential to have a look over specific figments before moving on to the development cost.

Unmatched benefits of chatbots

Until you are satisfied or convinced it is not an accurate question to ask about the development cost of building a chatbot. The obvious benefit offered by chatbots is that they make your business 24 hours available and no matter how much you invest in the cost of building chatbots taken with the number of benefits that are known to reduce the cost of plenty of business operations. It also controls the expenses which tend to be e not essentially required in a close the gap between profit and loss numbers in the balance sheet. They offer-

1. Reduce operational cost:

The most significant operational cost in the business platform is around the number of their incoming calls and by giving proper attention to the visitors what they actually looking for chatbots are capable to save the cost associated with an increase in the queries. Chatbots can even save the whole customer interaction volumes. Whenever users ask for business calls after having the preliminary interaction with chatbot the time for customer care executives behind the answering of associated level interaction and it gets lowered to a large extent.

2. Cut down labor overheads:

Around 30% of customer service position, in general, can get automated with an Artificial Intelligence Solutions or chatbots. Chatbots are capable to interact with multiple users in the same time window which hints that the customer engagement industry will be dominated by chatbots in the future. Chatbots can perform twice working as compared to the employees and requires half of the investment.

3. Cost-effective and all-time availability:

Customers of modern-day expect business platforms to be available whenever required in order to solve their queries at all hours. Still, there is a factor that a number of business platforms are not able to function 24*7 and loses the prospective customers of sales affecting customer loyalty and trust. By employing chatbots to such functioning it gets easy to answer customer requirements at any time frame when actual customer representative is not available. This helps to be more receptive to customer queries altering your brand image to a different level.

4. Better allocation of resources:

Whenever the customer representative cannot provide a list of customers to attend and knows that even if they are not present customers will be handled with equal support or tentativeness with the help of chart board, they get to concentrate better by devising strategies on keeping their users engaged and finding better ways to help chatbots to close prospective leads or conversions. In this manner, they prevent the customer representative from falling into the routine of mundane work or a monotonous job cycle and provide them an equal opportunity to improvise their learning.

5. Excellent revenue

There are a number of business segments using chatbots to when user's trust for lead conversion increasing their sales. With the utilization of AI Software Development and chatbots, it gets easy to alert your customers with your latest strategies for discount opportunities by increasing their engagement on your platform and upsell the account. Chatbots’ in general helps to build a strong brand image and awareness along with integrated social media platforms.

Across all over the types of chatbots, benefits associated with them are equal no matter what type you choose to categorize your business platform. 

Types of chatbots

No matter what business or industry you belong to if you have a suitable budget and a desire to provide the best services to your customers. Chatbot offers a reliable solution for the basic platforms that help you build smart interactive solutions for your Enterprise. whenever we consider the type of chatbots it is essential to have a look at superset as well as subset demarcation of their development type having all the necessary elements that complete the interactive chatbot development.


There are two wide categories of a chatbot that you can consider investing in. These are as follows-

  • Bots implemented in your own app- this type of chatbots work inside the mobile application performing any specific function for the sake of hole automation of the interaction between user and the application.

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  • Bots that function within the messenger- this type of chatbots stay within the messengers and support bot interactions. They also work best for the business platforms which do not have a specific or standalone application and willing to keep their social media platform as the center of their business model. A large number of Chatbot Development Company understands the importance of this.


The prime categories of a chatbot are mentioned above but there are other subtypes that you can have a look.

  • FAQ chatbot- This is a basic question and answer or FAQ chat board that provide the users with automatic generated answers or responses to the frequent queries in a natural process. It follows an intuitive question and answers in the interaction style.
  • Conversational chatbot- This type of chatbot uses the language understanding services to generate easy access to the conversation flow with end-users. they are usually made to collect general information about the users and keep them engaged until a customer representative is online.
  • Transactional chatbot- Guess type of chatbots help the users to enquire regarding the purchase and something of the application without even talking to the customer care representative in real.
  • Predictive chatbot- This chatbots are the most advanced among the rest and they are developed on a case by case analysis. Most of the Artificial Intelligence Solutions incorporate heavy machine learning algorithms in this type of chatbots where the business platform also uses the predictive analysis to understand user reaction.

Required composition to build a chatbots

There are a variety of components or you can say chat board designing strategies that come along with the development of chatbots and goes to revolutionize the whole customer experience which a business platform can offer. In addition, it can also affect the breakdown of the whole chatbots development cost. Various Custom software development companies or platforms are looking for agencies that can Excel in the development services. In the same context, you should consider the approach with all the components before actually deciding the development process


Chatbots essentially require backend to organize messages coming from various channels and to process them with the NLP offerings. It also holds the actual logic of business along with the integration process with various systems and then utilized to develop conversation intelligence on the basis of actual conversation happening with the end-users. 


