How to develop a mobile app for retail business: Which features to include in it and how much it would cost

How to develop a mobile app for retail business: Which features to include in it and how much it would cost

The world is not moving to the digital platforms very rapidly, everyone has a smartphone and they do most of their work using it.

The businesses need to know the importance of this digital world, most of the businesses around the world have already moved to from the ground the smartphones and laptop screens of their customers and clients. In this contemporary time, every business needs its own application. An application can be used to interact with the customers, to sell the products, to promote them more efficiently, etc. there are many benefits of having an application that supports the business.

If retail businesses are considered, they can get benefitted from the applications more than other businesses as they can not just interact properly and understand what their customers need but can easily sell all their products in any part of their region. A retail eCommerce solution company can hire a professional for the purpose of the application development.

The retail markets can not depend on just their outlets now they have to create an application that can fulfill all the demands of their customers. Well developed eCommerce applications in the retail market can become the savior in this time of digital marketing. There are many Ecommerce App Development companies that provide the services for customized application development for retail enterprises. Nowadays the application development trend is changing and there are hybrid applications that are better than native applications.

Tips for the development of Retail Business application:

1. Develop a cross-platform application:

The businesses should focus on developing a cross-platform application that can run on any device irrespective of the operating system. This will save a lot of time that goes into developing separate applications for different operating systems and also saves a lot of money. Through cross-platform applications 90%t of the source code can be retained for various platforms, this will save a lot of effort for the developer too. Other latest trends and technologies in the software development industry should be followed to develop an application that can fit in the current application trends.

2. Take Optimal use of smartphone technology:

The application should take the use of the latest smartphone technologies optimally so that it is advanced and easy to use. There are many latest technologies like gesture control, multi-touch, shaking the phone, that can be used to make the application interactive and more responsive for the users. If the additional features are developed and included properly it can give the users a great experience when they use the application. But if the technologies are not used properly or the developers try to go overboard with them then it can ruin the application’s vibe, and that may not be attractive.

3. Use the latest software techniques:

Some latest techniques in the software industry should also be used to make the application unique and different from other applications. The developers can use a feature that can use the camera of the smartphone to search for a product in the application. There are many latest trends that can be followed to make the application better than the other rival retail applications in the market. eCommerce application in the retail market needs many things to stand out and one of them is the features used by them. Big Data Solutions should be used in the development of the application so that all the data that will be accumulated can be stored by the application when it will be used by the users.

4. Analysis of the customer experience:

There should be a reason why the customers of the retail applications should keep the application on their smartphones and know that the retail businesses and the developers need to analyze the experience that the users have while they use their application. For the purpose of analysis, the enterprises can use feedback forms, reviews on the stores from which they download the application, their activities, etc. There are many reasons why the developers should analyze the experience that the users have when they use the application and the most important reason is that they can know which features are attracting the users and which of them are causing some trouble to them. If the developers don’t analyze and the customers continue to face the problems then eventually they will uninstall the application.

5. The application should support both in-store and online functions:

The application should support a flowing experience for the customers, they should be able to coordinate their in-store and online purchases. Whatever they buy online should be accepted for an exchange in the stores and whatever is bought from the store should be allowed to be reported on the application. The coordination between in-store and online shopping is a must as it will help the customers to buy, exchange, report anything bought through either the store or through the application. The information on the application or the website and in the store should be consistent so that the user doesn’t have to jump from one place to another to confirm some information.

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6. Rewards for regular customers:

This can be done to create a good relationship with the customers. Rewarding the customers who shop through the application regularly will keep them connected otherwise they may get lured by other online retail shopping applications. The rewards can be in the form of cashback, or vouchers, or some other type of prizes. There can also be a loyalty program that can be started for the customers in which they can join and get points that they can redeem to get discounts or free gifts. The customers should not be forced to join the loyalty program, which can lead to unforeseen results.

7. A social feature for the customers to share their experience:

The developers should develop a vertical that is specifically for the customers and the application creators to share various events and their experiences. This will help the creators to interact with the customers and make them feel connected to their business. The customers should also be able to share anything they like on the other social media platforms as well. The application should be not just a simple shopping application but also a social shopping platform. The application should support video and image content to be uploaded. The users should not be prompted too much to use the social features as some of them might like to shop without distractions.

8. Convenient Design:

The design of the application should be simple and attractive. The users should be able to move through one category to another with ease, the application should not be bulked up features, it should be smooth, there should be no lag when the pages are changed, the transition should also be smooth. The colors of the application should not be too bright or they might hurt the eyes of the users. The design of the application plays an important role in attracting customers to the application.

If the design is stylish and easy to interact with the customers will stay on the app and continue using it for a long time, and the probability of them shopping from the application will increase but on the other hand, if the design is weak then the users might close the application very soon and that means they will not buy or even search for the product that they might want.

