List Of Few Blockchain Enterprise Use Cases On How Combining Iot With Blockchain

List Of Few Blockchain Enterprise Use Cases On How Combining Iot With Blockchain

The advancement in the technical field is really improved and enhanced day-to-day.

The load in work and in with that maintain the life and secured environment in your workplace and home is really complex. So to avoid such issues and to make it really easier it is necessary to have a solution to these problems. Now in the evolving digital words, these devices can now take your place and complete your task.

What is IoT?

IoT is basically known as the Internet of Things. This simple interconnects each device to the other. It is mainly been prepared to keep in touch with every device and can also keep in control of things where you are just not even present at that point in time.

It just connects everything like from your phone with the help of which you can keep an eye to anything like the security devices or to the cameras that you have mounted at your home or your working place everything can be handled with your phones.

Also, the baby monitors that help in tracking the activities of an infant and even you are working in the kitchen you can keep an eye on your baby. Front door activities like the security aspects can also be controlled with this technology. They really help in the communication of every device with the other. Also, the enterprise application development also takes the help of this variant technology-based device with the more secure feature enabled that provides security and keep their data completely safe.

With the help of these devices and the use of the blockchain in the mode of their process. The data can easily be shared with the help of the blockchain which is a secure platform and can be trusted easily instead of going through a third-party organization in between.

Also, there is a device that you can just control with the help of your portable mobile device. Wherever you may be in the world you can feed your pets with the help of this device. This has an idea about what type of food is really necessary for your pet and you can just set all the required times and quantity that you need to provide to your pet.

What is Blockchain?

This technology has been discovered to stop the counterfeit process that has been taking place in various sectors. The increase in the cases of frauds with the handling of any device, or in the mode of payments also may be in the imitation of any certified products.

This is basically a series of blocks that come up with a simple and sorted mode of the secured environment in the field of data storage and also in enhancing and improving the operations of certain IoT based devices. The blockchain app development company helps in the development of the finest apps that can just give you real-time reports to any mishandling of any process in between the complete scenario.

Also, you may have heard about the most successful crypto-currency process with the help of the Bitcoin. It is the most secure mode of transactions that is been performed online. It is really safe and nobody can easily hack in between the mode of transactions. But the most important thing is that without the use of the Blockchain process Bitcoin was not at all possible. The bigger enterprises with heavy responsibilities know how the data is important to them so they always ask their employees to make use of the enterprise mobility solutions that provide them with the secured use of the devices.

The data that is present in each of the blocks in a blockchain is completely secured and safe. They cannot be just achieved and hacked easily and even done the other blocks can easily take the necessary action to keep it safe. They cannot tamper and it is the most secure and safe environment to be provided to the users. The blockchain app development services help in providing the best services in order to create apps with layers of secured chain that stores data and gives them a secure transaction environment.

1. Supply chain and logistics:

This is vital and the most used part of the shipment process. The responsibility in transporting goods from one place to another requires several steps to follow. This is a very complicated process if handled manually. The reason behind this is the complicated structure of the stakeholders that are associated with the shipment process.

These stakeholders include the brokers, the providers of raw materials, and many such members.

Also, this whole process sometimes gets delayed and does not reach the required destination at a specific duration of time. So to avoid all these issues the IoT is being introduced to make things easier. After this step, it has been really been a great help in keeping all the records of the invoices along with the documents that are required during the transportation.


In order to enhance these technologies the use of Blockchain also brings multiple advances in this field. With the help of the sensors and temperature detectors. They can provide better security to the goods and with that, they can also track the whole shipment process until it gets delivered to its desired location. These things can also be handled with your android devices which is basically been developed by the android app development company.

All these data that are achieved during transportation are stored with the help of the blockchain. This report can analyze and taken quick action if there is an issue that also can be done on a real-time process. This whole process provides the stakeholders and the people associated with it, with complete transparency about every minute details about the complete process.

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In this scenario, the Golden state foods (GSF), is the leading suppliers to help in the manufacturing and transportation of the food that is prepared from diversified and several restaurants. They work with the IBM optimization process to keep track of the whole process and provide real-time reports for any issues.

2. Automotive industry:

This industry is the later process of the shipment process. The ships basically carry the loaded goods through the waterways and bring it close to the required location dock. Then the function of the trucks or the other loading facility service vehicle leads the task to deliver the goods to the final destination in the required time. The massive companies really go with the enterprise app development that can keep their data safe and also they can have the details of every single report of the complete process.

So there is always trouble in the road as you all know the busy traffic and the blocks which just delays into a much more amount of time. Also in the docks before the loading and unloading process, they require to book a slot to park their car and to find the nearest parking slot is also not that easy which somehow also consumes a lot of time which is not acceptable.

Therefore, to avoid these situations the technology has come up with the IoT devices. To help the transporters and making their task really much easier and faster. So to exchange some very vital information and data they can make use of the IoT blockchain services. The enterprise Mobility solutions help the environment inside the company secured and safe with their employees using the devices really in a secure manner.