Once the backend is setup you will have to develop the endpoints for integration at various levels with specific channels. It is obvious that every single channel integration is different in its own way and they usually followed a similar method for the setup of endpoint in backend per the requirement of sending or receiving messages that rely on the token authorization access. Along with this, you will have to implement a channel-specific user interface in various places.


Once you start receiving the messages from the specific channel the next steps to use NLP services for extracting entities out of the message. By the setup of the service and processing of every message is direct with the help of SDK the training of NLP entities that might be in an external system is not a simple task. Most importantly you will have to understand that this entity that exists in systems like products, employees, contacts and so on. In the big picture, you will also have to implement the business logic validation on collected data that can range from simple validation to customization validation.


The user is required to integrate a chatbot in the existing mobile applications the basic purpose for chatbots functioning is the execution of its processes like buying products, booking appointments, ordering the items, etc. Under the segment, integration involves multiple factors like the persistence of data that requires a part of the business process, business logic, validation, and rules.

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How much does it cost to develop a chatbot?

Now that we have carefully understood the components in chart board it's time to attend the actual development cost of chatbots that matter on an intricate level. There is a misconception associated with chatbots that they are caused specific but thanks to the imaging technologies especially the tools, libraries, frameworks, and other instances that chatbots technology is becoming one of the most affordable segments.

The work on developmental fronts of chatbots is going on various scales and the approximate cost comes from the development ranges between $ 25,000 to $ 30,000. This cost range essentially includes designing, development, integration or Management part on the whole chatbots application development. The price range associated with sophisticated chatbots AI Software Development ranges from $ 40,000 to $ 80,000. They are powered by machine learning technologies on natural language processing and ended with the most robust capabilities of absorbing or learning functions.

They can variably target potential clients through marketing campaigns and handle personalized information and content all across the range. When they are combined with payment services then chatbots as a whole in software development services become a full-fledged business solution. Initially, you may start with a general chatbot that can automate the routine flow of your business organization and opt for artificial intelligence-based chatbots but Sooner or later they will show the efficiency. Owing to a number of features the actual development cost for chatbots may vary from $ 5,000 to $ 150,000.

How to balance chatbot cost and quality?

Well, this is the most certain question that you can obviously dig more and more. Most of the Custom software development company never compromise with the quality of chatbot applications you should always choose a platform that can work best for you. If not taken seriously this can risk your entire business ability to convert the lead or hold user engagement providing better customer services. After all spending, plenty of resources on a chatbot don’t make sense if there is no chance of getting less than 1000 visitors in a short period of time. In this case, there is a chance that you may be better off glued to an affordable solution until your platform is not capable to get a consistent stream of viewers or visitors.

However, if you are getting maximum traffic as per your understanding but you are conversion rate is not as it should be then chatbot is the perfect option for your website. In this case, it is extremely important to decide how much amount you are willing to spend on your project and to deliver the best customer experience. It is suggested not to compromise the quality of the application. If you are evaluating the cost of chatbots then keep it in mind that the best applications are mostly expensive. And when the chatbots are available for free or very easily affordable then they can even hurt your online reputation or business values. 

Bottom line

It is no longer arguable that the age of artificial intelligence or intelligent machines has arrived and the most conversational phase is hitting the pace. This has raised the popularity of chatbots and it is even contributing a lot to dominate the world with its simple interactive interface and conversational ability. There are plenty of other positive sentiments associated with this technology which has suppressed the negative aspects and made them boom all across the industries.

Similarly, the conversation of user Technology has become one of the hot topics in the business and most of them are willing to launch their own chatbots even in SaaS Application Development. Chatbots are the automated hardware or software machines that are integrated with artificial intelligence technologies to stimulate the human-based conversation in any form including the text, audio, video, images and so on. 

If you are looking for simple bots options for your business, then you can try ready solutions for any of the self-service platform. On the contrary, if you prefer a custom solution with incredible or unique functionality then it is suggested to proceed with the full-service software development platform. Also, you have to consider some chatbot developing instances because there is an option where you can craft chat board from scratch. Also if you are not a professional in programming then you can hire any and get the work done easily. The teams may represent specialists who can easily implement the complex functions very easily and deployed the latest technology solutions for your project.