9. Privacy and Security should be strong:

There are many security and privacy issues that the developers should keep in mind while they are developing the application. When an application is being developed all the security constraints should be looked up and should be satisfied. The developers should also focus on the privacy of the data of the users that will shop from the application. There are chances of data leakage if the privacy is not maintained and if the user’s privacy is exploited there might be consequences that may incur a loss to the retail business. The application should be safe from any kind of hacking attack, otherwise, the loss that happens will be because of their own mistakes. The Security of the application and the privacy of the data available on the application are very important to build trust with the customers and other clients that work with the retail business.

Features that should be included in a Retail Business mobile application are:

The features that are included in an application play an important role in its popularity. The features should be selected based on the requirements of the retail business and also the trends of the software development industry. There are many options that might be old but are still very important, and there are some features that are not so popular but are very useful. Below are some features that can be added in Ecommerce app Development:

1. Catalog of the products:

This is the most important feature to add in the application, without this the retail application is nothing. The users should be able to find all the products in the catalog. The catalog should be divided into categories, the categories should be decided carefully. The catalog should also include the price of the products, their details, the offers that come along with those products, and the products that were bought with them. The catalog might be very long and may contain many products and because of it the data on the application might be too much to store, and for that purpose, the retail business can take help from a Big Data Solutions company. The catalog should also contain the images of the products so that the users can know what the actual product looks like.

2. Search bar:

The product catalog might go on very long and finding a product while scrolling through them might be a tiring process for the users. This might result in the user’s disinterest in the application as the interface is not easy. To solve this issue the developers can add a feature of Search bar thought which the users can easily search for any product. The products can be searched by entering some keywords that are related to that product. The developers should also do proper research about what are the keywords that people use to search for a specific product and enter them in the searching algorithms. A search bar is one of the basic features that should be added in a retail application.

3. Filters and Sorting:

This is one of the most important features that should be there in a retail application. The customers might need to see some specific products, they may want a product of some specific color, or specific material, or brand, and for that, the filter option is needed. With the help of the filter options that they want and removes all other irrelevant ones. There should also be an option for sorting the products either according to the cost or by popularity. Sorting helps the customers see the products in the order they wish, this way they can easily reach to the product they want to buy. Both features can help increase sales through the application.

4. Option for checkout:

The retail application is just the online versions of the retail store, so just as the customer’s checkout after shopping in the store, there should be an option for the users on the application to checkout. They should be able to check what products they have added in their cart and should be able to modify it too. The checkout page should contain the options for applying the discount code, address for delivery, method of payment, etc.

5. Payment Methods:

The application developers should focus on adding all the trending payment methods in the application. Most customers prefer to pay online so all the popular payment options should be available on the application to make the payment process smooth. Some payment methods should be added keeping the future trends in mind, they might not be relevant in the current time but they may become popular in the future and if they are already there in the application the time that will go into updating that feature in the application at that time can be saved. There should also be an option for cash payment when the users receive the order.

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Calculation of cost to develop a Retail Business application:

There are many factors affecting the cost of a retail business application. The calculation of cost can differ with the help of these characteristics on any online retail application. These are:

  • Size of the app:

The cost of the application greatly depends upon the size of that app. If the app is big and has many features then the cost will be on the greater side. While on the other hand, if the application is created in a smaller level with limited features and functionalities. In addition to that, inculcating advanced features such as third-party integrations can prove to be more costly. In order to maintain the cost and stay in the decided budget, one must take care of the features being added to the application such that the features added must be relevant and useful to the users. Other useless or irrelevant features must be removed from the app.

  • Design:

Design is a very important factor affecting the cost of retail application development. As in this application, it is necessary for the app to be interactive and creative in their own way to draw the attention of maximum users. But for this, many organizations tend to go towards complex designs which in turn increases the cost of the app. The design must be perfectly balanced such that it does not affect the cost much and still be creative and interesting at the same time.

  • Rate of development:

Rate of development can be identified by the deferred amount of time taken by developers to create several apps. There are some applications that get ready in a span of a few days, while some take weeks or even a month. It also depends on the type of team. A speedy and efficient team can make the project of making a retail app complete in a few days, while on the other hand, a callous and slow team may take more time. The rate of development affects the cost. It is important to decide on a suitable time limit as well as a team in order to control this factor of cost.


A Hybrid App Development company develops applications that can run on both android and iOS platforms, hybrid applications use a single code that runs on any platform with just minimal changes. The retail companies should opt for hybrid application development as it will save a lot of time also money for them.

Before developing an application the retail businesses should be aware of their requirements, clearly defined requirements will help the developers build an application that can help will attract the customers. The businesses can also go for PWA (Progressive Web Apps). There are many PWA Development services that can do this job for the retail eCommerce solutions companies.