Using this technology they will be guided to get the nearest parking slot. This will save them a lot of time also they can know the exact route for their parking. Also, the parking charges are being clearly shown with the help of the IoT sensors and the payment that is required to be made is also handled smoothly and really fast. It just can be paid with the help of the crypto wallet which is much easier and simple.

The sensors can also guide them on the much faster route in order to reach the final destination of the delivery. Without handling much traffic issues with the help of the GPS enabled system. NetObjex has come into use and it is the most use cases in this situation to guide and instruct the transportation staff with the complete scenario that makes things really easy and simple. To get access to these services you will also require an app when you want to control things with the help of your devices and these apps can be developed if you know about programming or just can hire app developers.

3. Smart homes:

You also require to keep your home much safer. There are cases when your place can be attacked by some trespassers. So you need to have complete information, what is going on with your property so that anyone cannot just get into your home and just do whatever he wants to. It is a really very important and necessary device to be used. The android app development company helps in developing apps that can help you to connect to these devices and you can just get all the reports with the help of these apps.

This basically works in its traditional way using the IoT devices. But that just cannot be enough because the security aspects were not made to be so much secured and safe. So with the involvement of the blockchain to these services things have really evolved. The sensors and the data that are being stored by you are stored permanently in their blockchain. Also, that particular stored data cannot easily be modified once stored. Hereby data it simply means the fingerprints of the owner or facial recognition. This can only be modified once the right owner is verified.

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They have really worked on the security measures to keep your property safe and secure. The information of any mishandling or trespassers detection is just recorded by the sensors and then you just get the report of any problems right to your device you are connected with say your mobile devices.

The sensors really work with facial recognition and biometrics using your fingerprints which is really safe and the most effective techniques to be used. For these reasons, they are presently working really well to keep your property safe and secure.

In this situation, the most use cases are the use of the Telstra which is used by this industry and that has really elevated the mode of supplying a secured environment to this technology.

4. Pharmacy industry:

This is also a very big industry. It just connects different pharmaceutical companies and hospitals who are necessary and the required needs of drugs to save many lives who they are associated with.

So, for this reason, the companies manufacturing the drugs are the only ones who are directly associated with the complete scenario of the preparation of the drug. So if anything wrong just happens as the reaction of the medicine the manufacturing company will be the one to be blamed. The blockchain app development services help in providing such elegant services that can just disrupt the imitation issues in the process of manufacturing drugs and then transporting it to the desired location.

There are also other such cases that are often addressed like the counterfeit of any medicine by any unknown source can almost affect the reputation of the original manufacturer of the drug.

To avoid such issues these companies can just make use of the technology that can make their process really simple. Also, they can track the complete transportation process. Like from the initial origin to the final destination of the delivery where the complete package will be delivered. In this case, the use of the IoT blockchain devices and sensors can just help you to keep track of everything and on every invoice that is generated.

In this situation, the Mediledger is one of the advanced technology or one of the IoT blockchain devices that are used to handle the complete supply chain process of this sensitive and responsible transportation of the drugs to the required location.

The transparency and the ability to trace everything that is going on the process makes things really secure and safe and especially in such sensitive cases of drugs.

5. Agriculture industry:

This is another industry that requires the help of the technology-based equipment that can help the farming industry and also the farmers in an efficient way. The increasing population also increases the demand for the requirement of food. This simply means that a huge area of land is required to do that much amount of farming that can feed that large population existing on this earth.

The blockchain app development company can help in developing such a secured platform that can help you in enhancing the production rate in this case.

For this reason, the farming industry is to use advanced technology or the IoT blockchain devices that can really help in the most reliable manner in this sector. Like they can keep a transparent environment for the requirement of customer satisfaction.

In this sector, the environmental footprints also required to be managed that will help to keep an eye on the food supply and the resources on the basis of the demand of the population.

There is also a very essential case that is used in this scenario which is the Pavo. It is one of the Blockchain IoT devices that helps in analyzing the whole scenario and preparing a report that can be accessed by the distributors, retailers, consumers. Also, the data that is stored with the help of the Blockchain devices that can be used by the farmers in order to enhance and modify their way of farming to meet the desired results.

Also using this device it is a great help to the farmers. Using this they can just pre-sell their crops even before they are harvested which is really a great thing for them. They just can get their reward of hard work even during their phase of cultivating their crops. These reports and analysis can also be accessed with the help of your android devices you just simply require an app that helps you to keep an eye on the complete work just from anywhere. You can just hire app developers in order to get a completely reliable and efficient way of the transparent field of work.


In conclusion, the rapid advancement in this field has really empowered the workflow in many different sectors. The use of this technology with a much-secured platform which is also enabled, the blockchain. This technology has taken the industries and their works into a much simpler process.

Also, they can track all their consignments which can also avoid any fraud imitations to any products they are preparing. The complete detailed report has been served on a real-time basis to the branch of members associated with the task and they can take any immediate action as required to the situation.